Sunday, 28 September, 2008

Blogging, One Up!!!

Hey!I've just started contributing to another blog. I came across this blog through Indiblogger where I was trying to search for blogs with posts related to books. I have always complained about the dearth of bloggers writing about books or book reviews,( especially in my city) something I am extremely passionate about!

I decided to add it to my network and was sent an invite to contribute to the blog, which I have accepted and have already shooted off the first post, but it's the same review about Artemis Fowl that you people can find on my blog. (I've decided that whatever I post at one place would definitely be posted at the other when it comes to books or book reviews.)But the blog has several other contributors and is open to many more.

So if you are voracious reader, and would like to post your reviews do visit the blog,which as its title says is The Reader's Paradise. And maybe the next time, when you are planning a visit to your nearest bookstore to satisfy your huge apetite for books, you can check out the reviews at the blog first! What say you?

So do visit


Vedang said...

this is interesting...
I would love to be a review contributor to this blog. How does one go about doing that?

Akansha Agrawal said...

Just go to the blog and leave a message for Tshhar(the owner) in the Shout box.I'm sure he'll send you an invite.