Wednesday, 19 November, 2008

Down the Drain

I'm feeling extremely irked right now, very frustrated, very angry and very very disgusted... I'm going to divulge all the details coz I'm going to ask for help at the end. So be prepared.

I'm an Electronics student pursuing my B.E. from SRKNEC affiliated to Nagpur University, about to start with my fourth sem. We've been looking for a good company which will permit us (actually they'll have to literally invite us, read further for reason) to visit their manufacturing unit, like a tour or something so that we'll be able to gain some practical knowledge, because Nagpur University course sucks, provides no experience, lectures suck and the laboratories and the horribly inaccurate equipment can make anybody go crazy. On top of it, our HOD has refused to permit us to go for a tour arranged by the department, even when we're ready to do all the work and let them enjoy the name. And again, there are very few people genuinely interested in going, and even fewer agreed to meet the HOD and finally only 2 turned up at the right time. On calling up the others, we found that they were planning to come after one or two hours (boys, as usual). I've just returned from the college covering 24 kms. in all, for NOTHING....

This is where you guys step in. If you know any company which would permit us (read invite us) to visit and gain first hand experience, please please let me know. I seriously need help right now, coz I'm feeling like I don't know the ABCD of Electronics and I'm finding it very difficult to grasp the practical usage of the shit stuff being taught to us. The onus would be on a company situated in a city like Bangalore or Hyderabad or others that fall into this category, but I'm open to all suggestions. Please HELP!


Indrayani said...

You from Nagpur too!!!
Nice blog gurl!!
Anyways, I got ur prob and can understand how frustratin that can be...
I will ask around and see what I can do!

check out my blog, when u have a chance..

Varun said...


you need a company in Nagpur itself,or you guys ready to travel? There are some ExTC companies in western Maharashtra.However I doubt if too many companies let freshers in for factory tours.

PS: the syllabus sucks for all streams.It's like we have a load of muppets making decisions for us.I'm realizing now that the effort I put in for 4 years with my engineering has a worth of no more than a piece of paper I call my degree and a BE stamp right across my forehead

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thanx, do contact me if there's any way you can work out...

We're completely ready to travel, on personal expenses if the college refuses our request downright even then! Even I don't know if cos. will allow freshers, and our HOD is using that as an argument in her favour, saying that we're too young and that we would be taken in our upcoming years, but the fact is, we talked to our seniors and they confirmed that their experience with the management has been no different, freshers or not...and they haven't got any practical experience either!

About the syllabus, I cannot agree more!

Neer said...

hey akansha

sorry for that comment deletion, actually when i go thru the proof reading of that comment i found i put in the wrong blog so i deleted it.

Well about your problem.

See Me too frm Elect & Comm, pursuing frm bhopal (Rajiv gandhi technical university).I cant say that much to convince you to my league but i can say with my all experience, though i m in final year, that the engineering colleges now a days are openin more than any arts or commerce colleges so dont mug your mind for the silly factory tours and all, coz its all worthless in the end. Nobdy gonna ask wat or where u did, and thats the reason ppl make the fake certificates and all. I m not tellin you to do the same, just go your way, do wat you want, but remember 'dont waste too much time in all these things,it dont adds up any thing effective.

But if you want to do it with your all will, i m telling you that you try for the 'DOORDARSHAN' centre of your city, if they arranged tour then go for it. Dont mind actually i did it frm it here, but it was all nice that industrial training of 1 month up there with full practical approach about the broadcasting and their electronic machinery used for the broadcasting. If you feel any thing, in which you can say something in or out of the favour, just let me knw, i m leaving my mail below.

And about the Syllabus and the pattern of education of india

it really sucks until and unless you r in any IIT or NIT.

hope you dont mind of this long story written above, if any kind of suggestion ,help or discussion needed so just find me...