Monday, 14 April, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada

I thought that I might as well write the review of the book I read yesterday,after having spent so much time online already.So this book is-'The Devil Wears Prada' by Lauren Weisberger,and has been a NY bestseller for some six months,has been converted into a movie by the same name and now has passed through my hands as well!
The title somehow suggested to me that it was about difference between good and bad,good and evil,or something of that kind.But I discovered that it was nothing of the kind!
The book is about a bitchy boss Miranda Pristley,who leaves no stone unturned to turn the lives of her employers,especially her assistants,into living hell!Miranda Pristley is the lady who runs a fashion house/magazine called"Runway" and needs a junior assistant.Andreah Sachs is a young girl just out of college,who takes up this job believing that it would help her get her dream job at New Yorker,inspite of being unaware of the ABC of fashion,simply because "there are millions of girls who would die for her job".
The book describes everything that a boss should NOT be.Miranda has been portrayed as a 'spoilt' personality,who believes herself to be above all rules,and who expects her assistants to behave exactly as she wants them to,leaving them with bare minimum instructions.It narrates the way Andreah deals with the high-demanding job,losing her best friend,her love and her family on the way.Andreah represents a typical girl trying to pave her way to success,and compromising an year of her life on her way,or so she thinks.
The book is well written,keeps the interest of the reader alive right upto the end,though the ending is somewhat predictable.The story is typically American,but it's worth a read.

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Mads said...

haha u spelt and-reah like that !
this is one of my favourite books. lifts up anyone's mood, dont u think? :)