Monday, 3 May, 2010

A sweet, traumatic affair

Yesterday I decided to quit being lazy and watching some of the pending movies I had in my hard drive (did I tell you I bought a 1TB external hard drive B-) ), even though my room looks like a jungle of wires, after the entire set-up, it's probably worth it... :-w

And so... the first movie I chose was, America's Sweethearts, a very sweet movie, essentially kinda chick flick... The story revolves around actors (i.e. they play actors in the movie) Gwen and Eddie, who were once together and the audience simply loves the couple, and the media loves blowing their togetherness out of proportion, and together, they both achieve new career heights... and then they break up and Gwen has another Spanish guy in her life, and Eddie can't get over Gwen and goes to some guru for help... but a production company, which had made a movie with both of them, wants them back together for some time and the tactics they use is what the movie is all about, and there's a twist at the end btw ;)

All in all, a feel-good, nicely made movie, a lovely light watch... :)

BUT, the second movie I chose, well I am not going to even try to conceal the plot, and I wish I had known it before seeing it... :-s

The second one I chose was The Butterfly Effect, yaar name se it seems so cute, and I was in a nice lovely mood esp after seeing the first movie... BUT it is nothing what it sounds like... it is one goddamn disturbing movie, esp at 2am!

The opening scores should've been indications of what was gonna come... it said the flutter of the wings of a butterfly could cause a typhoon across half the world... of course,I didn't really get it then... incidentally, I found out Butterfly Effect is actually a kinda well defined effect, courtesy Google of course!

The story starts with a young kid, about seven years old, who has periodic blackouts, wherein he just can't remember what he did in those durations, he has a single mother, and his father is deemed crazy and kept in a psychiatric hospital. There are numerous situations in the movie, where he simply can't remember what happened! His mom takes him to a psychiatrist, who asks him to keep a daily journal but is also unable to figure out the problem... and ultimately his mom decides to move from there...

Cut to when he's a grown up kid, and a psychology student, and pretty normal, no blackouts... and then one day when he picks up his old journals, he finds that every instance that he ever had a blackout, he was able to go back to exactly that location and situation, and change what happened over there... makes a lot of sense on some levels, for instance I got reminded of the time-turners in Harry Potter and what Dumbledore says about not interfering with Time coz it could leave the most sanest, insane...

But what is disturbing about the movie was, well, every second scene was either in the psychiatric hospital, or someone killing someone else, or a girl whom the boy liked, ending up as a prostitute, or someone else going crazy or ending up in jail... whoa! I am not scared of movies normally, but this one actually surprised me, coz I didn't think any movie had the potential to disturb me to this extent... :-ss

I actually found myself sleepless, and thoughts kept wandering to gross memories of my own... and those from the movie too... brr... I just wish I had a warning before seeing it...

But on the whole, well, if you once leave aside this, I suppose the movie does make a bit of sense... though I would recommend it only when you can handle it.... :-w


Mads said...

whoa!! nice reviews :D
butterfly effect- a big NO
america..- will catch it :D
hv fun addiction is so much fun :D

Firebolt said...


1 tb HDD? Lage raho <3


About America's Sweethearts, Julia Roberts is the only saving grace in the movie.. everyone just hams!

Butterfly effect sounds interesting!
What movies next??

divsi said...

awshhummm:) movie watchin spree eh?:))

thnxie for the review..a frn recommended this ystde:))

how u doin gal??:)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

America's Sweethearts took away my heart the first time i saw it and have ever since caught up with it whenever I could :) the way catherine says "ki ki ki " hehe

I had heard about The butterfly effect, but didn't watch it because:-
1)Couldn't gather up the courage to do so.
2)Don't like Ashton Kutcher much :I

Saw The Revolutionary Road yesterday, couldnt stop thinking about it afterwards..

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thank you...
You'll love America's sweethearts... :D
Butterfly... main kisi ko recommend nhi karne waali.. mann! some of my thoughts last night at 3 in the morning!! Whoa! :-s

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah... my laptop's memory is too low and I have too many books yet unread, too many movies yet unwatched and too many songs yet unheard... :-w

Yeah, but I found it kinda sweet sweet... :) Take Butterfly from me if you want... :)

Next... dunno... will decide when I sit... :-w

Akansha Agrawal said...

yeah... thoda thoda... ;)

Thank you... nice, watch and tell how you like it... :)

Answered last question on your blog :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah... soooo sweet che :D :D I like Julia Roberts... so full of grace, nahi?

err... I don think tujhe achhi bhi lagegi.. give it a miss...

Revolutionary Road, mainu dekhni thi... but tv late on kiya

Arv said...

I liked them both :)

Deeps!! said...

hey! i have a 1 tb hdd too!! n i louve it!! :D i made a movie list with about 300 movies.. and sent it all my friends if they needed any!! :D

ps.. neat movie reviews.. I am gonna watch some movies now!! :D

- Sugar Cube - said...

I've heard a lot bout the butterfly effect! Have to see it!
Nice reviews..gotta catch up a lot of movies.
Keep posting movie reviews :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

Oh here after a long time!!!!

I saw both movies agesssssss back! Im totally a stay at home-watch movies person. I remember having my frnds over when I was in school and watching Americas Sweethearts. Im a huge huge hugeeeee Julia Roberts fan, and er.. John Cusack was our yummy boy in school! LOL! Those were some days... My best part of the movie is when she dumps the omelets in his lap LOL! :P

Butterfly Effect I saw recently, and I thought it was an okish movie, though Im not a Ashton Kutcher fan.. Some parts of it are seriously bizarre though. :|

I am lately a Action-Thriller movie person :P So I have been watching the Fantasy/Action/Thriller Trilogies :P

Nice reading u again!


Nidz said...

I liked both the movies. I have watched Butterfly effect part1 which has something to do with notebook, the part 2 is with pictures. havent watched the part 2. which one did u watch??
I too have around 5 pending movies but no mood and time. exams nearing.
I too was vella yesterday as there was so current. Wrote a post. Run check it

Akansha Agrawal said...

Second is a li'l creepy, but yeah good :)

300 movies... wish I could access some of that collection... I'll build mine too :D :D

Thanks :) Do and then post reviews :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

@Sugar cube
Take the movie from me if you want... :) Hehe... yeah I do have another 10-15 to go ;) Will post as and when I watch... :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

Welcome welcome... :) you were gayab from my fb list... dunno why :-s so couldn't tag you...

Yeah it's so sweet... :)

I am not biased towards or against any of 'em ;)

Oh I saw Cindrella Man yest... action hi action hai... :P

Akansha Agrawal said...

Part 1 and 2?? :-s There's a Director's cut, which even I haven't seen... just read about it on the net, I dunno the exact differences, but the one I saw is the one with journals.

Why is current such a big problem in blr? I mean s/w hub che... :-w

Yeah read your post... and that reminds me, I still haven't added you on blog roll :-w

Nidz said...

:-w so fast a new post..