Monday, 15 November, 2010

Mumble Jumble.. lots of it!

I suppose there's really no point in my apologizing for the absence, first coz I am not sorry, and second coz there's nobody to apologize to :P

And FYI, I am writing this post for myself, and not for you. It is to get some things out of the system.

If I have to describe the past few months of my life in one word, it has to be busy. And now it is tired, fatigued, and with no end point in sight. It's just one thing right after the other. I'm not complaining... yet!

CAT is finally done with, not to my satisfaction, but anyway, it's not coming back. Up ahead are the other exams, campus placements and the remaining university exams... sigh!

The blogger in me has been forced to sleep, and mind you, not for the lack of topics, but for fear of spending too much of time researching, something I do tend to do. I actually laughed when I saw that the number of followers of my blog had increased. Who follows inactive zone, I wonder...

Am I sorry for not blogging for this long?

Frankly, no.

Do I need to justify my absence?

I don't know. Not to anybody else, I suppose. But just for me, I feel some things in life are more important than the others, and yes I resented the comment to the contrary.

And, inspite of being absent, I think I am a little chary now... sugar coated words, false praises, affectations... watching from the sidelines can be very advantageous sometimes.

And in the middle of things, maybe I am rediscovering some of the dormant creativity, with a new Cybershot, (Sony TX-1) jiska muhurat hua hai, 3 months after being bought! I plan to play around with it a bit... joined flickr to set the ball rolling, and I hope I'm going to keep at it.

And on the book reading front, things have been quiet, but I still managed to finish two, The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh and The Confession by John Grisham. The former again impresses with its details and after The Hungry Tide and this one, I think Amitav Ghosh is a must-read author on my list. For the latter, this was only the second John Grisham book I read, but it makes for a good read; a little saddening story, but then who said laws are flawless, of course it's the US law system he's talking about.

Movies, my to-see list grows by leaps and bounds... and I am missing some really good ones! :(

A huge advantage of having diligently prepared the word lists for CAT is... you can use heavy vocabulary without people realising upfront if it's a praise or an insult *evil grin* So keep that dictionary handy, you're gonna need it... *smug*

For the rest, check the pic, because the pic says it all...


The Bald Guy said...

Good luck girl !

Mads said...

dont blog then if u dont want to >:P
saali :O
obviously we missed ur stupid blog :O
ok not stupid blog :O
just blog :O

fine u let it all out of ur system :-w congrats...
next time blog for me :|

hit wicked said...

welcome back! All the best for CAT and other results...

such a selfish post :D

Harish said...

Welcome back and good luck for your exams

- Sugar Cube - said...

New cam! I envy you :P

And movie list..its ditto here! =(

Good luck for the rest of the exams!

Akansha Agrawal said...

It's nice to know someone really does read blogs :P

@Tbg Thanks a lot... :D

@Mads you know who that was for.. >:P ok, next post is for you... aap kahe, hum na maane, aisi zurrat! ;)

@hitwicked thank you :) yes necessary to be a little selfish, and I am sure you recognise the traits... :P

@Harish Thank you :)

@Sugar cube :D :D I wanted one for far too long :) Thank you...

Nidz said...

hey nice to read ur blog after such a long time. CAT word scares me off ya. I love giving such exams but hate the result part of it :P

All the best.