Sunday, 20 July, 2008

The Drought Ends!

Hey!I know everybody's been complaining about the 'dry season'(clouds as well!),but well all I can do is accept 'Guilty as charged!'

I promised to share my holiday experiences with everybody,and though late I'm doing it now.If you've read earlier,then you know I took a trip to Badrinath and Kedarnath(not in this order) and spent some time in Delhi and Noida.

And hey the trip was fantastic!Except that it ended with a sore throat for almost all of us and my immunity system being the first to break down,it became excruciatingly painful.

These places are absolutely fantastic and being situated at pretty great heights,it's cool out there(read cold).Although an agnostic,I'd agreed for the trip,not for its spiritual value,but for the natural surroundings, and there wasn't any reason to be disappointed.

In a group of 14,we'd decided to take a package tour offered by the Tourism Department of Uttakhand and at very reasonable rates and pretty comfortable lodgings,we had no reason to regret it.We visited the Panch Prayag,and even bathed in the Ganga,but what made the journeys most memorable were the long winding rides and the continuous view of the flowing rivers,not to forget the 'sangams' of the various rivers.

In the end,the journey was not one made to visit the abode of the Gods(at least from my perspective),but one to enjoy nature and to overcome the challenges of nature,the obstacles that lie in the paths.They say those with enough belief in God go there to seek His presence .Well,those without it can go to enjoy the plush surroundings.

This was a very shortened description of my journey.Before embarking on my journey,I found not many people had posted their experiences on the same.And that is the reason why I am keen on sharing my complete itenary,which I propose to post a little later.

Till then,Chao!


jayesh said...

it is interesting 2 know that ur lover of nature's beautyi read ur prviews
its good,nice......carry on!!!!!!!

Ashutosh said...

Nice pictures!

Akansha Agrawal said...

thanks :)