Sunday, 18 April, 2010

The thing they call love...

What do you do when someone loves you... when maybe you haven't thought of them that way...? :-w

But then isn't 'being loved' the most wonderful feeling in the world...? Isn't the knowledge that you mean the world to someone the most beautiful, the most romantic in the world? 8-> Isn't the thought that you might up spending your entire life with a person who would think the world of you, a lot more enticing than the thought that you might end up spending your entire life with a person who would give you 'financial' security (particularly when you could earn too!)? :-s

Isn't knowing that someone thinks of you every moment of the day, that you occupy their thoughts no matter what they're doing, that all their actions would simply lead them to you, the most powerful thing you could know...? :x

How then could one reject someone's love for them? And why should it have to remain one-sided? Isn't it every girl's fantasy to be with the guy who would just be for them?

Wouldn't you then give them at least a chance, the relationship a try? Wouldn't you at least respect what they feel for you?

Or would you?

Too many questions, none of which I have an answer to... do you?

I would like it if you could give me some answers... simply coz I don't have any....!

Disclaimer: This could be a girls-only perspective at places...

P.S. This has got nothing to do with me or my love life... it's just some incidents that made me wonder...


- Sugar Cube - said...

Being loves is certainly the most wonderful feeling :)

I think if someone loves you and you haven't thought of them that way - maybe you'd start liking them for liking/loving you.
Mostly ..if you do not have feelings for any other wld like to give that relationship a try.I've seen some friends do that and its worked great for them.

Its difficult to generalize and give answers though.It depends on every individual.
Because in case you do not at all feel that way for that person..why would you wanna give it a try ?
Respect definitely makes its way matter what.

PS : I like the 'about me' section.

- Sugar Cube - said...


Firebolt said...


Agreed that being loved is the best feeling in the world but as I sense from your post, being loved is great only when it comes from expected sources =P

If there are certain individuals for who 'loving you' means harrassing you emotionally/mentally, wanting you to commit, then I guess one must make it clear to them that you just do not share the same view point!

Been there, done that.. so .. =P

gargi said... many questions!
I think its better to be with someone who loves you more than you love them. Yeah well what about the other person..he would want that from someone..why would he be with you then... its such a complicated situation.

But you know what, I can bet you anything that there is hardly a person who thinks that she/he should be with the one who loves her/him so much even if she/he doesn't love him/her back. you get the point right..hhehehe..

But it is true that most of the time if you know a person loves would start falling for them too. And what can be better than to have a person think so much about you till the end of the world and even after that!

When I ask my bf why he loves me so much... he has no But see he is one of them. Once he found out how much i loved him, he loves me twice as much back now! So yes people change but if you get the one you love so much then I guess its good. However, it's better to be with a person who loves you more than you might love them(initially). Love definitely grows with time! even for the one you didn't love before!

Loved your thoughts =)
Exactly what I use to think =D
take care

Assman said...

I do not think one should proceed in this one-sided relationship. The "love" and "being loved" feelings should be mutual, no two ways about it. I have seen it get messy when that does not happen.

Girl only thing? I do not think so.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) first of all I was seriously going to write about the same thing, tune meri muh ki baat cheen li :)

2nd did u watch dtph too yesterday?
because usme the same Q which you asked uska answer tha :)
remember the *buri main nahi, bure tum ho* wala dialogue :)

yeah some incidents had me wondering too.. but then I very selfishly thought as long as I'm clear ki farak painda (however lackadaisical that may sound)

ps: I know this Q, coz apni college life almost end ho gayi and yet no *sigh* you know... knight in shining whatev.

Unknown!!! said...

I believe most of the times when someone knows that he/she is being liked by someone, he/she will eventually start liking the other person.This reminds me of the Pygmalion effect, where we tend to internalize the feelings.

u said one shld give it a try..I dont think its a clever idea always cos it could many times lead to dire consequences. One shld carefully deal with such situations..

Shaunak said...

So many insights in the comments. I don't think I've every been in love, as in romantic love to give you a proper answer. They're as much questions to me as they are to you. But one thing I can tell you is that once you're in love, questions answer themselves :)
Cheers to love!

Nidz said...

yes one shud give it a try may be tht person never regrets. or may b the other person is nt ready yet to kindly wait1!!

Tushar Mangl said...

I think, if we don't love the person and the other person falls in for us,
the smallest gesture which we can portray is to show respect for that feeling.
And that unfortunately, very less people do.

Akansha Agrawal said...

@Sugar cube
Agree... it is difficult to generalise... :-s

Thanks! :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... correct! In that case, both of them should at least get to know each other first... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thanks... I suppose that is a beautiful insight... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... yeah it can get messy no doubt... :|

Akansha Agrawal said...

I want you to still write it... I want to hear it in your words... Nah, I don't remember the dialogue... tell me the full dialogue... :-w

Hehe... arey toh coll life hi end hui hai na... life thodi end hui hai buddhu... :P

Akansha Agrawal said...

err... I had never heard of this effect, will google!

Yeah, carefully, but ques still remains how...? :-?

Akansha Agrawal said...

No, love cannot give answers to questions... I've seen, heard my friends... and I can safely say it cannot... :-w

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... I would love to hear yours and RD's story vaise... :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

I agree, at least respect is what it deserves... :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

arre the part when Karishma is unhappy coz Srk has fallen for Mads ( :P ) and she says she's not happy and that makes her a bad person. and then srk says buri tum nahi bura to wo (god) hai. he makes A fall for B and B fall for C, if A falls for B god should ensure that B falls for A also :) yashraj-logy.. but answers your question :)

Mads said...

:) we all would say we'll give the relationship a chance and stuff, but we all aren't nidhi mangal pehle :P :P and i mean...u dont know if the relationship would work out, and also, if u date that person and then if things dont work out and u break off with that guy, i mean it would just be too bad!!!
i always tell my friends too kii dont tell yes to the person who proposes to them unless u have teeny weeny feelings for him.

at least i can never take a chance in such things :)
good, good, good post :)