Saturday, 27 September, 2008

Black means Beautiful!

I think you must have noticed that curious looking black coloured box on thr right hand side of my page. It's called the Black Box, a widget I found on mith's blog.

The box asks you to choose one of the two options shown for a number of such choices, and then based on your choices you can reach to another blog. I don't know exactly how the whole funda works, but it's really cool, you can just go on reaching newer blogs and you may find them interesting. So try atleast once.

And those who navigated here, courtesy the black box, do drop a line.

Those interested in downloading it, visit


Varun said...

ya I saw this one on mithila's as well.It's such a great idea! I'd add this one but sadly my page already takes so long to load..I don't want to drive my already puny number of readers away :P

looks nice with ur template though!

Mith said...

guess what? i was black boxing and it led me to ur blog!! guess we must share the same tastes :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah I think it goes very well with black.

Wow!I didn't know that!!!Even I've come across some good blogs, but haven't done too much of black-boxing as yet myself!