Friday, 8 August, 2008

Tired,but exhilerated!!!

Hey!We've just returned from organising a group event which included quizzing,web search,C coding,on the spot paper presentation,penalty stokes and group discussion,and it was so much fun!!!And the best part was that these events were kept strictly confidential,right upto the last moment.

The actual execution of the entire event was sooo good,except for a few cliches,but ones beyond our control.The U.P.S. server which has never known to be broken down,decided to desert us today,and where we required 85 computers,we could get only 35.We were informed that 14 teams would be selected,and had prepared quiz sets accordingly,but half an hour before the quiz was about to start,a bomb was dropped on us and we were informed that 3 more sets would be required coz total 17 teams had been selected.This did throw us all off our feet for a few moments but I think it was management at its best after that.It was a great exposure to the practical difficulties that can crop up at any time.As the very first event of the 3 day programmes named Colleseum, I think it provided a very good start!!!

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