Wednesday, 5 May, 2010


I have been thinking about this... aiwehi, just some incidents and then some thoughts popped up, and I felt I should put the question to you all...

A few people I know (girls) have recently undergone laser surgeries, in order to get rid of the necessity to wear specs... and some of them have admitted that shaadi had a role to play in it... I mean, yeah a lot of people would want to get rid of specs coz well, it's kind of a burden or they wanna look good and feel that putting on specs spoils their 'beauty' or looks or whatever... but somewhere I felt that, that old Indian mindset still lives... particularly in the ladki dekhne types scenario. :-?

And now, I can't decide if specs really 'repel' guys, or is it just a mindset... I mean on a personal level, as far as I can recall, I haven't yet seen a couple where the girl had specs, and the guy didn't... (or maybe I just walk around with my eyes closed) and on the other hand, well, specs is such a non-entity when you're talking about the whole being together thing... :-s

My aunts refused to put on specs for years, just because of this stupid stereotype and now the situation is that they just can't see, esp long distance without specs. I thought we lived in an age where people had enough sense to realise that specs have got nothing to do with being geeky... or looking studious or making you feel like you don't look good :-B

A lot of people also go in for lenses as a substitute for specs...

Now there are 2 reasons to do all this... one is that you don't like to wear specs, or you feel you don't look good with specs... which is not a crime... but! if you're doing it just coz someone else doesn't want you to wear them... well, that may not be a crime either, but it is definitely an unhealthy stereotype... :|

Sounds weird no, in this age? But I had to recheck too... after I noticed too many people putting on specs only when necessary, like attending lectures or visiting a movie theater, in the latter particularly, the specs go on the nose only when lights are dimmed and are removed before lights are fully on... I mean, What The Heck! What are you so scared of? :-O Normally, doctors advise constant use of specs so that your eyes do not get strained...

*sigh!* I don't know what to conclude of it... I was kinda hoping someone could shed some light on it... :-/

Btw, I have specs, and I love wearing them, as of now, there's no way I'm going in for any surgery or lenses either... too much jhamela with lenses...

P.S. Thank you Amrita and Mads for your views... >:D<


apoorv said...
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Firebolt said...


There are two sides to this..
Along with the category that you mentioned, there also exist some people who love wearing spectacles even when they have no power =P

Zero power spectacles as they are known.. as far as I go, have been wearing specs for the last 15 years (no kidding) and I have irreperable dark eyes =P

Am transiting to lens to lessen the dark circles.. lenses are great :D

Abhinav said...

Hmm I wear specs BTW..

Somewhat true. To be general, physical appearance obv matter. ANd I believe if you wear or have to wear specs, you can do away with it by using normal glasses with suitable frames instead of looking champu!

Just carry urself well.. and see the fan following

apoorv said...

I am a petrol-head and hence can draw analogies of this case to cars and bikes!!
I believe it's a matter of whether you like a car with just the paint or with the extra sticker-work and graphics that accentuate the beauty of the vehicle.

Strange comparison i admit, but it does work for me!

If the person chooses a pair of spectacles that really goes well with their looks and in fact makes them look better, it's always a plus.

Even otherwise, I consider it a worthless and to some extent an insane effort to play with your own beautiful eyes in order to get the lenses in place, everyday! :-O

What to conclude from this, even I don't know!
I just find it irrational. It really is a very trivial matter in the entire 'being together' thing. Really.

HRDiary said...

true.. i liked ur post.. becoz i myself wear spectacles, had bad 1st time wid lenses n i totally agree with what u said as i hav a similar view n stumped upon ur blog to find my view expressed like dis.. i like ur post.. nice stuff.. keep posting..

Mads said...

as i had told u on gtalk, its a great topic to post on :D

as i said, in my confused state of mind- it's good for some and its bad for some. i switched to lenses some years back coz yeah i guess i didnt think i looked good and also i didn't want my number to increase- and specs affected my basketball :P lenses ki wajah se my number decreased lol :D

im gonna go for laser surgery coz i waste time and money in lenses ka jhamela :P

great post..i'll come back to see others point of view !! :D :D

Samadrita said...

Great post girl.But it's not only girls..even guys have the same kind of notion about specs.I've seen many of them opting for lenses in place of glasses just coz they think it makes them look 'uncool'.
I think this whole belief has become thoroughly obsolete though.I mean these days you have the alternative of getting trendy spectacle frames complimenting your looks.
So my message to these women:flaunt your glasses in style :)

Nidz said...

i dont like specki guys wht so ever!! dont knw y even gals.
spec is turn off for me.

peter said...

I wear anti-glares ..and to me, some of the gals only look good when they wear specs :|

you like it you wear it, fine. you dun like it and u have no choice, well ur bad. You dun have any problem but ur marriage party wants to remove it and u are READY to do it ..then also it's fine ..! All in all, it's about YOU !

sumit Das said...

People say that I look better with my specs on. I have actually had people saying me that I am probably the only person who looks good in specs. But I know that is only because my over sized specs help me conceal the black rings under my eyes..:D
And I never ever liked lenses. I can go asleep at the drop of the hat. And by the time I will be able to remove those lenses, sleep will be as far way from me as winter is from Delhi.

Aw.S.M said...

Oye mujhse bhi poochleti!!

Anyways (:|) i ve always loved wearing specs..eversince i started wearin them when i was in 8th..never used to take them off..and now i ve shifted to contacts when goin out with friends sometimes..but i dont think its got anything to do with lookin good or bad..its just a change tat i like at times...obv when one is me lookin bad never comes into discussion even but alas not every1 is :D...

so haan I feel it should come down to personal views...if your aunt doesnt wanna wear it coz she thinks its be it..if some1 chooses to wear them coz they look nice in it so be it..but at the end of the day...glasses, specs and lenses have never made or broken relationshps...atleast never seen anythin written by shakespeare that suggests anythin along those lines :D few words enlightening u on the topic..:D


sumit Das said...

I replied to your comment on my post. Keep visiting:D

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Specs don't repel, and anyway those who might get repelled by specs are better off ! ;)

PS : Shaadi ka jhamela on hai kya??? :P

Deeps!! said...

great thought!! aiwehi!! I don't think this specs thing is only with girls.. its with guys too..

in between during the kaho na pyaar hai phase.. guys WANTED to wear glasses, and post the Kal Ho na Ho, there were women / girls too who didn't mind the glasses..

But it stand the test of time. People are fashion dependent.. Shaadi or no shaadi.. everyone wants to look good! rite? and they think that wearing glasses don't look good on them.. hence the surgeries..!!

ok,i think i'm writing a blogpost here,instead of a comment.. good one aa.. liked ur post!!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Oh yeah! I forgot them! ;)

And I did forget about the dark circles too... I've had specs for almost 10 years myself, but I still think lenses are too costly a price without enough returns, neither in terms of money... it's just well... jhamela :|

And btw, I didn't see any dark circles under your eyes :-s

Akansha Agrawal said...

You wear specs?? :O THAT is news! :-s

Hmm... agreed! the right kind of frame can do wonders... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

@apoorv bhaiya
Hmm... well there are loopholes in the analogy, for instance harm to eyes in case lenses don't suit you is not euivalent to harm to the car's body if something goes wrong with paint or something, but we'll let it go at the moment... :-w

Hmm... yeah, choosing the right frame is necessary!

Ok! one rational human being there :P ;)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thanks girl! :)

Flaunt your glasses in style... Agreed! *shakes hands* :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

hey! welcome, though I can't access your profile... :-w

Thank you... :) :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah! I really hadn't expected it to be, but it is... thanks! :)

Oh yeah! I had forgotten you had lenses... :-s Yeah, specs are a hindrance when it comes to sports...

Do your research properly before surgery please... :-ss

Haan do come back to check >:D< :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Haww... it means you don't like me? :(

Yeah I posted this early coz I had thought of this topic even before the reviews, just discussed it with Mads and Amrita once first... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah, I suppose it could be coz you're too used to seeing them the same way, with specs? :-s

All in all, it's all about you... true! but why bend to any pressure? it's your life, take it in your hands... nahi? :-w

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah, some people look smart in specs... hmm... i wear mine 24/7 too... first thing I put on in the morning and last thing I remove at night! :P

Hmm... true! the choice has to be in your hands... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... well, join specs community then ;)

hehe... :P

Akansha Agrawal said...

Woh straight line pe sirf do curves chahiye, ek upar ek niche... aise :) :P

Hehe, Guru Amith, gyaan k pyaale ke liye shukriya :D

Arrey I know cases where specs have broken relationships... retards the guys were! x-( woh ladki dekhne waale types! huh!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Specs don't repel, and anyway those who might get repelled by specs are better off ! ;)

Very very well said... *applauds*

Nah... you don't get to eat my wedding cake for another 7-8 yrs min... :P like I said, observing others... ;)

Mads said...

i love the comments!! :D

Dhanya said...

I just shifted to contacts only very recently, and I can tell you that they do make a difference. One, I am able to see clearly when I put my eyeliner :P Yeah, I am that blind without specs. And other such small small things you know. My eyes look bigger and more open. Maybe my eyes are getting tired from the high power :O Like Mads, contact lenses decreased my eye power too a lil bit. So Yay! To use specs or not is a personal choice. I wear specs most of the time. ohhhh... and I like to use contacts when I wear traditional wear coz somehow I feel my specs don't gel well with it...

I am shit scared of laser surgeries and I dunno whether I will ever do them.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah, it does happen with guys too I suppose!

Hmm... fashion certainly has a role to play in it! :)

Arrey you can write as long a comment as you want, it's as much your space as it is mine... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yep, me too! :D :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... yeah eyes too get a little tired with specs, but taking care of those microscopic lenses which cost a fortune in the first place... not my cup of tea :| Yeah, with traditional wear, only few kinds of frames suit you... even I face this problem! :-s

Hmm... it's nice that your powers reduced with lenses... :) Surgeries... totally agree, though actually it doesn't take too much of time, nor any pain... it just needs you to take precautions for some time after the lasix surgery... no laptops or TV screens or driving... bas! :)

Rajat Garg said...

kya baat hai..itne comments..
I fall into the 1st category wherein others may want me to wear specs, docs say so too, but I hardly wear them as I don't want anything to come between my vision and the world :)
haha.. As in, I dont feel comfy in them, even though I've worn them throughout my childhood.
As for the stereotypes, I guess they only exist in semi-urban or rural centres, or amongst uneducated people. They are long gone in educated circles staying in metro cities. But yes, looks do matter, they always will; and specs does remain a symbl of lack of fitness, of introvert people, etc.

Simba said...

I have been wearing specs since 6 years :-o
I always wanted specs when i was a kid but now i dont like it :(

Sometimes for photos i take off my specs *admits to being vain* :P

But i cant shift to contacts because i dnt like touching my eye ...i also dont like putting eyedrops btw

So im stuck with specs :(