Monday, 5 May, 2008

U,Me aur Hum

I saw this movie day before yesterday,as a treat for my exams getting over,but it didn't turn out to be too much of a treat!

The storyline of the movie is good,but if I may be allowed to say so,it's getiing pretty common.Of course,the chemistry between the two brilliant actors shows clearly, and it may be the only saving grace for the movie.Whoever took the close-ups,a word for you:-Either ask your actors to apply six-seven layers of make-up,or avoid close-ups!You can actually count the number of freckles,pimples and blackheads on each face,at every close-up!

The story starts with typical 'Love at first sight',where Kajol plays a waitress aboard a luxury cruise liner,and Ajay a psychiatrist who is travelling with his friends.He manages to win over Kajol's heart with the help of her colleague and with a few tricks up his sleeve.When he tells the gal about the 'tricks',she's angry,but returns later to his house and they get married.Pretty soon,they find out that Kajol suffers when Alzheimer's disease,when she keeps forgetting stuff.How they deal with the whole trauma follows through...

Overall, the movie is watchable,not worth the hype created around it,not too strong on emotions(it can't make you cry,make you feel at the most!)You can watch it once,but take my advice and don't do it in a multiplex.A CD is more like it!

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