Thursday, 17 April, 2008

MNS-Motive Nuisance Sena

The attacks of MNS at North Indians have been raging for quite some time and I feel that being a resident of Maharashtra and a non-Marathi resident,(a 'North Indian')it is obligatory for me to tell Mr.Raj Thackrey a few home truths.

Mr.Raj Thackrey seems to have forgotten everything about everything else in a bid to chide migrants about not doing anything for their state of residence.Even though I am no fan of Amitabh Bachchan,I feel this concerns all migrants and hence,the decision to put forward this post.MNS has been demanding a quota for Marathi speaking people in jobs,and doubtless, the recent qouta decision may have an impact!

But while demanding a quota,a 'learned' man has forgotten that it is competition alone that makes a man work hard.It is basic human nature to fight against people entering his domain,even animals do that!My father,a businessman,hires labourers to work on his plot,and there is one observation he never forgets to inform us of.He always says that people who come from Chhatisgarh are always hard workers and hence make better worksmen.They come with a specific intention to earn,leaving their families and kids behind,in order to move ahead in life.The local labourers after earning their wages invade the 'Desi daroo ki dukans',whereas,these people save a majority of what they earn.

The same is visible when we see Indians migrating to other countries.People in the US have never been too scientifically inclined,of course,there are exceptions,but the image of an average Amarican is not that of one with Science as a background.As a result,skilled people going from countries like India have been readily embraced.And these people now form a majority of 'people who matter'.An American,with his extravagant ways,by the end of a month,finds himself short of money,whereas an Indian saves a major part of his salary.This is the way so many of them have made it big in the US.

This can be observed not just with people but even in the crude market.Even though I wasn't there then,I'm aware of the monopoly that Hindustan Lever enjoyed once in our country.Simple things like soaps,detergents were grossly overpriced,because there was no competition in the market.But after other Indian companies entered,it lost it's foothold in the country.And after the Indian markets were thrown open for the foreign companies,the consumers have never enjoyed a better stance.Consumer satisfaction was and is what matters most!

Therefore,if no migrants enter the state,Mr.Raj Thackrey can imagine the kind of situation that would prevail in the state.Besides,the fact that the Constitution of this country does not recognise Dual Citizenship,and it is a right of every citizen to freely move and settle about in any part of the country he wishes to,points that the allegations made by him are not just gross,but also illegal!

Politics has lost its meaning in our country,politicians have forgotten all about development of the country and concentrate on simply playing about with the public sentiments.

Indian Junta,BEWARE!!!


Assman said...

I typed a long comment and the blogger has failed to publish it.. please remove this word verification.. it is a hinderance...
I shall comment again in a while...

rahul said...

good post...this argument is valid for each and every individual who argues against globalisation, progress and prosperity

Akansha Agrawal said...

Sorry,I'll remove it!

Assman said...

I desist actually. I know what MNS did to the poor labourers is wrong and all. But I have held that this is a shame more for the Bihari leaders than for MNS or Raj Thackeray.
Because if Bihar was on the path of development this mass migration would not take place. The industries would have been sprouting across Bihar and UP etc. We stand for the rights of these labour to migrate, lets also appreciate their wish not to migrate in the first place. These people also would like to enjoy community life and be with their own family in their own land. But the reluctance to develop Bihar has resulted in this "forced" migration.
On the other side, yes, Raj was badly behaved to these people who were predominantly poor. And although a generalisation of this is misleading, the people of maharashtra do not want to migrate either and thats why they are so sore at the mass immigration because their jobs are going to the lower wages Bihari labour.
As for competition, it is required for highly competent and skilled level work. And in our economy, thanks to division of labour, we do not have many such jobs. Competition has only one effect in this case, and that is to lower the wages of the people and bring about a situation where Maharashtrian labour class will have to look outside Maharashtra for jobs, inspite of jobs being available in their place.
In short, beating people and violence in any form is wrong, but this is only the bottled frustration of possibly displaced, or lower earning or jobless marathi labour. And the real culprits and culpable perpetrators are Bihari politicians and Central govt. which have not developed Bihar commensurate to other areas.

Assman said...

finnaly got my comment up... besides this i also do not think this is mere politics. In fact nothing is mere politics, all things are done through politicians because they are agents of change. And to politicise an issue is the only way to get something to change.
It would be the height of cynicism to think that these issues are being taken up merely for vote politics or that politicians are playing with public sentiment. A politician I think merely reflects what people are already thinking and gives some consequence to it.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yes, your side of argument definitely holds some water!I agree that underdevelopment in the states like UP and Bihar has forced people to go out and look for jobs,and that is what is making jobs scarce for the local people.

I do not agree about competition being only for skilled labour,it exists in each and every job.Right from a daily wage earner to a highly qualified technician.And the purpose of this competition here is not to ultimately lower the wages of the labourers,it is to simply motivate the people to work harder.If I put myself in my father's place,and if there are 2 people,one say a migrant from Bihar and the other a local,both ready to work at the same wage,and equally hard,I would prefer the locale,the reason being a certain bond of trust.The migrant may leave any time he wishes to,but the locale cannot do so...

I'm not sure I'm putting it very well,but I hope the meaning came across!

About politicians,well,an ideal politician is supposed to do that.But I have an objection with the way Raj is doing that.He has targetted well known celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan and SRK,which indicates cheap publicity and a desperate attempt at media attention.And I do feel that there are very few 'Real' politicians left in our country!

Assman said...

I will agree with you, the competition is indeed necessary in all jobs so that one takes his job seriously. Too much job security is not a very ideal situation, yes. But I think the local labour are not facing a situation where the jobs are enough to begin with. So competition is an inherent feature.

I am not entirely sure about the details and nature of comments that Raj T has made, so may be it is that way. But we have this tendency to reject anything that politicians say as mere politics and I have come to not appreciate that form of cynicism.

Put in a sentence, I would say that if I were a Bihari getting beaten in Maharashtra, I would be more pissed with Laloo than with raj Thackeray.

Akansha Agrawal said...

I gladly accept your verdict on every other issue,but I,inspite of all my efforts,can't bring myself to be not cynic when it comes to politicians.

I think I've got loads to put down on the topic,so I'll put it as a separate post on the blog,but I need a few days' grace.(Maths exam day after tom,and I'm not prepared![:(])

Akansha Agrawal said...

I have finally posted my detailed comment on the blog!Check it out!