Monday, 14 April, 2008

Give up!

The very fact that I have chosen to break my resolution not to update my blog till my exams are over should be an indication of the fact that something serious is up!And it is!

I think we should give up the hope of ever finding India a caste free society.I have already voiced my opinion on the matter,while opposing the quota system for the so-called unpriviliged, so I'm not wasting my breath trying to curse the politicians,old and new, along with every person who supports it on some or the other belief, at the same time.

The only thing that I'm going to highlight is that each and every supporter or quota system,when quizzed about the fact as to why he/she does not want it to be based on economic grounds,rather than caste and creed,all he does is fumble and mumble some un-understandable gibberish about the lower castes being financially backward,about there being a difference in the definition of economic standards in the cities and villages,and over all dismissing it because it would take a 'lot' of work!

Politicians are doing it for selfish interests,people like Paswan(many others) for admissions of their own sons and daughters into educational institutions,and of course,vote bank politics....nothing new there!But why does the Supreme Court support it????Isn't the judiciary supposed to be aiming at bringing about equality rather than creating more differences?And why the hell are the IITs and IIMs going all out for the whole quota system?IITs have actually agreed to lower their standards,their cut-off marks.And IIMs,inspite of the fact that 3 out of 5 judges expressed the opinion that a grad was no more a backward,HRD asks IIMs to go ahead with it and IIM-L is ready to implement it!Others may follow suit,or are already following it,maybe!Does or does not the judiciary have a position supreme to the Parliament in this democracy?

I'm not sure I want to stay in this country any longer.Why not get out of this place,and go somewhere where you are atleast not going to be chastled for not being born in a 'lower' caste.I'm sure the youth wants to forget the whole caste system,atleast I do.When my parents enquire about the caste or religion of my friends,I simply shrug and reply that I don't know and I don't care!Isn't it about time we changed our mindset about the need to protect 'lower' castes, and do something for the actually poverty-stricken people!

Once a year,my whole city(the Orange City:where you no longer get any decent oranges) is hogged by people flocking from every imagined or unimagined part of the country,with the objective to pay homage to Dr.Ambedkar,the man who was responsible for their upliftment.[I would recommend a dose of Arun Shourie's 'Worshipping False Gods' to anone who is interested in busting the myth that he was an ardent freedom fighter.]Anyway,the whole place is stricken and resembles a sewage drain by the time the 'visitors' leave.And why do I mention it right now?Because I never bothered about it till now,and now I see heads turning in disgust towards every 'visitor'!

So Mr.CJ/SC(Supreme Court, not scheduled caste!)/Judges comprising the bench, whoever is interested in taking the salutation,please remember that our country has already got enough to deal with-communism,regional differences,infiltation,terrorismcorruption.Please don't make us suffer any more!


Assman said...

I actually have given up already, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. If congress gets a second term, they are rolling out a reservation policy for private institutions too.
And this is a permanent excuse to not provide primary education to all, and surely the money spent in expansion of univ seats would be better spent in primary education.

Akansha Agrawal said...

True!I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a change of government,but I don't really see too much of choice.With BJP comes a nice little package of Babri masjid,RSS,VHP,Shivsena(not that they're not already a nuisance),which is a little too much to handle.And I have an inkling that they're going to go ahead with evrything on quota!

But I can alredy see progress taking a reverse gear!
Anyway,I'm voting for the first time,and if I don't find a candidate good enough,I'm ready to take that exclusion letter!

Assman said...

Like it says in that southpark episode, its always a choice between a douche and a turd, thats why it is a democracy. If the BJP carries the VHP, RSS alongwith, the congress is ever ready to bend to appease the muslims and dravidians.
I'd think that religious issues are a thing of the past, the essential difference now is between a open market, liberalist BJP and a socialist neo-capitalist congress.

I suppose you heard the newer wonderful things happening, a number of parties now want the government to include the creamy layer contrary to the judgement. After you would have completed your bachelor education like me you will probably see the humour in all of this.

Akansha Agrawal said...

The HRD today stated that for the time being it's not going to carry the issue in the court,because it will lead to a further delay in the implementation.(Yeah,jaldi hoga tabhi to vote milenge)

But as you said,sooner or later,it will try for this as well!

Erm..I really pondered over the last part of your comment..but I didn't really get it!Honestly,I see it only as a disaster.

Assman said...

Well i have a certain sense of humour about it although i am not happy about any of these policy decisions, I see some humour in the stupidity of these policies probably because having finished my bachelors i am not directly affected immediately. Not worth mentioning when i think about it.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Don't you think you are going to be working with future batches of these institutes?Besides,you are only a grad,what about PG?AND if quota gets introduced in pvt companies for jobs??????This decision is going to affect every Indian in some or the other way!

Assman said...

You are right, and the primary education will not get as much importance as these barely helpful measures will be given because they have token value and seem much bigger help to the OBC or other oppressed community.
At this rate, I do not think the growth rate would sustain either.. Time will tell the rest...