Friday, 24 October, 2008

What Should I do with my life?

No I'm not referring to What Should I do With My Life by Po Bronson. (Though if that is what you do want to read about, you can always check it out here)

But right now, I am referring to my very own life. I've finally got rid of my exams (Don't ask me how they were) and can now spend some time on myself (if I can get away from my mom wanting me to do all house work coz it's holiday time). So I've prepared a kind of a task diary for myself, about what I'm gonna do the next complete month.

1. Learn HTML/XML : This will have to be done using all online resources and all help I can get will go a long way.

2. Read atleast one book a day(though some of the books are too heavy a dose to be completed in one day)
3. Watch loads of movies, though this one is going to be pretty slow going coz I'm planning to download most of them and you know how long that takes.

4. Blog regularly and more devotedly. I realise I've been writing mostly polity and politics for quite some time, so now I plan to diversify a bit more. Sorry I don't agree with people who advise me to converge on just one particular topic instead of letting it be a mixed bag, because I don't want multiple blogs for one, for two I'd rather have all my thoughts at one single place, and for three, this is a blog where I'm letting out all my thoughts. I don't have any friends(I mean, like college friends) who are interested in most of the stuff I write about or would like to write about, so sorry, but I'm letting of all steam right here!

5. Do more to further improve my English skills. I am pretty good with it, I think, but hey, improvement never hurt anyone!

6. Be up to date with all the happenings around the world. Not that I'm cut off right now, but the way time flies, I can't get to the bottom of so many of them! Like I haven't really been following US elections as closely as I'd like to. And it's not going to return for the next four years.

7. Learn all about economics and markets. And this is where I need a LOT of help coz I think the recent turmoil in the world economy is an excellent opportunity for me to learn all about it. But I need someone to downscale things down to my level, say a level of a person with immense interest and readiness to learn, but not always from books, coz books generally don't contain opinions. I really need help for this, so if you can help in any manner, please do.

8. And finally, catch up with friends and buddies and cousins, whom I haven't met for some time. I think my hols. are gonna be over by then...

So these are a few things I think I'd like to do, let's see how many I can actually get down to!
P.S. I've just discovered how big a pain in the neck it is to upload images on the blog...


Mith said...

Congrats on finishing ur exams..put it out of ur head now, nothing good can come out of obsessing over how badly one has done in her/his exams.

I'm planning to learn html too!! maybe i'll be able to create my own blog template some day.

hmmm currently reading "the class" by erich segal and "twilight" by stephanie meyer (heard abt it?).. looking forward to more book reviews from you (now that you hv free time on your hands)

abt blogging regularly, yes please's always a pleasure to read ur posts :)

and lastly, enjoy ur vacation!! cheers! :)

Akansha Agrawal said...


Yeah heard about both of them but haven't read yet.I m planning to go for 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' first, after 'The World is Flat', gosh there are soooo many i'd like to read!

And about book reviews, yes I have lots and lots of books to talk about!

Vacations, ah yes I'm gonna enjoy... :-)