Saturday, 1 December, 2012

When you lose someone in life…

Disclaimer: a) Half-baked thoughts.
                   b) Spoiler- alert: If you’re planning to watch Talaash... don’t read until                      after watching

I can’t even hope to be able to understand what losing someone untimely means, because, touchwood, I haven’t lost anyone in that manner, who I am really close to.

But watching Talaash today… I felt something really touching.

The way Aamir Khan thinks about his son who drowned and died in an accident. The way he thinks what could have been and the way what might have been, if only one reaction of his had been different. If only he had gotten up when his son came to ask him and his wife, whether he could go around the place and play… If only he had stopped him. If only he had gone with him. If only…

Losing someone and not being able to let go. Losing someone and feeling like you are somehow responsible for it. Losing someone and thinking if only… The way you keep yourself busy the whole day, and prevent yourself from thinking about it. But then the way it comes back to haunt you, some or the other time. One article, one person, one photo, one souvenir, one place, one moment… one memory.

The movie, I felt, was more about finding yourself, after having lost your self... and I found myself liking the movie, up to the point where it got weird and went supernatural. It got weird wrt story, and although I tried to keep liking it for the sake of the very strong first half, and for the strong performances, by the end I was much less impressed by it.

May be you can watch it once for the brilliant first half…