Sunday, 4 May, 2008

Of politics,politicians and cynicism

Ok,first of all,sorry for going off air all of a sudden,but it was essential seeing that my exams were on in full swing,and not with too many days in between to spare some time.So,anyway,here is the previoiusly promised post with my take on politicians with a few justifications thrown in.

Let us take a look at the latest updates first-Raj Thackrey has again lashed out at the North Indians 'informing' them that they cannot stay till they learn to adopt the Maharshtrian culture!(take a look at if you want to read my earlier post on the same).Health Minister wants the film industry to ban scenes showing drinking after those of smoking.The bill on women quota in Parliament has not been passed for 4-5 years now.(Not that I support it,but anyway).Cheerleaders have been labelled as against Bhartiya Sanskriti.

These are very few examples of the 'politics' going on in the country.

I don't think I have any more 'civil' words left for replying to gross bayanbaazi by the Thackreys and their so-called Shiv-Sena.Lets donkeys bray and dogs bark with all their might!But I will again repeat that I am not being cynic when I look at things in this light because this is vote bank politics.

And I think Ramdoss would do better to concentrate on providing better medical facilities to the people of the country.Although I staunchly oppose smoking and drinking,I think Ramdoss should make it a priority to bettering medical attention offerred.In any case,he did not need to publically make an announcement,he could've simply had a talk with the film censor board,requesting them to make Bollywood a little more responsile towards the society by not blatantly promoting health hazards.I bet tobacco is the next on his list.But why doesn't he talk to the tradesmen who flourish on the businesses of wine,cigarettes and tobacco?He can't because the country earns a major revenue from it!

The bill on women quota has never really found favour with me,because I want the better halves to reach there riding on their own merit.It is the whole 'reservation' thing once again!Also,we don't know if the bill contains a clause stating that no more than 33% of the seats can be filled in by the women!But the mere bill was undoubtedly the whole vote bank thing once again.

About the cheerleaders,well, someone please go and teach these people what bhartiya sanskriti is all about.And while you are at it,also inform them that we live in a democracy, not under dictatorship!I don't find anything wrong with cheerleaders.Soccer has had them for years and the sport rides high on popularity every where else in the world,even if not here!

I think these few incidents are enough to prove that far from being cynic,I am being extremely realistic.Politicians have indeed forgotten that the public needs to be wooed not by unfulfilled promises and baseless issues,but by development.What we see in front of our eyes,for better or for worse,is what decides our opinions about them.So it would be better if I can see shorter queues at govt. hospitals,roads without potholes(Nagpur has these,thanks to Mr.T.Chandrashekhar,who got transferred to Mumbai,because he was actually bringing about development!!!),better and more hygenic conditions in temples(this is foryou,shivsena and VHP,and while you are at it,join hands with bodies of all other religions and make it a Sarvadharmasambhav society for real),GDP at high levels and stock markets doing the jig, lesser slums and low population growth rate,then I'll say someone has achieved success!!!!!

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