Sunday, 11 May, 2008


I saw Parzaania yesterday, you might say late as usual, but I feel it is a kind of movie which is timeless.

The issue of religious differences keeps raising its ugly head, thanks to the vote-milking politicians and the religious groups who survive on it. The movie offers nothing new, as we are all aware of the actual circumstances during the riots. Sadly, everybody seems to be washing their hands off it. People in Gujarat dared to protest against the movie. Who were they? Those with guilty feelings, or those who were a part of the mobs?

The movie reminds you of the fact that the issue still lies as unresolved as thousands other cases in the Indian courts.If the courts start entertaining half these cases instead of those against Sania Mirza for “supposed disrespect of the Indian flag”(The brazen cheek when she represents their own nation and wins laurels for it,even if at a personal level!),or the one against Sachin Tendulkar,the man whom half the world respects and adores,on similar charges,or the ones against Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant for supposed breach of ‘moral’ conduct.(Exactly how ‘moral’ is the act of rape?)Instead of these frivolous issues,if people demand justice(and I mean “justice”) on actual issues.I don’t see any reason why those in the wrong won’t be punished.

I want to reach to the root cause of all these religious differences.What do you think results in these kinds of situations?I feel it is politics behind it most of the times,supported by religious fanatics,people who believe their own religion to be above that of the others!I have often been accused of blaming politics and politicians on many issues.So now I would like to know ‘your’ views on the matter.If it isn’t politics,tell me,what is it?And if it is indeed politicians,and even if it isn’t,I would like to invite suggestions on how to deal with the whole issue.As the young generation,I think the responsibility of avoiding any such situation in the future falls on our shoulders,so let’s join forces and be ready for it!


Assman said...

I have this response on my computer for a while and I am unable to post it due to internet problems at ofice.

From your definition of religious fanaticism, I would consider myself one. I am secular in my outlook but I do think my religion to be better than some. I do not equate syncretism with secularity.

That apart, it is true that there are politicians who polarize votes. Some unknowingly, some feel it is necessary too. These are highly debatable.

The situations like those of the cases on the eminent personalities are very sad actually. They are not caused by the politicians for sure. In fact while some politicians can rally and speak against some of these personalities, they are well aware that this is detrimental to themselves.

The law system is such that we have not opted for a complete freedom of speech, and that there are conditions that we should not offend etc. which are the loopholes which are exposed by these cases.

Protests against parzania, I do not remember why they were. But they are both politically motivated and related to the public sentiment. After the riots, the media and "intellectuals" of the nation have been crying foul about Gujarat itself. They have been looking to undermine every achievement of Gujarat and overplay their supposed bigotedness. This has led to a reaction from the people who want to be proud of their state etc.

Other part is of course that people of the BJP feel that the effort is to show the state machinery in a bad light. And that the impression given is that of hindering justice. Hence they protest to clarify and project that they are not that way.

I think that politicians are the way they are and the parties are the way they should be as well. It is us who have to change our outlook towards them. In US, the gay and lesbian rights groups coordinate with parties and get them to endorse the causes in exchange of support. The people invest in party funds to bridge the gap between the ruling and the ruled. In short they are not shy or disgusted of politics. They are ready to take it on. Problem is that we do not even understand political ideologies to begin with. Most of my friends who would like to speak against the RSs and the communists do not even know why they oppose them.

It is this hesitation that i oppose actually, because all of these ideologies are quite understandable, and some are worth embracing too. I only resist turning into a cynic about all of this, because I do not think that these people were stupid to have taken up a line of thought and to at least learn more about it would only help me to understand politics better.

Another tendency is to trivialize each ideology to reduce it to its bad parts. "RSS is anti-muslim", "Communists are mass murderers", both half true and fully false, these are fine in the rhetoric when everything is agreed upon. But this is quite the wrong attitude to start with. If you read about communism or about hindu uprising and their beliefs, you can not think negatively about them, although you may disagree with the ideas.

And when you think about it, most of our problems are because of us. I have seen people on large beautiful roads honking like donkeys in Bangalore. I have seen people throwing garbage around like pigs etc. And while some things are done by the government, many of these things are actually peoples problems. We are spurning responsibility by complaining.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Each word of yours rings true!!!I would've probably scoffed at it some days ago,but I now get it.I agree that the ideologies are worth knowing even if one might disagree with them.

Protests against the movie were on grounds that the verdicts are not out and hence,responsibility for the riots could not be placed on any shoulders,and the witnesses may get affected,and that the whole situation was being represented in bad light.

One cannot deny the people's responsibility and the fact that most of us fail to carry them out.Even well read and bred people carry out actions unworthy of them,throwing garbage down from the windows of trains,spitting on the roads,honking continuously(even I can be called a culprit in this case, but that is because I've just learnt to drive so it is mostly for the safety of others!),creating public scenes,etc.If people who are well aware that they should not do it,do it,then what can one do about it?