Wednesday, 16 April, 2008

Need some advice!

Hiya!I'm planning to take a trip to Ooty down south this year,the route being Nagpur-Chennai-Erode-Ooty.If anybody's been there,or knows someone who's been,and can help,I need some tips about the place,accomodation and in general,anything that you feel it would be better to know before embarking.The net is ofcourse the biggest source of all information,but if there are any personal experiences,do share!

P.S. I'll update my experiences after I come back!

Update-The erode-Ooty route doesn't seem to be working out.Any suggestions?Can one get a taxi or something?


Assman said...

The buses are plenty and easy to take from Chennai, although the distance is quite a bit. Alternately you might want to go via Bangalore.

Assman said...

Even in erode bus travel is not tough, only some knowledge of tamil is somewhat mandatory..

Akansha Agrawal said...

Via Bangalore seems a little tough.You see,there's the Rajdhani from Nagpur to Chennai.Via Bangalore would take a longer time,I think.What if the route were Ngp-Chennai-Coimbatore-Ooty.Erode,on a closer look seems a little off the mark to me!

And I never thought about updating my language,thank you for the tip,I'm definitely going to do that!