Friday, 25 December, 2009

Result's out!

Arrey no, I am not talking about my sem results... (the day those are out, I will be not just invisible, but offline permanently :-ss ) But right now, we're focusing on the Swayamwar results...

BUT, the grouse is that even here people don't use their Right to Vote... is it really a surprise the turn out in our elections is so low... :P

So the results are.... *Please note that tareef also counts as a vote...* :-w

Err... baaki accounts mein hadtaal hi rahi... :-s

So Tarkan has won this Swayamwar, \:D/ but wait! I am going to do not just a Rakhi Sawant, but something worse... :-s

*whispers* Guys, I am still blissfully single... :)

The swayamwar was simply ek humor element, something to signify ki main badi ho gayi hoon... :) *lagta nahi na? yahi toh problem hai!* :-w

Gauri, you can have Daniel... :) and Priti can try for Tarkan... :-s No, this does not mean I am going to give away the guys in my life too :-|

But for me, abhi manzilein aur bhi hain... :D

Thursday, 3 December, 2009

Kid, no more!

Main badi ho gayi :D \:D/

Second reaction: I have grown up :O :-s

Realisation hits: I am a grown up... :-ss

That's when it hit me... twenty years old... today, and koi boyfriend hi nahi... :-w Not fair, and not accepted [-(

So I have decided... the second round of Akansha's swayamwar is going to take place. The honours of the first round were performed by Mads... >:D<>

So candidates from first round proceeding to the second round include.... *drumroll*

John Abraham

Imran Khan

Hugh Jackman

Daniel Vettori
Congratulations... \:D/ These guys have made it to the second round of Akansha's swayamwar... but what is a reality show without twists and a few turns ;) So we have wild card entries as well :D And they are...

Karan Oberoi... yes the dude from Band of Boys...

Orlando Bloom

Shahid Kapoor

Tarkan... he's a hot dude, an Arabic singer :-x

So now... I have to choose one... :-ss And I hand over the ball in your court... :) Vote karo, and tell me, which one of these is the best suitor.... ;;)

Idea achha hai na... ;))

I wanted to post this on my birthday... 24th of November, but could not coz I was damnnn busy... in college from morning 7 to night 10... for 7 full days... when people ask what I did on my birthday, this is what I reply... and I get tut tuts... but people, you have not experienced what I have, you have not lived the days I have, you have not shared the memories I have, you have not smiled as I have, worked as I have, laughed as I have, and cried as I have... The BIG workshop is over... and what is left... is just memories... of all the good times... I still end up with dreamy eyes as I reminisce those days... tears well up and voice goes all throaty, when I think... that we will never get to re-live the same days with the same people... our seniors would be scattered all over the globe the next year at this time... some would visit, some might not be able to, and we'll miss each one of them.... :(( *damn! I am actually crying again!*

And btw, I celebrated the BEST birthday of my life, sharing it with 2 more people, and cutting 2 huge b'day cakes... \:D/ with some of the people I love the most... >:D<>

Monday, 9 November, 2009

ACK=1, coz u deserve it...

Disclaimer: The title is a result of overdose of microprocessors and the author is not responsible for the *rolling eyes* she's getting :P

Vaise it simply means... You're worth 'it', and I acknowledge it :)

It=Awards... \:D/

Haan ji, meri taraf se... But I did not want to give the standard awards, that bloggers pass on... So these are my awards B-) and the only rule that applies is... You're worth it! >:D<

Toh sabse pehle hai...
Friends Forever... Coz you just know... when some relations are never gonna end... :)

And it goes to... =D>

The next one says...
Explicit, sometimes silence,
Present in my absence,
Comment, sometimes not,
Yet the reader you sought,
Sometimes only a quick hi!
But... I'll always drop by...

Hoping you'll let me in... :)

And it goes to...

Making me laugh is a very tough job... But some people have the ability to make me go :))
For them...
lol Pictures, Images and Photos

And those getting the award are...

But for us dudettes, blog ville would not have been the place it is... O:-) so I pass on...

This goes to...

Finally, the Circle of Friends...

goes to...

But there's one still left... one that is all awards ka baap... coz it incorporates upar waale saare awards... :D

The Na-Real Award... *drumroll*.... 8->
This award has been specially designed for Stephan...
Ye tera b'day gift hai... advance mein... :D
S/w engineers.... this contains a hidden message... ;) Socho Socho... ;))

And now... I got tagged by Priti... and have to write 5 things I'd like to do before I turn 30... So here goes...
1. Learn guitar B-)
2. Climb atleast few steps of career ladder :-s
3. Visit France... 8->
4. Meet Blogger Buddies at least once... :)
5. Go all geek :-B awehi...

Phew, don't expect any more awards from me in this lifetime... #:-s

I put emoticons on the blog... \:D/ (Ok, don't give me those 'duh!' #-0 looks, I know you can see... :-w ) I have become so used to them, that I debated for a full minute on whether to put :) after a particularly satisfactory first answer in the first exam... of course, I didn't get a chance to smile for the rest of the exams after that... :|

This post contains contributions from Mads, Peter, Aseem, Priti, Abhinav.... Can you see something? :)

Psst... Iss blog par... jaldi hi... 'koi'... ;;) aane waala hai... ;))

Sunday, 1 November, 2009

2 States-Not Just the book...

It's not just about the book... Even I seem to be in 2 states right now...

*Liquid ala tears...
My tonsillitis just got a lot worse with my doc suggesting I should get them removed surgically :-ss which does not curry any favour with me... :( Koi experience ho toh batao bhai...

Our Aviator got stolen! that too from the building parking... under the nose, sorry snores of the watchman... worse! nobody remembered the full number on the number plate along with series, I mean only dad drives it, but then when you sit on it, you obviously look only at the roads no... and I didn't have a single photo of the scooter wherein the number plate was visible... Don't worry number mil gaya hai vaise and FIR toh ho gayi hai... lets see kya hota hai... :-w
Moral of the story: Photo khincho apne vehicles ki...

*Solid bole toh happy...
I got a new mobile... Nokia 6303... ossum cam... rest of the features wahi hai jo aajkal ke saare cells mein hote hain... but I <3>

Justine is back...and it is official, she's training for the further tournaments \:D/ Finally... women's tennis will regain its lost glory... :D

This probably contains endless spoilers. DO NOT read further if you prefer your reads not spoiled by some book-loving idiot who has to judge them after reading them...

About the book:
Love marriages around the world are simple... In India, there are a few more steps....

As true as true can get! The book is about a Punju(Punjabi) and a Tam Brahm (Tamilian Brahmin) who meet at... where
else, but IIM A. They like each other and then comes the falling in love part... then living together, and then leaving together, after grad i.e. Then comes the part where the guy woos the girl's family, and the girl woos the guy's... Simple, too normal, isn't it? Don't we keep hearing about it all the time... how the girl's or the guy's families refuse to accept the relation, about how the lovers are forced to probably go in for court marriages... But these two, call them idiots if you want, wanted a wedding involving both families...

So then starts the quest, guy loves girl, guy learns to love her geek IIT-pursuing brother by tutoring him and thus gaining access to her house, and getting tutored in return; her strict Kanjivaram-clad mom by fueling her desire to be a Carnatic music singer; her conservative always-behind-the-Hindu(newspaper) dad by helping him out with his presentation at an otherwise-boring job at Bank of Baroda; her strictly Tamil-loving, alcohol-and-non-veg hating city of Chennai with long winding addresses and looting autowaalas.... Girl learns to like his hi-fi, surrounded by rich brothers and sisters, seemingly blinded by the worldly possessions... mom. Both families learn to tolerate each other.... Of course, it's a happy ending!

What I think:
Chetan Bhagat just loves his IIT and his IIM, but then he also gets all the vibes perfectly! I suppose spending time at both the places, he knows the pulse of both these institutions so well... But I'd like to see him move out of these two places now!

He has carried forward a few ideas, or rather borrowed heavily from 5 Point Someone when he talks about Krish(THE guy) not being on the best of terms with his dad, his army background and a broken relationship at IIT with a professor's daughter, it is Hari all over again...

I love his attention to detail in the book... at one point, when he's talking about relatives having flown in from all parts of the world to attend the wedding, he says... They were sitting in the traditional Tamil attire, clutching their mineral water bottles. I mean, it brought back countless memories for me, except the Tamil attire part of course, but traditional Indian definitely.

The part about his Mickey Mouse covered underwear appearing through the translucent silk veshti he has to wear for the wedding is just ROFLsome...

He really knows Tam Brahms... I was reminded of a friend all through the book as I read it! Infact, the very first page set the tone of the book, my friend would most probably have acted in exactly the manner, frowning and making a face at the kind of rasam served.

I like the way he's put humour in the book at places, the way he talks about the need for the country to be one and not separated on the basis of whether a person is a North Indian or a South Indian without actually being pedagogic or didactic (sorry I had been dying to use these words on the blog ever since I learnt them B-)

The way he puts illa-something something-ille when he's talking about those Tam dialogues being uttered which are beyond his comprehension, is exactly the way I put those Marathi conversations when the language starts going beyond me ;)

All in all, I love the book for what it is... A must read book, one of those rare ones that get the tone of the country as you know it correctly, without bothering to go in for explanation of smells and their beauty lasting two pages (read book!), the bride-hunting and the groom-hunting that starts as soon as beta bada ho gaya or beti badi ho gayi..., the irritating domineering relatives who's lives sole purpose is to point out your mistakes... it is like... real!!!

Grab a copy people....

Tuesday, 13 October, 2009


Arrey nahi nahi, we're not making a Gujju version of I wanna Chiggy wiggy with you boy....(Can I hear sighs... saxy song :P)

We're talking of asli cigar...

Smoking shoking nikle re dhuaan....

Dhuaan dhuaan dekho chaaro taraf hai... dhuaan dhuaan....

*Chalo chalo Antakshari nahi chal rahi hai.... * topic par aate hain...

We're talking about the ciggy ka dhuaan. I have an acute problem with it, almost choking when someone smokes in the same room, ciggy ya beedi ya uske na-na prakaar jitne bhi hote hain...

Maybe it has to do with the fact that my respiratory system stays clogged 24 hrs, 7days and 52 weeks (ek din ka holiday toh banta hai na!) *ab calculator nikaal kar calculate karne mat baithna :P * thanks to my tonsillitis...

Once at EDI, we (Roomie Nirja and I) had invited the entire group to our room for discussion about the dramatic events, and two guys came to our room after smoking and the entire room was reeking of their smoke breath :( The door had to stay closed coz AC was on, and AC wasn't helping any... and anybody who's seen Ahmadabad ka summer will not dare suggest- Band kar dete!!! My bottle of fav Chris Adams deo got almost empty that day, room ko insanon ke layak banane mein! Nirja and I just sprayed and showered both of them with it... *chuckles*

Abhi, I had attended the school reunion party of our batch, informal of course! And one of the guys came and asked... 'Do you mind if we smoke?' (Usne poocha :O ) Idiot me said, 'Nahi, carry on!' *Bewakoof* I spent more time outside than in... Vaise party badi bore thi... but we'll crib about that some other day.

Abhi, ,mere paas un smokers ke liye ye hai...

When smoke's all that can be seen,
I cringe from within...
A voice says,'Don't u want to try?'
Pat comes the reply... Why???

I don't understand its charisma,
I got two best friends suffering from asthama :((
I don't wanna see another,
It's something you gotta stop going after!

Puffing your problems in rings,
May I ask what solution it brings...
If you're aiming for a short life,
I suggest you try a WIFE!!!

Hehe... ladkiyon maarna mat!

P.S. I am going to Indore, hamesha ki tarah... for Diwali... and uske just baad exams hai... but don't worry ji! We'll find a way to be online, alive and kicking... itni asaani se peecha nahi chootega! :P

Wednesday, 7 October, 2009

Maximum City

Truly Maximum a city... Bombay, the city MNS (Motive Nuisance Sena) claims to be Mumbai...

Suketu Mehta has written the book brilliantly... focusing on every aspect we recognise as complete Bambaiyaa... be it the Shiv Sena and its overwhelming embarrassing influence on every Bombayite, the underworld and the constant fear the entire city lives in, the glitz and glamour of the film city, the finance capital of India, its post-riot-brutal injuries, the best-after-Scotland Yard police fo(a)rce of Bombay, the slums, the vadapao, the lack of even foot-space and yet the thousands disembarking in the city every single day, they call it sapno ka shahar...

The book is non-fiction, and we embark on the discovery of this city as the Amrikkan Desi babu lands from New York to the city he spent a part of his childhood in. The used-to-New-York author finds it difficult to face the No-city, as he describes it. Then he learns to pull strings, Bombay-style!

Suketu visits plenty of bigwigs... from Bal Thackrey to Vinod Chopra to Sanjay Dutt and even seeks audience with the Chotta Shakeel, and finally gets a phone conversation with the don after travelling to Dubai. Suketu meets gang boys, hears professional killers recounting murders, meets a girl who dances in the bars... and another,who dresses up as one... Suketu crudely observes sentiments of the injured communities of Hindus and Muslims, post '93 riots. Shiv Sainiks who claim to be saviors of the Hindus and Muslims who claim they were innocent! And Muslims who still seek revenge...

Suketu meets a police officer, Ajay, one of the only honest men left in the police force... a tough cop, tossed around like a ball at whims of seniors. He witnesses third-degree, first hand; watches the bomb blasts rocking the city, sees the police force struggling to prevent another set of major riots, watches the city that never sleeps, and even ends up co-writing the script for Mission Kashmir...

The entire description is breathtaking, the book unputdownable, the events ibid, and most importantly, confirm every impression the city has ever had on me...

The only thing that struck me as odd, was that Suketu is able to seek and obtain interviews with a huge variety of people, from small thugs to professional shooters, to politicians and even the don himself. How many strings did he have to pull to achieve it, or is it that the lure of an American writer putting their story in a Bollywood flick (as he promised them) is so strong that they're ready to move out into the open and share their lives with him...

Whatever the means, the end is an absolutely fascinating book about the city, I call Bombay... to hell with MNS!

Monday, 28 September, 2009

Alone in the crowd...

There are times when you watch,
The world just zips by,
You sit with cupped hands,
Feeling wry.

You sit on the ledge,
And watch the people move on,
With you, yet sans you,
And then they're gone...

Everybody's busy,
Just find something to do...
Doing what you should,
It's just you who's blue...

A shoulder to rest upon,
An ear to put sweet-nothings into,
A hand to hold,
Some words to hang on to...

For all this you crave,
But there's no-one,
Nobody out there,
To whom you could run....

P.S. I'm just kinda bored... *sitting with hands cupped*
Thank you Samadrita for the beautiful awards you've bestowed upon me... :) I will pass them on... just not today... :D

Sunday, 20 September, 2009

Guantanamo Bay...

Guantanamo Bay... I am sure every person who has even a vague idea about politics knows what it is... It is a detention centre, basically prisoners who are accused of being dangerous terrorists are held there, indefinitely! During Bush presidency and Iraq wars, the tortures these people go through in there had come into the limelight and Bush had been heavily criticised for it. Obama had taken steps to close it down but...
This is a chat between Anurag and me reagrding the issue...
isko pado...

me:wht do u kno about guantanamo bay?
10:40 AManurag: ye kahaan se aaya :P
me: woh chod ans de
10:41 AManurag: okk... I know that it was a center where all the so called criminals were kept and tortured by the american was recently closed by B.O to end all the atrocities there :)
me: wrong...
yahi toh prob hai
10:42 AMeven u tht it got closed
anurag: ??
me: when obama sugned an order to close it... it gt publicized world wide
and when SC turned ovr the ruling... kisi ko kano kaan khabar nahi hui
10:43 AM*signed
anurag: so it's still open
me: xactly
and only 6 detainees hv been released so far
anurag: teko kaise maloom ..tu spy kar rahi hain kya :P ...tune kaheen ye padha hogaa...but woh cheez wrong bhi toh ho sakti hain
10:44 AMme: wikipedia
n i m scourging news articles now
anurag: dekho bhai aisa hain
10:45 AMjab bhi koi kaam kiya jaata by any government official or any reform is implemented..there are bound to be some loopholes in this could be one such loophole ...
me: 100%sahi hai point is..... the formew gt publicized so obv ppl tht oh obama is a grt man and stopped following the news story.. the latter at the most got published in some corner chota sa... so majority don kno about it
10:46 AM*former
i agree he can't go against SC or US Congress... but news mein prominent hona chahiye tha na
10:48 AManurag: well if u ask me honestly I don't agree with the relevance of the news...atleast a decision was made to close it....woh toh kiya naa...abhi kuch ho, naa ho ...woh uske haath me thodi naa hain ...give the guy a break ...kya kya karegaa bechara :D
10:49 AMme: oh shut up u r nt his lawyer, he is a well qualified lawyer anyway, and i m nt pointing fingers at him... i m pointing at US
woh bhi Harvard se
lawyer hai
anurag: hmm..waise any plans to go to U.S...u r so anti ..U.S :P
10:50 AMme: i m anti US politics... as a country US has a lot of things which are more than just admirable
esp the fact that i could prob sit in their country n criticize the govt and i can still do it... coz i have a right to speak my mind
10:51 AM
anurag: lol
me: :P
why r u so pro US anyway?
anurag: yeah u should criticize our govt ..why theirs haan?
10:52 AMme: coz it is US which claims to be championing human rights, lashes out at CHina n Korea... apne girebaan mein jhaak kar dekho
10:53 AMIndia does nt run a Guantanamo and so has a right to say that to other countries
anurag: well tu apne jagah pe sahin hain ...but when I look at the other side of the coin ...ur argument falls short
me: explain the other side of coin to me
10:54 AManurag: well dekh abhi srk ko hee dekhle...u believe it was wrong to interrogate him like that right? ..I read ur comment on fb ??
me: well read the blog also then
usme bhi i hv writeen bout it
anurag: lol...haan maine sirf bo hee padha :P
me: pad woh bhi
10:55 AManurag: well see abhi it's only srk who his getting interrogated like that's others why make such noise abt the same....
10:56 AMme: arrey my prob was nt with SRK getting detained it was with "ppl" normal ppl trying to go about their work, getting detained and better read wht i hv written on blog to get a clearer idea
10:57 AManurag: k wait
me: k
anurag: give ur blog link re...
10:58 AManurag: arre kuch toh prob. hain mere chrome ke saath ...u better say kya likha tha :P
me: In the wake of what happened with SRK, I wanted to write a post but couldn't decide where my commitments lay coz arguments from both the sides sound extremely convincing. Infact, if someone asked me to participate in a debate on it, I might speak for the motion i.e. for the justification of the detaining, but somewhere deep, my heart tries to point out Iraq and its jail incidents, it tries to point out to New York(the movie) and how the innocent too suffer, it points out the sham America pretends to be when it champions the cause of human rights, lecturing other nations about it, when time and again there have been allegations that the US has always always acted in its own political interest and I can't say I have found all of them to be false!!!
10:59 AManurag: hmmm
that's true
me: good... nw explain other side of coin
11:01 AManurag: abbe it's just that the checking and customs and the "rukes" are all in our interest
me: weak argument, as I m sure you also realise :P
anurag: /;D
11:02 AMme: yeh kya smiley hai?
anurag: :D
me: i never disagreed upon that... wy do u think i say both sides are convincing...
it is obv security that favors detenion
11:03 AMwhat opposes it wht i m trying to point to...
anurag: I get it re...
me: good
11:04 AMwhich means u can xpect a post soon... on this... n i m thinking of puttin this conversation
anurag: U.S should not dictate terms is what u saying right
me: yup... or if it wants to... better keep their noses clean
11:05 AManurag: yeah ..with all the swine flu around :D
me: abbey
11:06 AM
anurag: but don't u agree with this akansha that
me: that
11:07 AManurag: U.S is a super power and the world needs a country to u know ..hv a say to all the things ..take decisions to issues like environment and others
me: i agree completely...
having a super power to whom others listen is always gonna be good
11:08 AMbut why does it have to keep organisations that r supposed to be international in nature and for the good of the entire world, in its own pockets
take UN, take World Bank, take IMF
anurag: org's like ?
11:09 AMwell those do good to the world...can't deny that...
me: on US orders...
do u kno... US very conveniently overlooked Pak and Afghan activities
11:10 AMwhen it wanted to remove RUssians frm Afghanistan
it was only after RUssians left and Taliban came into power in Afghanistan that US came to "supposedly" its senses and started banning nuke tests n developments
11:11 AManurag: well u know ...If that being the case...why u think others contries don't protest against this "So called dominating force" do u think ?? ...It's coz they see no wrong in that obv.
11:13 AMme: oh right... they see no wrong... dear.. just coz they don publically speak against US doesn;t mean they support US. Japan, CHina, Korea all hv to be given just one single opportunity to get back at the US... all these are itching to be world powers tho Japan is doing it more thru tech n less thru war
11:14 AMchina tries to create problems between countries n Korea unfortunately is too weak at present being embroiled in its internal wars.. communism n stuff
11:15 AManurag: Well jo bhi ho ....I believe ur argument holds fort....but not a strong one....It's anti U.S completely :P
me: it is supposed to be anti US... bewakoof...
and if this is not strong... give me stronger counter arguments then...
11:16 AM:-w
11:17 AManurag: Well u know ....there so many multi cultural ppl living in the U.S..and plus thr hasn't been a terror attack thr since 9/11 the Afganistan and all plicies seem justifiable
11:19 AMme: multi-cultural... read dreams from my father... and the others r nt w/o discrimination... and more so coz the americans fear getting bangalored
terror attacks... yes I give them credit for it...
11:20 AMbut the price innocents r paying... is it so small...
11:21 AManurag: It's not but U can't deny the fact that the U.S is doing other good things for the humanity ..i.e for Global Warming and other environmental issues...the problem with u is u don't seem to give credit when it's due
*where it's due
11:22 AMme: I don giv credit coz I kno more about inside stories dude
Environmental issues... wht do u kno about Kyoto Protocol?
or carbon trading?
11:23 AMor IPCC?
anurag: errr..nothing
me: read up dear...
and try reading between the lines also
11:24 AManurag: how does one do that :P
me: hmm.. WTO ke rules n regulations pata hai?
anurag: btw any plans of giving gre dear...M.S in EE ??
11:25 AMme: nope.. GRE mere bas ki bat nahi...
hmm... yeh toh pata hoga ki they r against benefit of India
anurag: haan
me: ohk.. now obv yeh explicitly toh likha nahi hai... but u kno that n=by reading between the lines
11:27 AManurag: I bought up the gre that I wanted u to go to the U.S and see how things are ..I hate those kinda ppl who write about things only by7 reading things which could all be baseless...and rumoured
11:28 AMme: hmm... oye chinta mat kar... i'll go to US atleast once in my lifetime
anurag: haha
me: lekin
US jaakar bhi...
mujhko wahan ki politics dikhai nahi dene waali hai
coz politics goes on behind closed dooors
11:29 AMhawa mein lehraati nahi hai
anurag: jaise dupatta lehraata hain :P
11:31 AMme: :P
come to the point
sahi hai ki nahi?
anurag: haan true
11:32 AMme: gud
triumphant look
anurag: that doesn't mean u won this "Debate"
11:33 AMme: hmm.. unless you have more legitimate points to add... I have won!
11:34 AManurag: main pakk gayaa yaar :D :D
me: then I win!
anurag: and I am off
11:35 AMI want to read ur article though understand it more...and then may be we can debate more competitively
me: ohk
cool with me

OK, let me clarify a few things here... I am not anti US and I am not saying this because some people may conclude so from the post...

I have this habit, especially during one-to-one debates and discussions.... I hold one and only one end of the rope very very strongly, and tug and tug and tug... In short, I pretend to beforsomething to the levels of extreme, just to gauge how the other person will react... ye baat kisi ko pata nahi hai vaise... this is the very first time I am accepting it... ;)

But... all facts stated in the conversation are true as known to me, and their sources are scattered all over the net... this conversation took place quite a few days back and hadn't been put up here up to this point, coz I wanted to discuss this with some more people one-to-one, but I never got around to doing it...

But over the days, I have never stopped following the issue, and there was a story in the Indian Express about a guy who had been taken in there when he was 12 or 14 and he had come out at something like 20... He was released after it was established that he was not-guilty... Imagine... the numbers that are still INSIDE... getting tortured for crimes they did not commit... getting punishments for wrongs they did not do... Obama promised he would ensure these got closed byFeb 2010... and so far steps have been taken for release of only a handful and there are around 200 people in there... And that is not all, there have been allegations that a second Guantanamo is coming up in Afghanistan... the only thing different about it is... its name... that is IT!!!

I would like opinions from others... as to what you all think about the issue...

If someone is further interested in the issue, all you have to do is go and type Guantanamo Bay in Google and there's a plethora of info available... check out Wiki as well...

Wednesday, 16 September, 2009

A Fall and a Rise...

So the US Open is over again, without me being able to watch a single match (blame my not-so-keen-on-sports-family for not taking those channels on Tata Sky... and exams for not letting me watch 'em on the net!) :(

And yet you wouldn't find a more religious follower... I always open the newspaper from the back page... I followed the triumphs of the injured Nadal surely and slowly making his way through to the Semis... looking pretty relaxed and not very troubled by his abdominal injury, I followed the FedEx rolling on at full speed, crushing people with his sheer grace... I followed every match of Kim Clijsters hoping and praying with crossed fingers that a new champion would emerge in the Women's Tennis... I am extremely bored of watching the Williams...

And then it happens... Kim Clijsters does the impossible, a mum, (Jada is sooo cute... ), a wildcard retruning after two years, triumphs over both Williams sisters amidst loads of setbacks and upsets in the tournaments with top seeds getting usurped... and goes on to win the WOMEN'S TENNIS U.S. OPEN GRAND SLAM... *bows to her* She was my second fav player even back then, when two Belgians, Justine Henin-Hardene and Kim Clijsters ruled the roost... the fav was but of course Justin Henin-Hardene, the fact that she was all of 5'2'' probably helped ;) Seeing Kim back... it would be just toooo great to see Justine back too, nahi?

FedEx... ah, the man so many people bow to, and yet there are people who complain about the lack of humility.... well, not me! I say, you cannot deny the fact that the guy has the right to be a narcissist... (Even his twin daughters are sooo cute...) And yet being outclassed and outplayed by a relatively young and inexperienced guy... it saddened me a bit to see him lose... even though the fact is, that I support Nadal against FedEx... ye partiality kyun... coz I see FedEx as THE Champion and Rafael is THE Challenger... but the records set by Federer are yet unmatched and will remain so till we see a player of his class, his elegance, his grace with a natural ability to do all he does... and I don't mind the narcissism part of it... ;) Till then, he may lose some and he may win some... but to me, he will always remain The King of it all... :D

P.S. The FedEx Nadal pic is just wow!