Sunday, 29 March, 2009

I found it... I found it... \:D/

Hmm.... I went down the nostalgic path.... thanks to Chriz and Aseem who asked for that 'cute bachhon waala article' (For the uninitiated, read this first, my taggy (did I just say 'Taggie'??? I'll have to check my temperature!!!) by Ste.)

Anyway, feeling thoda normal... I fished out the school magazine amongst my entire book collection, and finally found it! Yay! And then, when I was just surfing through the articles people had written back in 1995... I felt... like, soooo damn nostalgic! As in, I knew very few of these people personally... I was in KG II, and they were like, BIG people! :P But I almost laughed on reading the headings of the articles... they were on how sports infrastructure needs development... on how technology changes so rapidly... on how someone spent a day at home ala Home Alone... I mean, some things Never change!!!

But coming back to where I started from, no not the madness streak :P but to my article... I still remember I had written this for an exam or an excercise or something... and then my teacher asked me to copy it for the magazine... The topic was 10 lines about me... as in 'Myself', and I am uploading the pics...

This was the Declaration at the beginning of the magazine... the tiny tots that is, us, were never featured in the magazine before this... It reads...

In Mother's Pet Kindergarten section of the magazine, to retain the originality, the creative compositions of the tinytots have not been corrected, nor spellings checked. The aspect to be appreciated should be their inherent talent and literary endeavour!

How cool is that?

And what I wrote...

It reads...

My name is Akansha. I study in Mother's Pet School. I am pretty and smart. [See I was a narcissist even then!! ;) ] I am five years old. My birthday is on 24th November. My favourite colours are pink and yellow. I live in Nagpur. I have one brother and no sister. My favourite flower is a pink rose. My best friend is Sakshi.

I don't remember who did those drawings but... whether it was me or someone else, I sincerely don't remember...

But enough of nostalgia, I also have something to crib about... all memories around me seem to be getting FULL!!!

My phone- None (doesn't have any... except for contacts :D )
My ipod- FULL... 4 GB...625 songs and 20 odd photos...
My Lappy- 138 GB of total 140GB is FULL.... I can't d/l anything... and I have SIX torrents lined up, and I don't have ONE good movie to watch!!! hmphf!!! yeah yeah portable hard drive is an option... but you have to GO and buy it!!!
Mine- Trying to cram... but it keeps falling off! 

AND courtesy, my Beep Beep BEEP  University, ONE exam has been postponed by a month... I have already been giving exams the entire March... now April and NOW half the May too... arrgghh!!!!


AND I have been dubbed as the diplomatic seedhi saadhi gal!!! Sigh! I told my mom I should've been allowed to spoil myself... :-(


Friday, 27 March, 2009

100 Truths...

Ste tagged me... and here I am... doing this instead of studying...

1. Last beverage: Kesar Milk
2. Last phone call: Received-Reliance Telemarketing!, Dialled- Neha S. 
3. Last text message: Neha Sadavarte... to inform that no one was planning to go for the parent teachers' meet ;)
4. Last song you listened to: Behka Main Behka...
5. Last time you cried: Whenever I must've seen a movie last...

6. Dated someone twice: Hehe... not even once!
7. Been cheated on? No
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? Haven't done either...
9. Lost someone special? Yes
10. Been depressed? Yes. Many a times...
11. Been drunk and threw up? No, neither

12.Sky Blue
13.Baby pink

15. Made new friends: Yes
16. Fallen out of love: No
17. Laughed until you cried: Yes, been a long time though I think... since I did that!
18. Met someone who changed you: Yes, for the better and for the worse...
19. Found out who your true friends were: Yes, some...
20. Found out someone was talking about you: Positive... hardly any. Negative-plenty
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: No
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: There are very few whom I don't know...
23. How many kids do you want to have: Maybe none... maybe four... minimum ;)
24. Do you have any pets: No, don't even want one...
25. Do you want to change your name: No, I'm fine with it...
26. What did you do for your last birthday: Was attending a FULL day workshop from morning 8 to evening 8...(WAD) did go out for dinner though...
27. What time did you wake up today: Awake at 8.30AM, under the covers till 9AM
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: Syncing my ipod... added new songs... and now it's memory is full...
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for : My exams to get over... first of all...
30. Last time you saw your father: I can see him in the hall...
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Hehe... uncountable number of things...
32. Most visited web page: Gmail

Whats your:
33. Name: Akansha Agrawal
34. Nicknames: Aks... in the blogging world
35. Zodiac sign: Saggitarius
36. Male or female or transgendered: Female.
37. Elementary: Mother's Pet Kindergarten
38. School: Centre Point School
39. Colleges: SRKNEC
40. Hair color: Black with a brownish tinge...
41. Long or short: A li'l long
42. Height: 5'2''-5'3''
43. Do you have a crush on someone? Yep... he doesn't know though...
44. Ever been in love? I don't know what love is... but if "That" was love... then yes
45. Piercings? pierced ears
46. Tattoos? Nope
47. Righty or lefty: Righty

48. First surgery: None
49. First piercing: and last... ears
50. First best friend: I wrote a cute bacchon waala article in KG II on this... Sakshi
51. First sport you loved: Watching... Lawn Tennis and Cricket
52. First pet : never had any... not keen on one either...
53. First vacation: Dunno... must've been Indore, but then I was born there, so does that count as a vacation then?
54. First concert: school concert KG I or KG II, don't remember which...
55. First crush: Can't tell you... :D

56. Eating: Nothing
57. Drinking: Nothing
58. I'm about to: Go crazy coz of EMF
59. Listening to: Something on TV, water flowing somewhere, modem's humming noise
60. Waiting for: Something... wish I knew what...

61. Want kids? Yes
62. Want to get married? Yes, eventually...
63. Careers in mind? Entrepreneurship...

64. Lips or eyes: Eyes
65. Hugs or kisses: Both
66. Shorter or taller: Doesn't matter
67. Older or Younger: Doesn't matter
68. Romantic or spontaneous: Both.
69. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice arms
70. Sensitive or loud: Not too loud... 
71. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship.
72. Trouble maker or hesitant: Neither... normal

73. Kissed a stranger: Nope
74. Lost glasses/contacts: No
75. Sex on first date: You have to go on a date first! :P
76. Broken someone's heart: No,Well not consciously... atleast
77. Had your own heart broken: I dunno...
78. Been arrested: No
79. Turned someone down: As in?
80. Cried when someone died: Yes
81. Liked a friend that is a guy? Yes

81. Yourself: Yes, a lot...
82. Miracles: Guess yes...
83. God: Not sure...
84. Love at first sight: No, infatuation is not equal to love., and first impression may not be the last impression...
85. Heaven: Depends on what is heaven...
86. Santa Clause: Yes...
87. Kiss on the first date? Won't mind... ;)
88. Angels: God's- no... human ones yes
89. Devils: Same as above

90. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes
91. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? Nope
92. Wanted to kill someone ever? Yes
93. Among you blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? Dunno...
94. Committed a blunder and regretted later? Many
95. Wanted to steal you friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? Nope

Associate with someone you know:
96. White: Peter... he's got this white shirt in his blog photo
97. Black: Me
98. Pink: Kajal... The Pink Orchid
99. Red: Satans Darling (Ashritha) (Satan somehow always remind me of a face with red horns...)

100. Posting this as 100 Truths? YES

Sunday, 15 March, 2009

Here comes the update...

OK I talked about 23something in my previous post, and this post is purely all about that.

23something is looking for people who can contribute. Now I encountered a small misconception about this site being a social networking place. But if there is one thing this place is not, it is this!

23something is like an online magazine. We want people to come up and share their views about all that is happening around us. Also, 23something may become a financial venture pretty soon, so get ready to join in the groove...

If you have an opinion, voice it! I know a lot of people reading this post are people who already do it through their blogs but this is a common platform for everybody.

Don't like a news story? Feel unhappy about the way elections are proceeding? Political hypocricy irritates you? Blast it here!

Hate telly? Vent it out here!

Want to tell people about a book you thought was awesome? Do it here!

Have an artistic bent of mind? Showcase your drawings, your paintings and your photography here!

Have a movie review to share? Do it here!

So you think you have a funny bone? Or short stories to share? Prove it in 'Fcuking Awesome' here!

A music freak? Share your likes here!

So you think you know someone who's a real life hero? Inspire others too here!

Sports freak? Forever engaged in a fight between United and Liverpool? Mad about IPL? Love Fed-EX and Nadal's power pumps? Share it all here!

So you think you are the ultimate fashion diva? Love shopping and gorging? Or are you the quiet sit-at-home and garden types? There's a space for everybody! Give fashion tips, opinons about the latest eat-joint and how to nurture chrysanthemums here!

But you think you're different? Are you one of those people with a technical piece in your head? Or you think you have knowledge about business and markets, or are you a gadget lover? Share it all here!

The platform is open for everybody! So if you're interested, do drop me a line at

P.S. The different links are just part of the same site, if it's inconvenient, just go browse...

Monday, 9 March, 2009

On the personal front...

It's raining exams... and stress and tension, coz I don't know anything in atleast two of the subjects [out of total five... :(  ]

But this post is not about the exams, this post is about...

1. Yays! I just got interviewed... by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistan Spectator. Check out the interview here.But don't forget to come back...

There's more good news!

2. I just joined a budd(y)ing team of people to start a new hang-out place...  23something
This place is all about... nah... check it out yourself... go ahead! Although this thing is still in the Beta version as in all of us authors, [I am an editor... supposedly ;) ] I am sure we are going to go great guns!!!

So, as you can see, I have completely prepared myself to screw up the exams... :D