Sunday, 17 August, 2008

Yeh hai India.......

For the past few days,the whole media has gone into a frenzy,the reason being Abhinav Bindra's sole solo gold medal at the Olympics.Abhinav has been hailed as a hero,a guide,a I-don't-know-what-not.But hey,what right does the country have over the medal?Least of all, what right do the politicians have over his achievement?

People have told me that the achievements of the sportsmen are achievements of the nation because the nation provides them with the coaching and spends money on them.But, in every case,all monetary rewards come after something has been achieved,rather than those meant for helping the development of a talent.Abhinav doesn't need any monetary help.I wish this money would've been spent on making available better and more ammunition for the shooters when they had been preparing for the Olympics.Apart from Abhinav,all the other shooters have given an abysmal performance,and I can't say they alone are to be blamed for this kind of a fiasco.

And now comes the news that Sports Minister Mr.Gill,who has been fawning upon Bindra since his arrival,now is pushing him into the very avoidable politics.We have a Mr.Gill who has single handedly bleaked the entire future of hockey in the country,and we have a Mr.Gill who might do the same for shooting if we are not careful.So, I'd request the politicians to kindly stay away from the arena where they are neither required nor wanted,and please don't proclaim Abhinav's medal to be yours because he has achieved it by staying away from the system and by staying away from you all.

In the meanwhile,as an Indian would be proud of the achievement of another Indian,Mr.Abhinav Bindra,this is a salute to you from a member of the young generation.Hope we'll have a lot more such opportunities in the future!

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