Saturday, 24 May, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia Part II

I saw the second movie of this book series yesterday titled 'The Chronicles of Narnia-Prince Caspian',and I was left absolutely enchanted....

I had seen the first movie on television very recently,but this second movie is loads better,more so on the big screen!The cinematography is awesome.It makes you forget every exotic location in the world,and makes you wish you were there.The story is about a young prince-a Telmarine called Prince Caspian who is a rightful heir to the throne of Narnia which had been conquered by his ancestors long ago.His uncle King Miraz,a brutal king wishes to murder him,but he escapes with the help of his tutor,who is actually a half dwarf,and has been telling stories about the old Narnia that once existed before it was overtaken.Prince Caspian leads the old Narnians to the war with the help of the Pevinese kids whom he calls back for help from England.

The movie is very nicely made,of course with a few changes,and a love angle introduced between the handsome and chocolatey actor Ben Barnes(Prince Caspian)and the striking Anna Popplewell(Queen Susan)The fact that all the protagonists look 'cute' doesn't hurt it either!The movie seems a lot more mature than the first one and is attracting huge crowds.It is a wonderful movie and those who actually something about Narnia,I would recommend watching this one on the big screen.

P.S. The cinematographer is a guy called Karl Walter Lindenlaub.Hats off to you,sir!!!

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