Saturday, 26 September, 2015

The Week ends

Almost three years since I wielded a pen on this paper. And yet the problem of today is the same as the one then- what to do on weekends.

Weekdays are normal- you commute and you work and you have fun in office (yes), you converse with neighbours and you seek advice from managers, sometimes you meet very interesting colleagues and you talk about the mundane. But what do you do on weekends? It's not even so much about the company as it is about 'where' to go, and so far as I see- it's not a problem unique to any city. You have pubs and you have eating joints, you have malls and you have the bazaars. But that's about it! I'm still trying to figure out what do normal people do- sleep, rest and brace themselves for the week ahead? Read and surf the internet and stay at home? Catch up with friends' circles in the pubs and eating joints mentioned above? Binge watch favorite TV shows? Or all of the above?

None of these seem like a path to growth though...

Update- Sorry.. Forgot the pic credits. The 25-year-old-me (OMG) with an MBA (Now I'm just bragging) understands stuff like copyright a lot better.

I found it here.

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