Friday, 12 September, 2008

Mr.Smith Goes to Washington

I just finished watching Mr.Smith Goes to Washington,a legendary American movie.A movie of the era when even the US had just black and white!Seems long ago,doesn't it?

Well, it is.The movie was a 1939 release and a hit in the US.It revolves around an American guy, a young guy who is high on ideals and gets chosen for the post of the Senator,after the sudden demise of the original one.This guy,Jefferson Smith, who is a Boy Scouts hero,decides to do something for them by passing a bill for camps for young kids so they could stay close to nature.But unfortunately, he chooses the very place where the bigwig businessman Taylor is trying to get a dam built thorugh the second Senator Mr.Paine.Oops!!!

So Mr.Smith stands up for the freedom,liberty and democracy of the people, helped by his secretary and ultimately, his lover Miss Saunders.The story may seem like a very oh-so-common one with a hero with ideals fighting it out against all-powerful people, but what makes it so different is the way it's fought.The backdrop of the Senate and the utilisation of a loophole in the law is all terrific.

Touted as a patriotic movie,I thought it was equivalent to a 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' of India,of course,with different backdrops and different problems.

Just a matter of thought,why did it take India so long to make a 'Mr.Smith Goes to Washington'?I mean, a really impressive one!!!

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