Tuesday, 28 December, 2010

How I got my girl back...

Now don't you look at the title, and rush to check my bio. I am very much a girl, a straight one at that, and this is the title of the book written by one of my favourite humor bloggers Arshat Chaudhary who can be found at Time Pass of India. I've been trying to get my hands on this book for some time, and unfortunately Crossword didn't have it, and btw Flipkart is waaayyy better!!

As the name suggests, the book is about a guy who loves a girl, is parted, and wins her back. Typical Bollywood? maybe... but the better part about it is that, it is totally Indian!

Summary: Devdutt Rastogi likes a girl Pritha in his school, and thanks to his bus rides, also gets to spend some time with her. But then owing to her father's transfer, she moves away to Delhi, and there ends his err... tryst with girls. Cut to the present, and he is an engineer working with an electric company with the job of a Design Engineer.

As life would have it, he meets her again, in his own company, the company appointed doctor with an arranged boyfriend who happens to be his own boss. And the boss is a former schoolmate too, a bully. And then it is all about how he asks his khool friends to help him out in winning her back.

What I like: The cover is all nerdy, engineers will love it. Also, Arshat has used his own knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, not to forget the German connect. The humor that I have often appreciated at TPI, stays intact here too... some of them cracked me up.... like...

In the last few lines, I realise that I have defamed Jayasuriya for no reason!

when he is describing one of his flat mates as being darker, a foot shorter and losing hair faster than Jayasuriya.

Some truths too... like about doctors...

Most Indians visit doctors only when we can't take care of the sickness ourselves, which is sooo true!

I like the Indian setting, the typical songs we listen to, the language is simple, and there is no show shining, to borrow from Arshat. And I like the candor between the father and son, that bonding is unmistakable.

But, the story is a tad typical, sure you can't guess exactly how he's gonna get her back, but then you already know he is. But then that is what the title already says...

Verdict: Read it for its Indian-ness, for the humor which manages to pack a punch... *thumbs up*

P.S. Why do the girls have to always bow down to 'wishes of their parents'. Bah! it's high time you place yourself first man!

Friday, 19 November, 2010

Religion, Menstruation, Frustration.

So, what's your religion? Every social networking site gives you the option to flaunt your religious views. Facebook friends will post a religious scripture everyday, telling you what a commandment has to say. (At such times, I have to question myself, is he/she actually on my friend list... why!) Close friends would probably ask you, 'Are you religious?'

My answer is that I don't know.

Right from when you're very young, you're taken to a 'place of worship', you're taught a 'way of worship', you're taught a 'way of life'. Or you learn. Because you see others doing it. You see your mother or grandmother or aunts going to the temple, you see your father or grandfather or uncles sporting a vermilion mark (tilak i.e.) on their head, you see a room in your house where according to your religion, Hindu idols and Geeta or Quran or Bible or Guru Granth Sahib is kept.

And when someone asks your religion, you answer what you have been taught.

There are many people who will, to the end of their lives, answer this question the same way. Reason? They will never question what their elders tell them with respect to religion. They will never question why you have to worship a fixed number of times each day. They will never question why you have to wash your hands before appearing in front of an idol/touching a holy book, or why you cover your head. But these do not disturb me to a very large extent. Mostly, because I ignore them. No, not the questions, the supposed rituals.

But what does disturb me is the fact that they will never question why every month for four days their mothers/wives/daughters are made to keep away from kitchens and the so called 'places of worship'. That they will never question why the women folk in their lives undergo discrimination over something which, given a choice, they would never choose; and something which is natural, as natural as natural can get.

When I learned of these things, as every girl does, my first reaction was amazement. Amazement at how low some people can get. That they have the audacity to term me, for four days, unfit to worship at that altar, where otherwise I am supposed to bow and pray, and offer my servitude. That they have the audacity to instruct me on what I should do and what I should not do, because they think they know better; and because they are rules.

Rules: something I haven't been fond of, ever since I learnt how to break them.

But, ok, let me ask you a few questions, you know, not because you're going to change my attitude, but just to see, how much lower can you really get. Humor me.

Most religions suggest isolation during 'those days'. So, you mean that for 4 days, I should sit and stare at the ceiling? Like I am in prison, because I have committed a crime and I am a threat to the society; because your pea-size brain thinks I am impure and as a result whatever I come in contact with, I will contaminate it.

Anyway, we'll gloss over this one, because nobody gives a damn to it these days. Women work at all sorts of posts in every sphere, and there's no way they're wasting their 'leaves' for stupidity.

Next, most scriptures do not let you cook food. So, you mean, that I can control the economy of the world and I can control the crore employees that my company/organisation employs (Hillary Clinton, Indira Nooyi, Chanda Kochar) but I can't fix myself a plate of pasta? In the earlier days, in bigger households, where you had lot of housework to do, resting and not cooking during those times made sense. Today, all I have for you are expletives that I will not state here, because unlike you, I have been taught manners. Manners, you know the thing you require to build relations, the things which are the actual mirror to a personality, not the baseless ones like your hypocritical philosophies.

My folks do not believe in this. So I'm good.

Next, they don't let you enter places of worship. Now, not exactly the way to create fans, as I am sure you would agree. So you mean, while I am required to pray twice (five for Islam) a day normally, I am for four days, not eligible to touch that idol or that holy book, because my aura has a lot of negativity and dirt, and that would spoil your environment. Now had I been a cigarette, I could've agreed to this, because when I am burning on the inside uttering the choiciest expletives for you and your level of soch, I might've had a smelly aura, that could've spoilt your environment. But then I am not one, so we won't delve deeper into that.

My way of showing that I so don't care about what you believe in: I shun every religious place of worship in the world! Where you say you won't admit me for 4 days a month, honey, I say I won't admit you in my life for a single moment.

Having said that, let me add on. The earliest scriptures, the Vedas, (as far as my internet search revealed, i haven't read them... yet ) do not say anything about this. And I believe, that every so called religious book is a farce.

And did you know, there actually is a Menstruating Goddess in India. Want proof?

When we're menstruating, the body is weaker because we're losing a lot of blood. Of course, the discomfit can't help. Obviously, it's not by choice. So when you see a PMS alert, it is the frustration of this lack of choice, that is causing that alert.

Another grouse I have is that people refuse to discuss these things. Because they should be in the closet, knowing fully well how stuffy it can get in there. So before you choke, unsolicited advice which is also common sense: get out of it. So when I put this as a topic for GDs, don't deride it because you think at 19-20, people are too young to have an opinion about it. Otherwise, because of you, they will never have one.

Coming back to my religion, I am disillusioned. I believe in The Secret, and try to follow it, because it is so free of anything that even remotely reeks of religion. I believe that what goes round will come round, but I know that YOU or your sorry rules, will have had no hand in it.

P.S. If this sounds acerbic... the reason is... it is.
P.P.S. I have been wanting to write this for the past 3-4 months, but because I wanted to do a bit of search, I had postponed it. And now that I have researched, every "rule" I have stated is true to the best of my knowledge.
P.P.P.S. If you're someone trying to make me change my point of view, my suggestion, don't bother...

Added later on her request: And oh, totally unrelated: Madhuri Iyer aka Mads's new URL is http://arienthoughts.blogspot.com

Monday, 15 November, 2010

Mumble Jumble.. lots of it!

I suppose there's really no point in my apologizing for the absence, first coz I am not sorry, and second coz there's nobody to apologize to :P

And FYI, I am writing this post for myself, and not for you. It is to get some things out of the system.

If I have to describe the past few months of my life in one word, it has to be busy. And now it is tired, fatigued, and with no end point in sight. It's just one thing right after the other. I'm not complaining... yet!

CAT is finally done with, not to my satisfaction, but anyway, it's not coming back. Up ahead are the other exams, campus placements and the remaining university exams... sigh!

The blogger in me has been forced to sleep, and mind you, not for the lack of topics, but for fear of spending too much of time researching, something I do tend to do. I actually laughed when I saw that the number of followers of my blog had increased. Who follows inactive zone, I wonder...

Am I sorry for not blogging for this long?

Frankly, no.

Do I need to justify my absence?

I don't know. Not to anybody else, I suppose. But just for me, I feel some things in life are more important than the others, and yes I resented the comment to the contrary.

And, inspite of being absent, I think I am a little chary now... sugar coated words, false praises, affectations... watching from the sidelines can be very advantageous sometimes.

And in the middle of things, maybe I am rediscovering some of the dormant creativity, with a new Cybershot, (Sony TX-1) jiska muhurat hua hai, 3 months after being bought! I plan to play around with it a bit... joined flickr to set the ball rolling, and I hope I'm going to keep at it.

And on the book reading front, things have been quiet, but I still managed to finish two, The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh and The Confession by John Grisham. The former again impresses with its details and after The Hungry Tide and this one, I think Amitav Ghosh is a must-read author on my list. For the latter, this was only the second John Grisham book I read, but it makes for a good read; a little saddening story, but then who said laws are flawless, of course it's the US law system he's talking about.

Movies, my to-see list grows by leaps and bounds... and I am missing some really good ones! :(

A huge advantage of having diligently prepared the word lists for CAT is... you can use heavy vocabulary without people realising upfront if it's a praise or an insult *evil grin* So keep that dictionary handy, you're gonna need it... *smug*

For the rest, check the pic, because the pic says it all...

Sunday, 8 August, 2010

The Journey of Om- a book review

So this blog is finally getting an update and all credit goes to the writer Mr.Chandru Bhojwani who invited me to write a review for his book The Journey of Om... So here goes... :)

The Journey of Om is a book written by Chandru Bhojwani and before you conclude that it has some religious context, relax, Om is just the name of a guy and it his journey that we follow in this book.

Om is a New Yorker who has just discovered his girlfriend cheating on him with a guy to whom she got introduced through him, and has broken up with her, and the passionate lover in him finds himself broken too... What follows is the extremely difficult path to Recovery...

The protagonist is Om and some of his close friends are Mona, a 35- year old professional, single and his best friend; Arun who is another best friend; Rakhi who is Arun’s sweetheart, and Jim, his old buddy. The way the characters have been intertwined in the book, I liked the fact that as a book which is set in New York, LA and partly in Hong Kong, Chandru hasn’t ignored the people who live there, which I find is a problem with Bollywood movies... the good guys are always Indian and the foreigners are always the bad guys. Making people part if the background makes them a part of the setup, and not of the story... no such prejudice here, thankfully.

The book mainly focuses on relationships and I like the fact that Chandru gave Om the job of a writer cum columnist, something he himself is, which meant that he was able to cleverly incorporate things which weren’t a part of the central plot per se. The Desi Kryptonite can raise some eyebrows from the female readers though. The book is definitely all Indian, something most of the youngsters will identify with, and the language is simple.

The book has been narrated in a half flashback, half present scenario and sometimes the short length of the chapters frustrates you because you feel you’re jumping about from one scene to another. If you’re not an intense reader, used to such intensity, chances are you might lose track and as a result, interest.

The book has a lot of sexuality and complexities involved in it, which I why I feel it is definitely PG-16 material.

The ending is a little abrupt, though also fitting in a way, we Bollywood enthusiasts are so used to ‘and they lived happily ever after’ endings that some people may feel like something is missing. Though to me, in a sense it suggests that these ‘things’ are never-ending. By ‘things’ I mean emotions-the joy, the hatred, the anger, the pressure, the love, the insecurity, the lust, the et al which accompany life in relations and relationships.

Also, I feel that someone who has not been in Om’s or at least Mona’s shoes might not really be able to connect to it after a certain point, only someone who has either deeply loved and lost, or has seen someone close do that, will get the full blast of what happens to Om when he becomes an alcoholic. And guys will still be able to connect better than girls.

All in all, I won’t call it a must read for every body because this is one book that I think will be understood best by those who have been there, done that.

Sunday, 4 July, 2010


I was just going through my old posts... feeling well, not exactly elated, coz my CAT prep doesn't seem to be going the right way exactly... yeah! i know you'll say this means I should plop down and study instead of blogging, but honestly I am a little tensed, a little saddened and have lost a bit of heart :( :-ss

I just hope things are gonna be a little better :-w

P.S. I know it's a sorry little update, but whatever!

Thursday, 17 June, 2010

Look who's back...

Arrey don't look here and there... it's the Tadka girl... :) Back from Singapore and Malaysia... back after yet another WAD :x (which was in all probability my last) :( and back to the grueling college and TIME schedule... :-w

AIMCATs have started... with me still under-prepared and tension has been mounting up now... :-ss

And lost somewhere in the middle of group dynamics is me... We have this group for final year major project that has to be chosen by students among themselves... and uff... the politics that ensues... :O and nobody is worried about what project we should undertake... so time and mind consuming is the first phase... :-|

And I saw Rajneeti... one line about it, if ever in my life I forget how much I loathe politics, all I have to do is see that movie... the movie is well made though... and Katrina gets better and better in every movie :)

Handling GDs for WAD summer was wonderful... though some topics were shot down by the Censor (ahem!) and some last moment changes enforced against my wishes... but awesome experience apart from that! And knowing all the juniors, participants as well as organisers... once again... was smashing! :D

S'pore and Malaysia pics are in a lot of demand... but honestly, I got 6GB pics and this bloddy laptop took half an hour showing uploading.... only to inform me that upload failed... grrr... and I haven't had any more half hours free since then... :-w A detailed travelogue I'll update some time later... too much on the plate right now... with yet another test this Sunday...

Anyway... ciao everybody... I'll be back on RQ also soon... :) with another burning issue...

Friday, 14 May, 2010

Headphones and a Tub of popcorn...

And you're ready for movie marathon ;)

Hehe.. I watched three more movies, and reviews are right here...

The first I saw was Cindrella Man, don't let the name fool you! It is a fairytale of sorts, but not the kind the name suggests it is! It is about the life of James J. Braddock, an American boxer, which by the way is real. It is set in the Great Depression era between the years 1929-1935 when the boxer was all but out of the ring, after a spate of injuries and consequent losses, with his licence being revoked. He started doing some manual labour and jobs, but those were hard to come by owing to the recession and he had difficulty making ends meet. However his manager tried to do all he could for him, by getting him fights, convincing the federation each time!

The story goes on about how he wins the public sentiments; and the sports journos who criticised him once, nicknamed him the Cindrella Man, because from his story of grit and pure determination to fight against the odds, a lot of people took inspiration to fight the Depression.

The boxing action shown is really nice, and although it warns of some boxing 'violence' I think it is very watchable and people who enjoy seeing wrestling and boxing are going to simply love it! Russel Crowe as James was I feel effective and played the role to perfection. Renee Zellweger, who plays the wife who's always scared for her husband's life because of his profession, has done a good job too... All in all, if you think you're gonna like the boxing action, get hold of it! :)

The second one was Yes Man. (Now, if you're wondering why it has to be 'Man' all the time,
I am wondering the same :P ) Anyway, this is a movie about a guy who's pretty depressed after divorce with his wife, and started putting himself in a cocoon. He ignores friends, watching DVDs alone, works at the bank and leads a boring life. Oh btw Jim Carrey plays this guy Carl. One day an old colleague of his suggests he attend a seminar called Yes! Very reluctantly and because he has nothing else to do on Friday night, he goes.

There he meets a philosopher Terrence who professes that you should say Yes! to everything in life. And when questioned, he says that saying No would cause bad things to happen. Carl takes this advice too seriously and says Yes! to everything, as a result, his life does improve a great deal as he ends up doing crazy night outs, learning Korean, getting promoted and meeting a nice young vivacious lady. But then, it also gets him in some tight situations. Ultimately, the lesson he learns is that it is not about never saying No! it is about saying Yes! to life...

I could connect with the plot of this one, because I have read The Secret,and call me a fool if you will, but I actually do believe in the concept, though I don't end up practicing it too often... :-s It's about being positive, and simply repeating the positive, even if it's just in your thoughts because positive attracts positive. Ok, I know science people are going to disagree on that one, but you'll have to think philosphy guys!

I am not a huge fan of philosophy and from the depths of my heart, I hate those pravachan people as I call them, but this one sounds realistic. The Secret is by Rhonda Bryne and there's a movie based on it too. I have the movie, yet to see it though! And there was a new book Beyond the Secret, which I purchased on a recent visit to Crossword, but haven't started yet. The book is by a different author, but largely on the same concept, a guide to using The Secret as she calls it! Anyway, you can watch this movie, if you need some motivation in life. Everybody goes through bad patches at some or the other time, and these would probably help.

The third I saw is The Silence of the Lambs.OK, this can be grotesque. DO NOT watch without
knowing what you're going to see... This one starts with Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling who is training to be a part of the Behavioural Sciences Unit of the police, being pulled out and given an assignment to study the case of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is a brilliant psychiatrist but a cannibal. He is kept in a special cell without any contact with the outside world. A spate of serial killings by someone who calls themselves Buffalo Bill forces the police to seek help from Hannibal, and hence Clarice is
engaged. Buffalo Bill after killing his victims, who are all girls, peels away parts of their skin, which baffles the Behavioural Science Dept. because they can't figure out the reason.

Clarice talks to Hannibal, and manages to get some help from him, in return for the story of her own life, which she was advised against, but has to do it, to gain his help. In return, Hannibal does help her out, using his knowledge of psychiatry, but he escapes. Clarice is able to track down Buffalo Bill who had kidnapped a Senator's daughter, and discovers that he is actually an unsettled mind who believes himself to be a woman and hence is trying to make a stitched suit, using the skin of these women. He wants to cross dress using this suit.

This movie can be disturbing on several levels, though honestly, I was better prepared as compared to Butterfly Effect so was able to concentrate on the psychology part of it! It has a lot of, well, scenes which could unnerve some people, so watch it only if they don't bother you. Apart from that, for those interested in psychiatry, oh you're gonna love it if you like to study the human mind, which can be manipulative and vulnerable and twisted!

Wednesday, 5 May, 2010


I have been thinking about this... aiwehi, just some incidents and then some thoughts popped up, and I felt I should put the question to you all...

A few people I know (girls) have recently undergone laser surgeries, in order to get rid of the necessity to wear specs... and some of them have admitted that shaadi had a role to play in it... I mean, yeah a lot of people would want to get rid of specs coz well, it's kind of a burden or they wanna look good and feel that putting on specs spoils their 'beauty' or looks or whatever... but somewhere I felt that, that old Indian mindset still lives... particularly in the ladki dekhne types scenario. :-?

And now, I can't decide if specs really 'repel' guys, or is it just a mindset... I mean on a personal level, as far as I can recall, I haven't yet seen a couple where the girl had specs, and the guy didn't... (or maybe I just walk around with my eyes closed) and on the other hand, well, specs is such a non-entity when you're talking about the whole being together thing... :-s

My aunts refused to put on specs for years, just because of this stupid stereotype and now the situation is that they just can't see, esp long distance without specs. I thought we lived in an age where people had enough sense to realise that specs have got nothing to do with being geeky... or looking studious or making you feel like you don't look good :-B

A lot of people also go in for lenses as a substitute for specs...

Now there are 2 reasons to do all this... one is that you don't like to wear specs, or you feel you don't look good with specs... which is not a crime... but! if you're doing it just coz someone else doesn't want you to wear them... well, that may not be a crime either, but it is definitely an unhealthy stereotype... :|

Sounds weird no, in this age? But I had to recheck too... after I noticed too many people putting on specs only when necessary, like attending lectures or visiting a movie theater, in the latter particularly, the specs go on the nose only when lights are dimmed and are removed before lights are fully on... I mean, What The Heck! What are you so scared of? :-O Normally, doctors advise constant use of specs so that your eyes do not get strained...

*sigh!* I don't know what to conclude of it... I was kinda hoping someone could shed some light on it... :-/

Btw, I have specs, and I love wearing them, as of now, there's no way I'm going in for any surgery or lenses either... too much jhamela with lenses...

P.S. Thank you Amrita and Mads for your views... >:D<

Monday, 3 May, 2010

A sweet, traumatic affair

Yesterday I decided to quit being lazy and watching some of the pending movies I had in my hard drive (did I tell you I bought a 1TB external hard drive B-) ), even though my room looks like a jungle of wires, after the entire set-up, it's probably worth it... :-w

And so... the first movie I chose was, America's Sweethearts, a very sweet movie, essentially kinda chick flick... The story revolves around actors (i.e. they play actors in the movie) Gwen and Eddie, who were once together and the audience simply loves the couple, and the media loves blowing their togetherness out of proportion, and together, they both achieve new career heights... and then they break up and Gwen has another Spanish guy in her life, and Eddie can't get over Gwen and goes to some guru for help... but a production company, which had made a movie with both of them, wants them back together for some time and the tactics they use is what the movie is all about, and there's a twist at the end btw ;)

All in all, a feel-good, nicely made movie, a lovely light watch... :)

BUT, the second movie I chose, well I am not going to even try to conceal the plot, and I wish I had known it before seeing it... :-s

The second one I chose was The Butterfly Effect, yaar name se it seems so cute, and I was in a nice lovely mood esp after seeing the first movie... BUT it is nothing what it sounds like... it is one goddamn disturbing movie, esp at 2am!

The opening scores should've been indications of what was gonna come... it said the flutter of the wings of a butterfly could cause a typhoon across half the world... of course,I didn't really get it then... incidentally, I found out Butterfly Effect is actually a kinda well defined effect, courtesy Google of course!

The story starts with a young kid, about seven years old, who has periodic blackouts, wherein he just can't remember what he did in those durations, he has a single mother, and his father is deemed crazy and kept in a psychiatric hospital. There are numerous situations in the movie, where he simply can't remember what happened! His mom takes him to a psychiatrist, who asks him to keep a daily journal but is also unable to figure out the problem... and ultimately his mom decides to move from there...

Cut to when he's a grown up kid, and a psychology student, and pretty normal, no blackouts... and then one day when he picks up his old journals, he finds that every instance that he ever had a blackout, he was able to go back to exactly that location and situation, and change what happened over there... makes a lot of sense on some levels, for instance I got reminded of the time-turners in Harry Potter and what Dumbledore says about not interfering with Time coz it could leave the most sanest, insane...

But what is disturbing about the movie was, well, every second scene was either in the psychiatric hospital, or someone killing someone else, or a girl whom the boy liked, ending up as a prostitute, or someone else going crazy or ending up in jail... whoa! I am not scared of movies normally, but this one actually surprised me, coz I didn't think any movie had the potential to disturb me to this extent... :-ss

I actually found myself sleepless, and thoughts kept wandering to gross memories of my own... and those from the movie too... brr... I just wish I had a warning before seeing it...

But on the whole, well, if you once leave aside this, I suppose the movie does make a bit of sense... though I would recommend it only when you can handle it.... :-w

Monday, 26 April, 2010

Imagining India

B-) I finally finished this demon of a book, a hard copy for a change...

And it has been a fascinating read. Though because this time I decided to integrate it with CAT studies, I had to keep pausing for 'exact' meaning of words in dictionaries, and synonyms and so on... but nevertheless, it has helped hugely in understanding political and economic policies up to this point that have been brought into force by the various ministers of the country...

The book travails through the times when India was under the Imperial rule, and the effect the laws and regulations enforced by the regime have had in shaping India as we see it now. Nilekani repeatedly points out the unique place that India is situated in, in terms of taking advantage economically. The workforce and the population explosion that was once touted as destructive, Nilekani points out that this young population is all set to begin its career and gives this young democracy a real chance to become a true world leader.

He touches upon policies that deepened caste divisions in India, and what keeps it still rampant in a supposedly developed India. The best part is that Nilekani, not being affiliated to any political party or adhering to any strict party ideology has equally abashed and accredited both Congress and BJP, as and when deemed essential. He has praised the good policies and has been apathetic while bashing the wrong ones, for instance pointing out the unconstitutional nasbandi and abortion drives under Sanjay Gandhi when Indira Gandhi was the PM.

Nilekani has pointed out the immediate problems that we face, and has been very candid about admitting that some of the politicians are far far behind the times that we are living in, and are not open to new ideas, besides playing on the emotions of the people esp during the elections, which is why we get all the wrong people at the right posts!

Nilekani who has been invited by Manmohan Singh for implementation of the extremely ambitious UID project also explains how some of the problems of taxes and reaching out of the masses can be solved effectively through this... and just today TOI reports that the project has been renamed Aadhaar and has been assigned a symbol of a sun with a fingerprint in the middle. The details of this project have been very meticulously put up in articles I came across, which is why I think you should read them here, rather than me writing them again... part 1 and part 2.

Nilekani has his job cut out, and the deadline for this project has been set at Feb next year, but as he himself says we're bad at keeping deadlines, so what remains to be seen is if Nilekani can change it...

All in all, the book is an excellent read for anybody who's interested in polity... :)

Saturday, 24 April, 2010


I've tried to make the blog lighter still.... Thanks Nidhi for the links to slide share site >:D<

Sunday, 18 April, 2010

The thing they call love...

What do you do when someone loves you... when maybe you haven't thought of them that way...? :-w

But then isn't 'being loved' the most wonderful feeling in the world...? Isn't the knowledge that you mean the world to someone the most beautiful, the most romantic in the world? 8-> Isn't the thought that you might up spending your entire life with a person who would think the world of you, a lot more enticing than the thought that you might end up spending your entire life with a person who would give you 'financial' security (particularly when you could earn too!)? :-s

Isn't knowing that someone thinks of you every moment of the day, that you occupy their thoughts no matter what they're doing, that all their actions would simply lead them to you, the most powerful thing you could know...? :x

How then could one reject someone's love for them? And why should it have to remain one-sided? Isn't it every girl's fantasy to be with the guy who would just be for them?

Wouldn't you then give them at least a chance, the relationship a try? Wouldn't you at least respect what they feel for you?

Or would you?

Too many questions, none of which I have an answer to... do you?

I would like it if you could give me some answers... simply coz I don't have any....!

Disclaimer: This could be a girls-only perspective at places...

P.S. This has got nothing to do with me or my love life... it's just some incidents that made me wonder...

Sunday, 11 April, 2010


Ah, well I suppose you must be wondering where I have disappeared to after promising reviews of movies... :-s Well... I am not done with both yet :( Yeah, pracs and an incomplete project are keeping me busy :-w

Anyway, Ramit tagged me and rules are...
RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.
  • Asked someone to marry you? Innocent
  • Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty
  • Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent
  • Ever told a lie? Guilty
  • Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty
  • Kissed a picture? Guilty
  • Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent
  • Fallen asleep at work/school? Innocent
  • Held a snake? Innocent
  • Been suspended from school? Innocent
  • Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent
  • Stolen from a store? Innocent
  • Been fired from a job? Innocent
  • Done something you regret? Guilty
  • Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent
  • Kissed in the rain? Innocent
  • Sat on a roof top? Guilty
  • Kissed someone you should'nt? Innocent
  • Sang in the shower? Guilty
  • Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent
  • Shaved your head? Innocent
  • Had a boxing membership? Innocent
  • Made a boyfriend cry? Innocent
  • Been in a band? Innocent
  • Shot a gun? Innocent
  • Donated Blood? Innocent
  • Eaten alligator meat? Innocent
  • Eaten cheesecake? Innocent
  • Still love someone you should'nt? Innocent
  • Have/had a tattoo? Innocent
  • Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty
  • Been too honest? Guilty
  • Ruined a surprise? Innocent
  • Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Innocent
  • Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty
  • Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Err... what are a 'woman's' and 'man's' clothes?
  • Joined a pageant? Innocent
  • Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty, or atleast I think so!
  • Had communication with your ex? Innocent
  • Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent
  • Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty
I don't want to tag anybody... coz whoever wants can take it up... :D

That makes it 28 innocent and 13 guilty... and yet people don't believe me when I say I am innocent [-( :P

I am getting kinda bored... and of course tonsillitis helps in putting you in the dumps... no cold water allowed when mercury is at 45 degree Celsius, no ice creams, no cold drinks, no cool juices, no sherbets... :( whatte life!!! Of course, not that I am following it ;) but then that makes it all the more difficult to bear inflamed tonsils... and running nose. :-w

My Feedjit Live seems to have disappeared from my blog page... :-s

I removed the widgets of Black Box and P.G.Wodehouse insult generator to try to make the blog a little lighter (to make loading faster on slow connections esp). Sorry, Amrita Roy , but if you want the html codes, I saved them for you... you can add them to your blog if you want. :) I tried to make a slide show of the awards' pics, but it's not working out... :| Do let me know if you want the blog still lighter, I'll think of some way... :-s

Nobody noticed I changed my description about me(blogger waala?) [-(

Anyway, don't really have much to add...
Au revoir! See you when I see you... :)

Monday, 5 April, 2010


Before you ask wha...? my written exams are over, and I am still left with pracs, and yes I am still alive, thank you... yes inspite of the last post I wrote...

So as you sit and wonder what new issue is she gonna bring to the table today... chill... coz that's what is the agenda for tonight! \:D/ I have lined up two movies err... actually they're more of documentaries, called Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist- Addendum... and let's see how they turn out to be...

In other news, I finally became an insaan today, called parlour waali auntie who insisted I look nothing like what I did the last time she saw me (which was three months back incidentally!)

Madzie... I am missing talking to you, so kindly hurry up and be back, and smash your server centre meri taraf se :| atleast whatever new one they make will be better than this... :-w

I am looking forward to burying myself in a sea of books and movies.... 8-> oh oh... yeah! I shall have to emerge to take CAT breaths ;)

I broke my nail today, ok which idiot does that! my foot nail got broken today... result of open ended sandals... :( yes it was long, no it did not look ugly, yes I was careless... and yes it HURT! :(

I have been whiling my time away online, yes I have been online, just stopped reminding everybody of my existence through err.. facebook quizzes, I have been bloghopping and have come across two nice new ones... http://desigheeandcoffee.blogspot.com and http://themundanespace.blogspot.com

Aur kya... chalo will probably see you tom with a review of Zeitgeist... chao!

Thursday, 25 March, 2010

Frustration rant...

This is a very very ranty post coz I have nothing to say, nothing to do (yeah, in between exams too!). So this is almost a status update except I refuse to adhere to 140 word limit!

I am verry bored, gave an exam today, have 4 days before next exam, no mood to study, have completed sleep I missed last night, won't pick up books before late night today, nobody I'd like to chat with seems to be online right now, and frankly not in a mood to chat... :| My best phone buddy is sleeping, and some have exam tomorrow, so they're studying... :-s

I received a mail in the morning from CARE whose subject line read Say No to female genital cutting which had me pretty shocked because I always knew male circumcision was a part of some religious groups viz Islam and among Jews, but I had never known about this being prevalent, and as the mail says, the practice is rampant in Africa, where girls, are forced to undergo it. As far as I could figure out from whatever I googled, I found that the only significance of this practice is in the religion and there aren't any benefits, though some people do argue that this can help in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and could be a potential cure for HIV. But what is particularly irking is the fact that Islam believes that it should be done so as to reduce 'sexual desire' among women!!! And it does lead to a number of medical problems if not done properly. Given the fact that the practice is banned in so many countries, the women don't come forward for medical treatments for fear that their parents would be charged, and in the first place, since doctors won't do it, it is done at home!!!

Uff! the problem is a lot deeper I suppose and would take a pretty long time to go through... something I can't invest right now in midst of exams, but I would like your opinion on the same, not that too many people will comment, but anyway... And it seemed particularly gruesome by the way, scrolling down the Wiki pages! :-s

In other news, the Mango season is back!!! I love mangoes \:D/

Ok, that was only a breezer, coz I have another issue to bring forth, the Nuclear Liability bill that has been proposed... the bill wasn't brought forth in the Parliament in this session simply because there weren't enough UPA MLAs in the House to ensure that the bill gets passed. But the real issue is that the bill practically lets other foreign countries get off without paying anything in case of a nuclear accidents. Exactly WHAT were those idiots of my country thinking when they even thought of introducing the bill for passing!!! The electricity that would get generated after setting up the nuclear reactors would also be subsidised by GOI and not those other countries, majority of setting up cost is also being borne by India and it is our Indian lives which are this cheap!!! If there is no liability on those countries, don't you think they won't really bother with maintenance of safety standards?? And... the clever ruse, which absolutely takes the cake is that... if India does not agree to all this, and decides to cancel the deal or something, they won't even provide India with the fuel, which is what is the major requirement of India... Again it is an extensive issue that would take pretty long to go through all aspects, another job I line up for myself!

And for those who are going to ask me to go get a life, then I have only one thing to say... Dude, this is my country, and I care... and I care more than just observing an hour of Earth Hour! [-(

Ok, enough of frustration dumping I suppose... issues don't end here though... nor do they stop... *sigh!*

P.S. Considering the fact that I had nothing to say... it was a pretty long post no? :P

P.P.S. Looks like nobody bought the claim in the previous post that I ogle and drool at hawt dudes! Hah! the power of having an image... ;)

Friday, 19 March, 2010


So the author of this blog has decided to act before the Government of India declares a drought. (Not that they would be able to do it... no attendance in the Parliament you see! In India we can have a drought only when we have abundance in the House)

Anyway, she has always stated that she blogs most during the exams, and true, coz that is the only time she sits still long enough without drooling at that oh-so-hawt dude, or ogling at those half naked men in NT (Nagpur Times). No the men are not from Nagpur...

And also, she has had no time coz of TIME...

[Blog author intervenes despite best efforts to keep her away!]

And now I am sick of this PJ, coz every single person who knows me insists on cracking it (apart!) when they get to know that... well, I have no time coz of TIME. :-w

[Blog author has been successfully gagged and shushed!]

In other news, she has been missed by the billis of the blog-world. And she was very happy to see Amrita (meri truthful waali >:D< on FB)

In other news, Peter (of course he would like to give the credit to S4T lest they do a Chetan Bhagat!) has dedicated a few lines to her:
AKANSHA : Busy busy main hoo busy ittefaak se..
engineering clg main hoke bhi busy ittefak se..
MBA abhi shuru bhi nahi ittefak se..
fir bhi main hu busy ittefak se..
shushh.. go study.. who will update ur blog next? Pappu?
which made her cry (inspiration se yaar!)

And crying reminded her of My Name is Khan, no jokes to be cracked on this one, Go See...

In yet another bit of scintillating news, she discovered that a blogger turned out to be her neighbour. Sugar Cube and Akansha Agrawal- the neighbour story series, starting soon.

And she has rediscovered the power of her cell phone. Yes! she has now dropped and tested her new handset, so you can now go and buy Nokia 6303, oh, black please! silver is ewww...

P.S. I never thought this update would come... neither did my chrome incidentally, when I typed in 'b' in the address bar (to open blogger.com), Chrome suggested bit.ly (the URL shortener site for those who are interested, others don't bother!) Incidentally again, this happens to be my 150th post \:D/

P.P.S. Still can't promise to be regular guys... Sowwie :( and as you may have noticed, no links or pictures... time crunch you see!

And I better be off.. Au Revoir!

Tuesday, 5 January, 2010


Nahi ji, don't worry, this time it's not microprocessors or binary language we're talking about... this is plain and simple... Twenty-ten or Two thousand and ten, if you prefer... :-s

It's a new day... it's a new world... it's also a new year, and I, am late as usual... nothing's changed you see ;)

Looking back at '09, I don't think I have any regrets, I have sweet sweet memories to cherish, especially at year end, in of course, the easily most awaited part of the year... the month of November... :) My birthday :D and then there was WAD... 8->

I've always said... that I would explain WAD later... but my later never came... :-w

It has so now...

WAD actually stands for Workshop on Aptitude Development, one of the only two bright spots in an otherwise facility-deprived, reputation-starved college... the other being our seniors... ^:)^ Hail! A place where you enter as a delegate (a participant), a workshop that was started by one of the professors who has now left college, but is still one of the most respected esp among our seniors. The organisers of this workshop are third year students working under fourth year students, and the pre-condition is that, they should've been delegates themselves... All organisers are selected through interviews, the third years by the fourth years, and the fourth years by the teacher-in-charge and the three post holders who are appointed by the teacher. Long list, it sounds, right?

But the feel of having 40 odd people working in one room, the WAD Control Room, is just... well I don't have words for it... it is beyond imagination. Where else will you find cricket, GD discussions, extempore topic selection, four systems running together with half busy on Mafia Wars :P all at the same time.... Add to it, two gadde(mattresses) and people resting, sitting, working on them; work for files preparation and material arrangement going on at an army scale..., everybody busy stitching the cloths placed on the tables in the auditorium, and preparing the placards for delegates and speakers as also invitations and schedule to be sent to them..., samosas and wada-sambar treat everyday on WAD account ;) PJs hanging in the air, external affairs people flitting in and out, carrying mementos and stationary stuff and T-shirts (yep, we have WAD T-shirts too... a new design every year, thanks to Systems Committee :D ), and most importantly, the bonding between all of us... :)

The brain gets trained to think of extempore topics, GD topics and new ideas and products for Mad-Ad (Advertising competition) all at one go... the file cover design, the Materials to be put into the file, the flex design... and test papers... loads of work! But it goes like a breeze... My online friends would probably vouch for the kind of life I had those seven days the workshop was going on... but our preparation starts a lot before... about 10 days before workshop actually begins... :-w

You have seniors as mentors at every step, to guide you, help you, and just be there for you... :) You'll be pushed around to go and have breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, coffee by Food Committee incharges... and there's always a cam clicking away ;) yes, the Photography Committee is at work, esp if you're a delegate and you happen to be yawning ;)

The highlight of WAD is always my birthday for me... :) Birthdays of both participants and organisers are celebrated with cakes and fun :D >:D<

But WAD is not just all fun, it is learning with fun, coz the delegates are divided into groups for Ad-making competition and assigned impossible sounding items to advertise... comb,wig,straw and the likes... but the ads that the groups come up with are amazing... complete with presentations, street plays, radio jingles, video ads and replete with laughter... =D>

And also... there are sessions on DILR, Quants and English and tips for GDs and PIs by some of the eminent speakers (ok frankly... ek baar sunne layak hai :-s ) and then there are actual GDs that take place... For the benefit of those who still don't know... GD=Group Discussion and PI=Personal Interview... :-w We choose four-five different styles of GDs that are also taken during the admission procedure of MBA B-schools and IIMs to provide the delegates with enough exposure... and on the last day of WAD, there is a Personal Interview for which our professors and other people are invited as panelists. Also, there are tests taken on Quants, DILR and English and GK and one Comprehensive Test comprising all these, plus a session on Creative Writing. Sounds boring, eh? :-w

Trust me, boring is the last word you'd think of! We don't give topics like 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' types for Extempore... Our topics go on the lines of... 'Bend it like Priyanka' ;) :P and 'My Bohemian Wedding' 8-> To top it all, there is also a WAD Cultural Day on the second last day of WAD, and the people who are performing are the delegates, so it is an opportunity for them to showcase their dancing or singing or guitaring or some other skill and also to let their hair down... Even compeering is left to them... ;)

Now if your question is, how can sooo much be achieved in seven days... :-w Well, the WAD week has 12*7=84 hours (for delegates) and 15*7=105 hours for organisers and we use every minute... :) (Yes sitting and lazing around after lunch or snoring on the mattresses counts as work :-w )My parents are of the opinion that if I had studied for Engineering Entrances with this much of dedication, I would've easily cleared it... :-s

On the final day, there is a final GD taken by professors and the PI by the panelists, and based on marks secured in the GD and PI and Comprehensive Test, the delegates are given marksheets with their ranks on them. Also, they get a photograph of participants+organisers and a directory with numbers and email ids of all participants and organisers... which ensures that WAD family stays a family for ever... which it truly does... :)

P.S. Together we've had a WAD dinner, WAD lunches, a WAD picnic and a WAD movie... any more reasons needed to be a part of all of it??

P.P.S I keep forgetting to add this... I had reviewed a book 'The Only Alien on the Planet' which is infact my most most favourite book. I had searched for its author Kristen Randle on the net and hadn't found much information on her... but I have reason to be absolutely elated, as she has commented on my review post... :D :D >:D<

This is the conversation...
K said
Akansha - I have only just found your review of my book. Thank you for the kind words, and I am very happy that the book has touched you so strongly. I wish you the best. And I'm glad you were brave enough to start it again, after that slow beginning!

I said
I can't tell you how honoured and touched I am... :) :) It is still my favourite book, and I don't think anything is ever going to change that... :D

K said
Perhaps someday I will write another one that you can love just as much. I hope very much that it's so.

I hope it is so too K... thank you so much for replying. It honestly means a lot to me... :) Though I was a little sad to find that I cannot contact you in any way... but I respect it, and I still love the book... :x