Sunday, 4 May, 2008

Miss Condoleeza 'RICE'

I think Miss Condoleeza RICE should watch out her big mouth when she is accusing India of consuming a large part of the global food,leading to a food crisis.With a surname as hers,it doesn't pay.[;)]Anyway,this is not why I wrote the post(Miss Rice is absolutely unworthy of this attention!) the reason why I wrote this is because the next day Mr.Bush mouthed the same allegations,but in a much more toned down manner.I think I can imagine what went on behind closed doors if the comment by Rice was unplanned,or atleast was taken too stongly for their liking.So in steps Mr Bush,trying to pacify the fuming Indians,while trying to make Rice look like 'not guilty'.

Pretty interesting,eh?


Assman said...

I think every one knows that bush and Rice represent a nation whose per capital consumption is way more than any other country. We know that US consumes alone as many or more resources as the rest of the world (which is more populous) does. Besides the rising prices are also due to the shift toward the cultivation of non-food product used for making ethanol (petroleum substitute) which US is subsidising and encouraging.

Incidentally the US represents rich all over the world, including India. In India too the rich are consuming very much more than the poor. Simple frugal Indian life has gone out of meaning with the fancy clothing and weddings which are the order of the day. A society can maintain peace if consumption per person is less. And if the happiness of each person in little is more. This way less resources can satisfy more people and there would be peace in the society.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Sadly,the rich are not going to part with their wealth and riches(whether legal or illegal) any time,not in the near future atleast!Rich waste more,eat less,as is evident in every high class party!!!

About the US,it is clearly a bully,and used to having its own way about things.How I wish India had a representative who could suitably reprimand US for its comments!Or atleast inform them "Apne girebaan mein jhaank kar dekho!"(Sorry,couldn't resist that one in Hindi,and couldn't quite come up with the English equivalent)

Assman said...

Luckily I know hindi :)
India does not need an ally or a representative for giving it back to US. We are quite capable of that, if we have a stable govt. and continued development, we can stand up to both US and China. This is my faith.

However, in international affairs we have to see the utility of each thing and go ahead with those actions. It would be pretty pointless to make a point to the US leaders and lose economic or other help from them. Although some return is pending on the part of India.

For e.g. while China and Us are ideological enemies, they are strong trade partners and the interdependence ensures that they shall not break that.

So I guess while we can give it back to them, we have to see our own interests.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Well,that is true.Let actions speak louder than words!How I's love to do that!