Saturday, 24 May, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia Part II

I saw the second movie of this book series yesterday titled 'The Chronicles of Narnia-Prince Caspian',and I was left absolutely enchanted....

I had seen the first movie on television very recently,but this second movie is loads better,more so on the big screen!The cinematography is awesome.It makes you forget every exotic location in the world,and makes you wish you were there.The story is about a young prince-a Telmarine called Prince Caspian who is a rightful heir to the throne of Narnia which had been conquered by his ancestors long ago.His uncle King Miraz,a brutal king wishes to murder him,but he escapes with the help of his tutor,who is actually a half dwarf,and has been telling stories about the old Narnia that once existed before it was overtaken.Prince Caspian leads the old Narnians to the war with the help of the Pevinese kids whom he calls back for help from England.

The movie is very nicely made,of course with a few changes,and a love angle introduced between the handsome and chocolatey actor Ben Barnes(Prince Caspian)and the striking Anna Popplewell(Queen Susan)The fact that all the protagonists look 'cute' doesn't hurt it either!The movie seems a lot more mature than the first one and is attracting huge crowds.It is a wonderful movie and those who actually something about Narnia,I would recommend watching this one on the big screen.

P.S. The cinematographer is a guy called Karl Walter Lindenlaub.Hats off to you,sir!!!

Sunday, 11 May, 2008


I saw Parzaania yesterday, you might say late as usual, but I feel it is a kind of movie which is timeless.

The issue of religious differences keeps raising its ugly head, thanks to the vote-milking politicians and the religious groups who survive on it. The movie offers nothing new, as we are all aware of the actual circumstances during the riots. Sadly, everybody seems to be washing their hands off it. People in Gujarat dared to protest against the movie. Who were they? Those with guilty feelings, or those who were a part of the mobs?

The movie reminds you of the fact that the issue still lies as unresolved as thousands other cases in the Indian courts.If the courts start entertaining half these cases instead of those against Sania Mirza for “supposed disrespect of the Indian flag”(The brazen cheek when she represents their own nation and wins laurels for it,even if at a personal level!),or the one against Sachin Tendulkar,the man whom half the world respects and adores,on similar charges,or the ones against Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant for supposed breach of ‘moral’ conduct.(Exactly how ‘moral’ is the act of rape?)Instead of these frivolous issues,if people demand justice(and I mean “justice”) on actual issues.I don’t see any reason why those in the wrong won’t be punished.

I want to reach to the root cause of all these religious differences.What do you think results in these kinds of situations?I feel it is politics behind it most of the times,supported by religious fanatics,people who believe their own religion to be above that of the others!I have often been accused of blaming politics and politicians on many issues.So now I would like to know ‘your’ views on the matter.If it isn’t politics,tell me,what is it?And if it is indeed politicians,and even if it isn’t,I would like to invite suggestions on how to deal with the whole issue.As the young generation,I think the responsibility of avoiding any such situation in the future falls on our shoulders,so let’s join forces and be ready for it!

Monday, 5 May, 2008

U,Me aur Hum

I saw this movie day before yesterday,as a treat for my exams getting over,but it didn't turn out to be too much of a treat!

The storyline of the movie is good,but if I may be allowed to say so,it's getiing pretty common.Of course,the chemistry between the two brilliant actors shows clearly, and it may be the only saving grace for the movie.Whoever took the close-ups,a word for you:-Either ask your actors to apply six-seven layers of make-up,or avoid close-ups!You can actually count the number of freckles,pimples and blackheads on each face,at every close-up!

The story starts with typical 'Love at first sight',where Kajol plays a waitress aboard a luxury cruise liner,and Ajay a psychiatrist who is travelling with his friends.He manages to win over Kajol's heart with the help of her colleague and with a few tricks up his sleeve.When he tells the gal about the 'tricks',she's angry,but returns later to his house and they get married.Pretty soon,they find out that Kajol suffers when Alzheimer's disease,when she keeps forgetting stuff.How they deal with the whole trauma follows through...

Overall, the movie is watchable,not worth the hype created around it,not too strong on emotions(it can't make you cry,make you feel at the most!)You can watch it once,but take my advice and don't do it in a multiplex.A CD is more like it!

Sunday, 4 May, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia

I am finally done with this work of ficton which scaled the heights of popularity once again when the first book in the series was converted into a movie,about 2 years back.Incidentally,I viewed the movie as well today, in all its finery!The second movie is all set for rolling and I would say it's a win-win situation.

This series of seven books by C.S.Lewis is also about magic and the magical world of Narnia,though it doesn't involve any spells.The story begins when a seemingly mad man starts experimenting with magic left to him by his aunt.He very cruelly chooses his nephew and another girl next door for his experimentation,and then the two kids go through some exciting times with the talking beasts and healing trees in Narnia.They are given seeds of an apple tree as departing gifts and these are sown in the garden when the kids come back.Years later,when the tree dies,a wardrobe is made out of it,which is where adventures start for other kids.These books were originally not in chronological order and have no real protagonists,save Aslan,who is said to be the creator of the world.But these books revolve around adventures of kids who reach the lands of Narnia,mostly when Narnia,in times of trouble,needs them.The children go through some extremely exciting times,though why Lewis chooses to not let them come to Narnia after a certain age is still a mystery to me!The books are well-written and revolve around the beasts,who reside in Narnia and are capable of talking.

They make a good work of fiction,but Lewis chooses to destroy Narnia and all associated with it in the last book,which makes the ending a little sad.Over all,they make an extremely enjoyable read!

Miss Condoleeza 'RICE'

I think Miss Condoleeza RICE should watch out her big mouth when she is accusing India of consuming a large part of the global food,leading to a food crisis.With a surname as hers,it doesn't pay.[;)]Anyway,this is not why I wrote the post(Miss Rice is absolutely unworthy of this attention!) the reason why I wrote this is because the next day Mr.Bush mouthed the same allegations,but in a much more toned down manner.I think I can imagine what went on behind closed doors if the comment by Rice was unplanned,or atleast was taken too stongly for their liking.So in steps Mr Bush,trying to pacify the fuming Indians,while trying to make Rice look like 'not guilty'.

Pretty interesting,eh?

A 180 degree turn around!

I had previously mentioned that I am planning a holiday down South in the hills of Ooty,but the original plan has now been replaced by another.We are most probably going to go up in the North,to Delhi,Noida,Badrinath and Kedarnath.and the best part is that we are 14 people going in all.Nothing like being with family on a holiday!

So,any suggestions on this one?

Of politics,politicians and cynicism

Ok,first of all,sorry for going off air all of a sudden,but it was essential seeing that my exams were on in full swing,and not with too many days in between to spare some time.So,anyway,here is the previoiusly promised post with my take on politicians with a few justifications thrown in.

Let us take a look at the latest updates first-Raj Thackrey has again lashed out at the North Indians 'informing' them that they cannot stay till they learn to adopt the Maharshtrian culture!(take a look at if you want to read my earlier post on the same).Health Minister wants the film industry to ban scenes showing drinking after those of smoking.The bill on women quota in Parliament has not been passed for 4-5 years now.(Not that I support it,but anyway).Cheerleaders have been labelled as against Bhartiya Sanskriti.

These are very few examples of the 'politics' going on in the country.

I don't think I have any more 'civil' words left for replying to gross bayanbaazi by the Thackreys and their so-called Shiv-Sena.Lets donkeys bray and dogs bark with all their might!But I will again repeat that I am not being cynic when I look at things in this light because this is vote bank politics.

And I think Ramdoss would do better to concentrate on providing better medical facilities to the people of the country.Although I staunchly oppose smoking and drinking,I think Ramdoss should make it a priority to bettering medical attention offerred.In any case,he did not need to publically make an announcement,he could've simply had a talk with the film censor board,requesting them to make Bollywood a little more responsile towards the society by not blatantly promoting health hazards.I bet tobacco is the next on his list.But why doesn't he talk to the tradesmen who flourish on the businesses of wine,cigarettes and tobacco?He can't because the country earns a major revenue from it!

The bill on women quota has never really found favour with me,because I want the better halves to reach there riding on their own merit.It is the whole 'reservation' thing once again!Also,we don't know if the bill contains a clause stating that no more than 33% of the seats can be filled in by the women!But the mere bill was undoubtedly the whole vote bank thing once again.

About the cheerleaders,well, someone please go and teach these people what bhartiya sanskriti is all about.And while you are at it,also inform them that we live in a democracy, not under dictatorship!I don't find anything wrong with cheerleaders.Soccer has had them for years and the sport rides high on popularity every where else in the world,even if not here!

I think these few incidents are enough to prove that far from being cynic,I am being extremely realistic.Politicians have indeed forgotten that the public needs to be wooed not by unfulfilled promises and baseless issues,but by development.What we see in front of our eyes,for better or for worse,is what decides our opinions about them.So it would be better if I can see shorter queues at govt. hospitals,roads without potholes(Nagpur has these,thanks to Mr.T.Chandrashekhar,who got transferred to Mumbai,because he was actually bringing about development!!!),better and more hygenic conditions in temples(this is foryou,shivsena and VHP,and while you are at it,join hands with bodies of all other religions and make it a Sarvadharmasambhav society for real),GDP at high levels and stock markets doing the jig, lesser slums and low population growth rate,then I'll say someone has achieved success!!!!!