Sunday, 19 October, 2008

Why don't we give him a separate earth?

The TOI reports:
Activists of Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) on Sunday attacked centres conducting railway recruitment examination in suburban Mumbai to protest against the "inadequate representation" to locals and chased away candidates from north India.

More than 30 MNS activists have been arrested from Dombivali, Thane, Andheri and Nala Sopara for disrupting the exam, tearing test papers and pelting stones on candidates, police said.

"What is wrong if they are protesting against the "inadequate representation" to locals in the exam," MNS leader Shishir Shinde said.

"Railway officer should understand the meaning of our protest and allow more Marathi candidates for the examination," he said. "MNS activists would meet railway officials soon," he added.

In November 2003, supporters of Raj Thackeray, who was then with the Shiv Sena, disrupted a Railway Board exam in Kalyan by preventing candidates from other states, mainly north Indians, from appearing the exam.

Yeah, Mr.Shinde, we should recruit more Marathi people and hey, while we're at it, why not just declare Marathis as the rulers of the world! Why, we should be asking the US to lick our feet, because we are sooo great to be living in a state of this kind where we have dung-brains like you. Next you would probably be stepping into the universities abroad like Harvard, Stanford to inform them that GOD(Read from right to left please) has informed them that they're doing a gross injustice by not letting Marathis get into their institutes!!!

Can't somebody please knock(take that literally please) some sense into this guy???

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Anonymous said...

Raj is raising the cause of Marathis in Marathi land.So it does not make sense to do the same in Harvard.

He thinks Marathis are under-represented in the Railways. All he needs to do is come out of Mumbai and visit the other major stations in Maharashtra such as Solapur and Pune.He should also think about the numerous Marathis who have got jobs in Railways in other parts of the country.

Varun said...

He's not so wrong you know...sure I hate his people for thrashing innocent people,but I'm not against his ideology.You can't go and give outside (I mean in strictly in a physical way.I have no vendetta against anyone) people employment without ensuring the well being of the local populace.

This happened last time too at the railway exams.You know why? There were exam adverts in Bihar's newspapers,and none in maharashtra's local papers.How is the local populations to know there's even an exam to be held if you target 'specific' people with your ads?

There are many other issues like this,that need to be looked unbiasedly by both sides.Like that's gonna happen...

Akansha Agrawal said...

Agreed about Harvard. But the way he's going, next step is going for asking for quota like SCs and STs.

I didn't know about the adverts... Sure you gotta tell everybody.

About local and outside people, well take a look at the other two links that I've posted at the end of the article.