Tuesday, 30 September, 2008

Make a Difference

Finally, some good seems to have come out of my interest in watching newer ads and posting reviews about them. The following comes from the new Tata Tea ad that aptly says Election ke din agar aap vote nahi kar rahe ho, toh aap so rahe ho, i.e. 'If on the election day, you are not voting then you are as good as asleep!'

Since I have written so much about bidding good-byes to politicians, let me now tell you how you can make a difference as well.

Hey,I've been awakened and I want you to be awake too. I realized how important it is to stop complaining but start voting to make a difference. And now, it's simpler than ever before!

Jaago re! One Billion Votes - a nationwide movement on voter registration - has made it possible to fill a voter registration form online and that too in just 5 minutes!

Go to www.jaagore.com to learn more and register to vote right now.

If you have already registered to vote, you can still register with Jaago re! One Billion Votes movement and get periodic confirmation of your voter status, and election related news and reminders. Believe it or not, even registered voters sometimes do not figure in voter lists!

Go to www.jaagore.com for more information, and to learn about voting related rules and procedures.

Do it, man, do it! At 18, I am doing it too. Make a difference!


Varun said...

Jaago re is an excellent idea.I'm still not gonna be able to vote though...My voter's card shows me as a middle aged woman ,my age is printed as 58 and my name is printed correctly.Upon suggesting this to the concerned officer,he said that I could vote with that card.When I refused and asked to fill a new form,he said that's impossible as you already have a card,and changing details will take too much time and I won't be able to vote this time..

Akansha Agrawal said...

Well I've got excellent news for you, Jaago re is not only for first time voters. If you want to change your id details there's a provision for that as well, but you'll have to poke around on the site a bit. I remember seeing it on the website, but I don't remember exactly where!

R. Patel said...

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Anup V Saumithri said...

True, it is very important to vote and to vote for a right candidate.
But I question the efficacy of the movement, since around 70% of Indians do not have access to the net...

Akansha Agrawal said...

Come on, I'm sure you'll agree that it is a lot more efficient that having to run from pillar to post in govt. offices!I for one am quite happy about it because even though it's almost an year after I turned 18 i.e. secured my voting rights by law, I didn't know who to approach and how to approach for getting myself registered. I feel it's important for me to be able to vote, and it's not just people living in distant villages who don't vote, an equal no. of metro city dwellers also don't bother. Atleast it would wake them up! It may not be the whole thing, but it's a beggining!!

PRITI R said...

atleast it is a start :)
better begin than never begin. :)

i tag thee :)