Sunday, 4 July, 2010


I was just going through my old posts... feeling well, not exactly elated, coz my CAT prep doesn't seem to be going the right way exactly... yeah! i know you'll say this means I should plop down and study instead of blogging, but honestly I am a little tensed, a little saddened and have lost a bit of heart :( :-ss

I just hope things are gonna be a little better :-w

P.S. I know it's a sorry little update, but whatever!


Mads said...

OYE! Don't you dare show this sad puppy face of yours!
i will activate free msgs next week. no time only these days coz of bloody internship. i'll motivate u.
saali. no depressing talks. ur one of the most confident persons i ever know. and u arent gonna let me down.
*slaps u*
*hugs u*
good luck yaar. will sms u asap :) :*

Anonymous said...

cheer up mate.. take ur mind off it for a while.. n then come back..
it might help

The Bald Guy said...

Good Luck!

Pavitra .... said...

Hey all the best for it!! Cheer up! you'll do great!! Its really nice to hear from you!! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

kitna mila 35%ile??? 40 %ile ????

arre beginning ke marks se koi farak nahi padta. I'm telling you na, there's a gr8 increase in the %iles.

dont let the CAT get you, you get the CAT. hey is your 'about me' new? i just read it, its nice , pretty sharp. and ab tu 'cognizance' and 'alacrity' jaise words use karne lagi hai :P :P
then dont worry about VA :)

and jo bhi ho, be happy, coz jo hota hai wo acche ke liye hota hai. Remember the SECRET :)

ps: I wanted to buy it, but it's for 650/- !!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Itna yakeen toh mujhko bhi hai nhi hai khud par... >:D< >:D<

Arrey ok che, I know you're busy with internship abhi :D :D

Thank you che... *hugs you tight*

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thank you :) :) thanks for visiting...

Thank you :) :)

Hey! So good to hear from you again! Thank you :) :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

>:D< Yeah I know it's going to increase, but I do get bogged down a bit :|

Nahi it's been some days since I changed it B-) :D hehe... this is the way I learn words better, by using them... :)

Yes I remember the SECRET... yeah it is expensive, I borrowed and read it... though I do have the soft copy.. I haven't sent it to you yet... have I? :O :O So sorry... :(

I bought Beyond the Secret after that, hvn't read much of it though... :-s

>:D< >:D< *hugs* thank you :) :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) anytime,
agar and sirf agar time mile , then u can send me the e-copy, otherwise strictly not.

and sorry ki maa! I like this hug wala smiley :D

Anonymous said...

Things will be better! Period.

Nidz said...

Ahh start studying gals. Think of the benefit after u get good marks in CAT. U wil get into the best college, good pay, good career!!! n loadsa shopping :)

Aparna said...

study well atleast from now on

what happened to your detailed travelogue of singapore and malaysia post as u promised??

waiting for tht post

Unknown!!! said...

Hey it's not too late also..its just aug,you have 3 full months to go for the real one. just know ur strengths n weakness..its more imp.and..master ur strength areas..if u had done that enuf..then improve ur weak areas....and finally dont stress urself..its after all a cat.. theres much more beyond it..