Sunday, 4 May, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia

I am finally done with this work of ficton which scaled the heights of popularity once again when the first book in the series was converted into a movie,about 2 years back.Incidentally,I viewed the movie as well today, in all its finery!The second movie is all set for rolling and I would say it's a win-win situation.

This series of seven books by C.S.Lewis is also about magic and the magical world of Narnia,though it doesn't involve any spells.The story begins when a seemingly mad man starts experimenting with magic left to him by his aunt.He very cruelly chooses his nephew and another girl next door for his experimentation,and then the two kids go through some exciting times with the talking beasts and healing trees in Narnia.They are given seeds of an apple tree as departing gifts and these are sown in the garden when the kids come back.Years later,when the tree dies,a wardrobe is made out of it,which is where adventures start for other kids.These books were originally not in chronological order and have no real protagonists,save Aslan,who is said to be the creator of the world.But these books revolve around adventures of kids who reach the lands of Narnia,mostly when Narnia,in times of trouble,needs them.The children go through some extremely exciting times,though why Lewis chooses to not let them come to Narnia after a certain age is still a mystery to me!The books are well-written and revolve around the beasts,who reside in Narnia and are capable of talking.

They make a good work of fiction,but Lewis chooses to destroy Narnia and all associated with it in the last book,which makes the ending a little sad.Over all,they make an extremely enjoyable read!

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