Thursday, 25 March, 2010

Frustration rant...

This is a very very ranty post coz I have nothing to say, nothing to do (yeah, in between exams too!). So this is almost a status update except I refuse to adhere to 140 word limit!

I am verry bored, gave an exam today, have 4 days before next exam, no mood to study, have completed sleep I missed last night, won't pick up books before late night today, nobody I'd like to chat with seems to be online right now, and frankly not in a mood to chat... :| My best phone buddy is sleeping, and some have exam tomorrow, so they're studying... :-s

I received a mail in the morning from CARE whose subject line read Say No to female genital cutting which had me pretty shocked because I always knew male circumcision was a part of some religious groups viz Islam and among Jews, but I had never known about this being prevalent, and as the mail says, the practice is rampant in Africa, where girls, are forced to undergo it. As far as I could figure out from whatever I googled, I found that the only significance of this practice is in the religion and there aren't any benefits, though some people do argue that this can help in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and could be a potential cure for HIV. But what is particularly irking is the fact that Islam believes that it should be done so as to reduce 'sexual desire' among women!!! And it does lead to a number of medical problems if not done properly. Given the fact that the practice is banned in so many countries, the women don't come forward for medical treatments for fear that their parents would be charged, and in the first place, since doctors won't do it, it is done at home!!!

Uff! the problem is a lot deeper I suppose and would take a pretty long time to go through... something I can't invest right now in midst of exams, but I would like your opinion on the same, not that too many people will comment, but anyway... And it seemed particularly gruesome by the way, scrolling down the Wiki pages! :-s

In other news, the Mango season is back!!! I love mangoes \:D/

Ok, that was only a breezer, coz I have another issue to bring forth, the Nuclear Liability bill that has been proposed... the bill wasn't brought forth in the Parliament in this session simply because there weren't enough UPA MLAs in the House to ensure that the bill gets passed. But the real issue is that the bill practically lets other foreign countries get off without paying anything in case of a nuclear accidents. Exactly WHAT were those idiots of my country thinking when they even thought of introducing the bill for passing!!! The electricity that would get generated after setting up the nuclear reactors would also be subsidised by GOI and not those other countries, majority of setting up cost is also being borne by India and it is our Indian lives which are this cheap!!! If there is no liability on those countries, don't you think they won't really bother with maintenance of safety standards?? And... the clever ruse, which absolutely takes the cake is that... if India does not agree to all this, and decides to cancel the deal or something, they won't even provide India with the fuel, which is what is the major requirement of India... Again it is an extensive issue that would take pretty long to go through all aspects, another job I line up for myself!

And for those who are going to ask me to go get a life, then I have only one thing to say... Dude, this is my country, and I care... and I care more than just observing an hour of Earth Hour! [-(

Ok, enough of frustration dumping I suppose... issues don't end here though... nor do they stop... *sigh!*

P.S. Considering the fact that I had nothing to say... it was a pretty long post no? :P

P.P.S. Looks like nobody bought the claim in the previous post that I ogle and drool at hawt dudes! Hah! the power of having an image... ;)


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey akansha,

yes i know that feeling when all your friends are busy sleeping or chatting with *Ahem* prospective crushed and hence hamara phone uthane ka TIME nahi hai :(

I knew about that. U know even Naomi Campbell had to go through it. I had read it in Reader's Digest. her story. after the aweful thing they just leave the poor girl in some hut alone for days :( no medication.
ye sab sunke/padhke bohot bura lagta hai.

and as for the nuclear bill yaar mujhe to shuru se hi daal me kuch kala lagta tha!! as u said the idiots of my country are busy doing chumma chatu to their country :x

@Everyone else: ab batao who will take her seriously if she says that she ogled at hawt guys? some days back she helped me with a microcontroller project ( teehee! :D :P )

ps: bhala mera comment tere post se badha to nahi?? :P

achha rant post :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ok corrections
crushed= crush

and wo kiss wala smiley nahi tha i meant the angry wala smiley!!! :O

Akansha Agrawal said...

OK, correction as pointed by Priti... I didn't mean to belittle the Earth Hour, but was trying to comment on people who PRETEND to follow the Earth Hour... that didn't come across clearly it seems... so... :-w

Firebolt said...

Oh my God,

(Ok, first - a BIG hi - good to know that I know both you and Suga cube - pleasure) =D

Coming back to the shocking topic of removing female genitals, its' absolutely horrifying and it's another of those things that makes me extremely secure about being in the country that I am because I know we are going forwards and towards change..

Your blog is a real 'sizzlin' place.. and it's so good that you've managed to keep it going for the last 3 years - hats off to your dedication, really!


Abhinav said...

hii.. i didnt read this.. didnt hv time :P

but liked it that u posted a post!

:D dnt kill me

peter said...

For a moment I thought it's Harshita's post :P

Hmmm issues are there, voicing up is nice and I hope someday it helps too..

Shaunak said...

Heck, exams suck anyway.
The Govt. is messed up. I'd say fucked up coz that's a better word for it, but for censorship.

Wait, I already said it...

Good luck with the rest of the egg-jams!

Mads said...

In a hurry so will comment jaldi se.
i disagree abt the earth hour been a waste of time or whatever, will talk on it on gtalk with u acche se.
and i really didn't know about the female genitals issue and after reading turthful's comment i was shocked :O :(

some might think its a useless post, but i really love such posts specially from u or Harshita coz they mean a lot and bring awareness to so many of us...

and mangoes rock :D :D
best of luck for rest of the exams..and jaldi se chat karenge ok :) :*
tc :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

>:D< Yeah, I know... ;) But this time he was actually sleeping... and you know what, bewakoof abhi bhi so raha hai!!! :|

Arrey... female engineers can be saxxy too :P

Nahi re... I love reading your comments, it is worth posting a post simply to read what some of your best friends have to say... :*

Akansha Agrawal said...

Shit! I didn't know you blogged too... :-s

Yeah, but don't you think it's the knowledge that we're safe, makes a little apathetic towards the plight of others...?

I'm following your blog btw, and I love your name... Firebolt! :)

Thanks... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... busy ho isliye... maaf kiya... :P

Koi na... read when you're free, no worries... :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Well, coming to think of it, Harshita and I do have a bit in common, both of us are fiery Saggitarians, you see ;)

Yeah, knowledge is power, hopefully this power doesn't corrupt though!

Akansha Agrawal said...

>:P I pity the MBA institute that's gonna take you in... or can there be one? Can you live for like, 10 min in a GD without the F word? :P

Thanks for the wishes... :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

I suggest you read my comment after Amrita's... I could not edit the post coz she'd already commented by then... vaise will discuss it with you on gtalk... :)

Even I was shell shocked, I should start reading Reader's Digest vaise...

Thank you... >:D< >:D<
will catch you soon <3

Firebolt said...

@ Akansha :
You are right.. the fact that we are in a relatively 'sane' society where such atrocities are lesser known, we 'think' we are better off.. while we fight demons of our know like dowry and skewed up sex ratios!

I've only just started blogging.. you wouldnt have known.. I'm so glad to see such a regular, I mean, consistent blogger =D

Well done!


Firebolt said...

Oh my GOD!

One full week off the blog and off the net? looks like someone is working doubly hard !!


Anonymous said...

Erm, Is it me or everyone's ranting their dash out? :P