Tuesday, 28 December, 2010

How I got my girl back...

Now don't you look at the title, and rush to check my bio. I am very much a girl, a straight one at that, and this is the title of the book written by one of my favourite humor bloggers Arshat Chaudhary who can be found at Time Pass of India. I've been trying to get my hands on this book for some time, and unfortunately Crossword didn't have it, and btw Flipkart is waaayyy better!!

As the name suggests, the book is about a guy who loves a girl, is parted, and wins her back. Typical Bollywood? maybe... but the better part about it is that, it is totally Indian!

Summary: Devdutt Rastogi likes a girl Pritha in his school, and thanks to his bus rides, also gets to spend some time with her. But then owing to her father's transfer, she moves away to Delhi, and there ends his err... tryst with girls. Cut to the present, and he is an engineer working with an electric company with the job of a Design Engineer.

As life would have it, he meets her again, in his own company, the company appointed doctor with an arranged boyfriend who happens to be his own boss. And the boss is a former schoolmate too, a bully. And then it is all about how he asks his khool friends to help him out in winning her back.

What I like: The cover is all nerdy, engineers will love it. Also, Arshat has used his own knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, not to forget the German connect. The humor that I have often appreciated at TPI, stays intact here too... some of them cracked me up.... like...

In the last few lines, I realise that I have defamed Jayasuriya for no reason!

when he is describing one of his flat mates as being darker, a foot shorter and losing hair faster than Jayasuriya.

Some truths too... like about doctors...

Most Indians visit doctors only when we can't take care of the sickness ourselves, which is sooo true!

I like the Indian setting, the typical songs we listen to, the language is simple, and there is no show shining, to borrow from Arshat. And I like the candor between the father and son, that bonding is unmistakable.

But, the story is a tad typical, sure you can't guess exactly how he's gonna get her back, but then you already know he is. But then that is what the title already says...

Verdict: Read it for its Indian-ness, for the humor which manages to pack a punch... *thumbs up*

P.S. Why do the girls have to always bow down to 'wishes of their parents'. Bah! it's high time you place yourself first man!