Tuesday, 5 January, 2010


Nahi ji, don't worry, this time it's not microprocessors or binary language we're talking about... this is plain and simple... Twenty-ten or Two thousand and ten, if you prefer... :-s

It's a new day... it's a new world... it's also a new year, and I, am late as usual... nothing's changed you see ;)

Looking back at '09, I don't think I have any regrets, I have sweet sweet memories to cherish, especially at year end, in of course, the easily most awaited part of the year... the month of November... :) My birthday :D and then there was WAD... 8->

I've always said... that I would explain WAD later... but my later never came... :-w

It has so now...

WAD actually stands for Workshop on Aptitude Development, one of the only two bright spots in an otherwise facility-deprived, reputation-starved college... the other being our seniors... ^:)^ Hail! A place where you enter as a delegate (a participant), a workshop that was started by one of the professors who has now left college, but is still one of the most respected esp among our seniors. The organisers of this workshop are third year students working under fourth year students, and the pre-condition is that, they should've been delegates themselves... All organisers are selected through interviews, the third years by the fourth years, and the fourth years by the teacher-in-charge and the three post holders who are appointed by the teacher. Long list, it sounds, right?

But the feel of having 40 odd people working in one room, the WAD Control Room, is just... well I don't have words for it... it is beyond imagination. Where else will you find cricket, GD discussions, extempore topic selection, four systems running together with half busy on Mafia Wars :P all at the same time.... Add to it, two gadde(mattresses) and people resting, sitting, working on them; work for files preparation and material arrangement going on at an army scale..., everybody busy stitching the cloths placed on the tables in the auditorium, and preparing the placards for delegates and speakers as also invitations and schedule to be sent to them..., samosas and wada-sambar treat everyday on WAD account ;) PJs hanging in the air, external affairs people flitting in and out, carrying mementos and stationary stuff and T-shirts (yep, we have WAD T-shirts too... a new design every year, thanks to Systems Committee :D ), and most importantly, the bonding between all of us... :)

The brain gets trained to think of extempore topics, GD topics and new ideas and products for Mad-Ad (Advertising competition) all at one go... the file cover design, the Materials to be put into the file, the flex design... and test papers... loads of work! But it goes like a breeze... My online friends would probably vouch for the kind of life I had those seven days the workshop was going on... but our preparation starts a lot before... about 10 days before workshop actually begins... :-w

You have seniors as mentors at every step, to guide you, help you, and just be there for you... :) You'll be pushed around to go and have breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, coffee by Food Committee incharges... and there's always a cam clicking away ;) yes, the Photography Committee is at work, esp if you're a delegate and you happen to be yawning ;)

The highlight of WAD is always my birthday for me... :) Birthdays of both participants and organisers are celebrated with cakes and fun :D >:D<

But WAD is not just all fun, it is learning with fun, coz the delegates are divided into groups for Ad-making competition and assigned impossible sounding items to advertise... comb,wig,straw and the likes... but the ads that the groups come up with are amazing... complete with presentations, street plays, radio jingles, video ads and replete with laughter... =D>

And also... there are sessions on DILR, Quants and English and tips for GDs and PIs by some of the eminent speakers (ok frankly... ek baar sunne layak hai :-s ) and then there are actual GDs that take place... For the benefit of those who still don't know... GD=Group Discussion and PI=Personal Interview... :-w We choose four-five different styles of GDs that are also taken during the admission procedure of MBA B-schools and IIMs to provide the delegates with enough exposure... and on the last day of WAD, there is a Personal Interview for which our professors and other people are invited as panelists. Also, there are tests taken on Quants, DILR and English and GK and one Comprehensive Test comprising all these, plus a session on Creative Writing. Sounds boring, eh? :-w

Trust me, boring is the last word you'd think of! We don't give topics like 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' types for Extempore... Our topics go on the lines of... 'Bend it like Priyanka' ;) :P and 'My Bohemian Wedding' 8-> To top it all, there is also a WAD Cultural Day on the second last day of WAD, and the people who are performing are the delegates, so it is an opportunity for them to showcase their dancing or singing or guitaring or some other skill and also to let their hair down... Even compeering is left to them... ;)

Now if your question is, how can sooo much be achieved in seven days... :-w Well, the WAD week has 12*7=84 hours (for delegates) and 15*7=105 hours for organisers and we use every minute... :) (Yes sitting and lazing around after lunch or snoring on the mattresses counts as work :-w )My parents are of the opinion that if I had studied for Engineering Entrances with this much of dedication, I would've easily cleared it... :-s

On the final day, there is a final GD taken by professors and the PI by the panelists, and based on marks secured in the GD and PI and Comprehensive Test, the delegates are given marksheets with their ranks on them. Also, they get a photograph of participants+organisers and a directory with numbers and email ids of all participants and organisers... which ensures that WAD family stays a family for ever... which it truly does... :)

P.S. Together we've had a WAD dinner, WAD lunches, a WAD picnic and a WAD movie... any more reasons needed to be a part of all of it??

P.P.S I keep forgetting to add this... I had reviewed a book 'The Only Alien on the Planet' which is infact my most most favourite book. I had searched for its author Kristen Randle on the net and hadn't found much information on her... but I have reason to be absolutely elated, as she has commented on my review post... :D :D >:D<

This is the conversation...
K said
Akansha - I have only just found your review of my book. Thank you for the kind words, and I am very happy that the book has touched you so strongly. I wish you the best. And I'm glad you were brave enough to start it again, after that slow beginning!

I said
I can't tell you how honoured and touched I am... :) :) It is still my favourite book, and I don't think anything is ever going to change that... :D

K said
Perhaps someday I will write another one that you can love just as much. I hope very much that it's so.

I hope it is so too K... thank you so much for replying. It honestly means a lot to me... :) Though I was a little sad to find that I cannot contact you in any way... but I respect it, and I still love the book... :x


Abhinav said...

You loved it... yes u love it still.. :)

I wish sumthing like did ever happen to my clg..



have fun next WAD as well

happy new year

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

WAH! this I love, and it is the way to spend this year. so this was the surprise you were waiting for :)

reading it was fun to experiencing to fun hoga hi :)
itna VA-LA-DI-RC padh ke tu cat me top karegi , all the best for that.
and yeah have a happy year ahead :)

Mads said...

wow !! i know how much fun u hv with ur WAD log...nice to see u post abt them :)
and kristen randle replying to u is like the awesomest thing ever!
i hvnt read the review..at least dont remember reading it..will read it soon
:) hv fun!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Sounds a lot of fun!

Engineering itna bhi bekaar bhi nahi :P Kuch na kuch toh karte hee rehte ho tum log hehe

Great about the author herself commenting on your review post.

aZoed said...

had WAD been a guy... u wouldn't have been single! that's how much you seem to be in love with it :) Goodie good!

And your Google PR must have gone up by quite a few notches after Kristen Randle posting a comment herself... way to go in the new year!

Akansha Agrawal said...

<3 <3 <3
Hehe... actually you can still join in... ek WAD-PG bhi hota hai... for PG students, ye waala sirf UG ke liye tha... and usmein bhi we are the organisers :)

BUT... woh 3 days ka hi rehta hai sirf... itnaaaa mazaa nahi aata hai... normally... :-s But koi na... :)

thank you hai ji... :D Happee new year to you too :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hehe... nahi surprise toh woh Swayamwar waala post tha re... :-w

Haan... ^:)^ mere snrs hai na... \m/ ;) pada denge meko :D

Happee new year tujhe bhi... >:D< >:D< *hugs and kisses bahut saare...*

Akansha Agrawal said...

:) :) yeah, you know! ;)

Haan I was sooo elated to have her reply... \:D/

Pad pad.. wish I could give you the book, but I haven't seen it being sold anywhere... :-w If I get it... your copy is toh pakka... >:D<

Akansha Agrawal said...

@Sugar Cube
Arrey hum padai chod kar baaki sab kuch karte hain... ;) Vaise even you could've been a part of it... and you came for Jal to the college.. :O we could've met... :-w

Yeah, Kristen commenting was so wow!! 8->

Akansha Agrawal said...

Honestly, I can't put it any better myself than this... :D :D

err... PR must've actually come down... Mera IndiBlogger rank also got reduced... drastically... :(

Av said...

well well well ... its not all abt WAD .... just a half pic ... :)

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Anonymous said...

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