Thursday, 17 June, 2010

Look who's back...

Arrey don't look here and there... it's the Tadka girl... :) Back from Singapore and Malaysia... back after yet another WAD :x (which was in all probability my last) :( and back to the grueling college and TIME schedule... :-w

AIMCATs have started... with me still under-prepared and tension has been mounting up now... :-ss

And lost somewhere in the middle of group dynamics is me... We have this group for final year major project that has to be chosen by students among themselves... and uff... the politics that ensues... :O and nobody is worried about what project we should undertake... so time and mind consuming is the first phase... :-|

And I saw Rajneeti... one line about it, if ever in my life I forget how much I loathe politics, all I have to do is see that movie... the movie is well made though... and Katrina gets better and better in every movie :)

Handling GDs for WAD summer was wonderful... though some topics were shot down by the Censor (ahem!) and some last moment changes enforced against my wishes... but awesome experience apart from that! And knowing all the juniors, participants as well as organisers... once again... was smashing! :D

S'pore and Malaysia pics are in a lot of demand... but honestly, I got 6GB pics and this bloddy laptop took half an hour showing uploading.... only to inform me that upload failed... grrr... and I haven't had any more half hours free since then... :-w A detailed travelogue I'll update some time later... too much on the plate right now... with yet another test this Sunday...

Anyway... ciao everybody... I'll be back on RQ also soon... :) with another burning issue...


Firebolt said...

Welcome ji welcome :D

You and moi blogged on the same day..
kya coincidence hai ji!

No mention of the World Cup? :P

Will wait to see your pics :)

Pavitra .... said...

Hey welcome back!!
Do post more! :)
take care!

The Bald Guy said...

What does WAD mean? Trip sounds like fun. You must find other half hours to upload some pictures please!

Nidz said...

Niceooooooooo :D i liked Malaysia too. been there in 2003 :D