Thursday, 27 January, 2011

Mask, Unmask...

Look at her, so easy to err,
Calm writ on face, no breach on surface,
Twinkle in the eye, silences that sigh,
Ghost of a smile, once in a while.

The benign unwavering, a tranquility unnerving,
The ready ear, the false cheer,
The patient nod, a quiet prod,
The private barricade, a public facade.

Concern for opinion, renders a minion,
Once bitten twice shy, grins... they belie,
So tough to explore, so easy to ignore,
Fear of betray, that's the dossier.

Story untold, a barrage behold,
A storm building, the anger splashing,
The emotions frothing,the tears stinging,
The remarks scathing, the lips? Smiling....


Anonymous said...

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Must say, a beautiful and refreshing post, very very different from your usual reviews. Loved the rhyme, each and every line.

Keep up the good work.!

divsi said...

I love the flow the rhythm n the meanin in each phrase:):) very evocative! Great piece:)
Feels great to read ya blog after soooo long:) been away fr quite sumtym:)

Mads said...

I read this the 4th time and finally understood it...I think this is your best one till date...Keep it up....Felt great to read something like this after ages.. :) :)

manisha said...

wow...amazing.You could make it rhyme without making the purpose of the poem so obvious simultaneously.Simply superb

Debolina Sengupta said...

You are a beautiful writer (poet, I must add here). Enjoyed reading your ravings and ranting. Definitely following this blog. :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thank you, thank you! :) *all smiles*

*hugs* welcome back. :) :) and thank you.

It's ok, I know it takes you some time to understand :P :P *hides* dhanyawaad. ;)

That is what the poem does... pretends to unmask, but it actually remains just short of that. :) Thank you :D

It is my pleasure. :)
Thank you so much... :D

Apoorv Chetty said...

Whoa! Are you poetess or are you a poetess?!!
Yeah, well, i'd to read it 3 times and refer to the dictionary 4 times... :P
But, all in all, it was such a good read!
Such childlike simple rhyme with such mature wordings and intricate meaning in every single line! Wow.
I'd definitely read it again at least the next 3 times that i visit 'yehhaitadka' :)
Conclusion: You are a damn good poetess and i'm expecting the next poem to be better!!
You can definitely do better ;) :P :D

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Lovely way of expressing.