Friday, 25 December, 2009

Result's out!

Arrey no, I am not talking about my sem results... (the day those are out, I will be not just invisible, but offline permanently :-ss ) But right now, we're focusing on the Swayamwar results...

BUT, the grouse is that even here people don't use their Right to Vote... is it really a surprise the turn out in our elections is so low... :P

So the results are.... *Please note that tareef also counts as a vote...* :-w

Err... baaki accounts mein hadtaal hi rahi... :-s

So Tarkan has won this Swayamwar, \:D/ but wait! I am going to do not just a Rakhi Sawant, but something worse... :-s

*whispers* Guys, I am still blissfully single... :)

The swayamwar was simply ek humor element, something to signify ki main badi ho gayi hoon... :) *lagta nahi na? yahi toh problem hai!* :-w

Gauri, you can have Daniel... :) and Priti can try for Tarkan... :-s No, this does not mean I am going to give away the guys in my life too :-|

But for me, abhi manzilein aur bhi hain... :D

Thursday, 3 December, 2009

Kid, no more!

Main badi ho gayi :D \:D/

Second reaction: I have grown up :O :-s

Realisation hits: I am a grown up... :-ss

That's when it hit me... twenty years old... today, and koi boyfriend hi nahi... :-w Not fair, and not accepted [-(

So I have decided... the second round of Akansha's swayamwar is going to take place. The honours of the first round were performed by Mads... >:D<>

So candidates from first round proceeding to the second round include.... *drumroll*

John Abraham

Imran Khan

Hugh Jackman

Daniel Vettori
Congratulations... \:D/ These guys have made it to the second round of Akansha's swayamwar... but what is a reality show without twists and a few turns ;) So we have wild card entries as well :D And they are...

Karan Oberoi... yes the dude from Band of Boys...

Orlando Bloom

Shahid Kapoor

Tarkan... he's a hot dude, an Arabic singer :-x

So now... I have to choose one... :-ss And I hand over the ball in your court... :) Vote karo, and tell me, which one of these is the best suitor.... ;;)

Idea achha hai na... ;))

I wanted to post this on my birthday... 24th of November, but could not coz I was damnnn busy... in college from morning 7 to night 10... for 7 full days... when people ask what I did on my birthday, this is what I reply... and I get tut tuts... but people, you have not experienced what I have, you have not lived the days I have, you have not shared the memories I have, you have not smiled as I have, worked as I have, laughed as I have, and cried as I have... The BIG workshop is over... and what is left... is just memories... of all the good times... I still end up with dreamy eyes as I reminisce those days... tears well up and voice goes all throaty, when I think... that we will never get to re-live the same days with the same people... our seniors would be scattered all over the globe the next year at this time... some would visit, some might not be able to, and we'll miss each one of them.... :(( *damn! I am actually crying again!*

And btw, I celebrated the BEST birthday of my life, sharing it with 2 more people, and cutting 2 huge b'day cakes... \:D/ with some of the people I love the most... >:D<>