Friday, 18 April, 2008

Is this what you call 'Busyness'?

For the first time in my life,I've done something of this kind!

Has it ever happened to you that you bought something and after bringing it home,you completely forgot about it?Well,I think the answer would be 'yes' for atleast a few!But this is a first for me.

While cleaning out my drawer of the increasing pile of my stamps and coins[I collect stamps and coins(just as a hobby),and these weren't supposed to be in the drawer,they were there out of sheer laziness]anyway,I came across a handful of my heavy bills,mostly for books from Odyssey,but there was one in particular which announced that I had bought a book[The Namesake] and a CD of 'Life in a .....Metro',exactly eight months ago.I had read the book but I had completely forgotten about the CD,and the irony of the story is that I had very much wanted to see the movie and had been waiting for an opportunity to do so,on the TV!!!

I don't know what it was that made me forget so,but when I recovered the CD,it was in my CD collection,with a thick layer of dust on it.Apparently,it had lied on top of the deck for too long,['to-see' CDs are normally kept there],before my mother recovered it and stowed it away!I haven't had too much of time to see movies and especially not the older ones,so the drawer was never opened,not by me!

Well, it was something that amused me so much that I laughed and felt surprised at myself at the same time!I have seen the movie now,but I'm not likely to forget this in a hurry!

Thursday, 17 April, 2008

MNS-Motive Nuisance Sena

The attacks of MNS at North Indians have been raging for quite some time and I feel that being a resident of Maharashtra and a non-Marathi resident,(a 'North Indian')it is obligatory for me to tell Mr.Raj Thackrey a few home truths.

Mr.Raj Thackrey seems to have forgotten everything about everything else in a bid to chide migrants about not doing anything for their state of residence.Even though I am no fan of Amitabh Bachchan,I feel this concerns all migrants and hence,the decision to put forward this post.MNS has been demanding a quota for Marathi speaking people in jobs,and doubtless, the recent qouta decision may have an impact!

But while demanding a quota,a 'learned' man has forgotten that it is competition alone that makes a man work hard.It is basic human nature to fight against people entering his domain,even animals do that!My father,a businessman,hires labourers to work on his plot,and there is one observation he never forgets to inform us of.He always says that people who come from Chhatisgarh are always hard workers and hence make better worksmen.They come with a specific intention to earn,leaving their families and kids behind,in order to move ahead in life.The local labourers after earning their wages invade the 'Desi daroo ki dukans',whereas,these people save a majority of what they earn.

The same is visible when we see Indians migrating to other countries.People in the US have never been too scientifically inclined,of course,there are exceptions,but the image of an average Amarican is not that of one with Science as a background.As a result,skilled people going from countries like India have been readily embraced.And these people now form a majority of 'people who matter'.An American,with his extravagant ways,by the end of a month,finds himself short of money,whereas an Indian saves a major part of his salary.This is the way so many of them have made it big in the US.

This can be observed not just with people but even in the crude market.Even though I wasn't there then,I'm aware of the monopoly that Hindustan Lever enjoyed once in our country.Simple things like soaps,detergents were grossly overpriced,because there was no competition in the market.But after other Indian companies entered,it lost it's foothold in the country.And after the Indian markets were thrown open for the foreign companies,the consumers have never enjoyed a better stance.Consumer satisfaction was and is what matters most!

Therefore,if no migrants enter the state,Mr.Raj Thackrey can imagine the kind of situation that would prevail in the state.Besides,the fact that the Constitution of this country does not recognise Dual Citizenship,and it is a right of every citizen to freely move and settle about in any part of the country he wishes to,points that the allegations made by him are not just gross,but also illegal!

Politics has lost its meaning in our country,politicians have forgotten all about development of the country and concentrate on simply playing about with the public sentiments.

Indian Junta,BEWARE!!!

Wednesday, 16 April, 2008

Need some advice!

Hiya!I'm planning to take a trip to Ooty down south this year,the route being Nagpur-Chennai-Erode-Ooty.If anybody's been there,or knows someone who's been,and can help,I need some tips about the place,accomodation and in general,anything that you feel it would be better to know before embarking.The net is ofcourse the biggest source of all information,but if there are any personal experiences,do share!

P.S. I'll update my experiences after I come back!

Update-The erode-Ooty route doesn't seem to be working out.Any suggestions?Can one get a taxi or something?

Monday, 14 April, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada

I thought that I might as well write the review of the book I read yesterday,after having spent so much time online already.So this book is-'The Devil Wears Prada' by Lauren Weisberger,and has been a NY bestseller for some six months,has been converted into a movie by the same name and now has passed through my hands as well!
The title somehow suggested to me that it was about difference between good and bad,good and evil,or something of that kind.But I discovered that it was nothing of the kind!
The book is about a bitchy boss Miranda Pristley,who leaves no stone unturned to turn the lives of her employers,especially her assistants,into living hell!Miranda Pristley is the lady who runs a fashion house/magazine called"Runway" and needs a junior assistant.Andreah Sachs is a young girl just out of college,who takes up this job believing that it would help her get her dream job at New Yorker,inspite of being unaware of the ABC of fashion,simply because "there are millions of girls who would die for her job".
The book describes everything that a boss should NOT be.Miranda has been portrayed as a 'spoilt' personality,who believes herself to be above all rules,and who expects her assistants to behave exactly as she wants them to,leaving them with bare minimum instructions.It narrates the way Andreah deals with the high-demanding job,losing her best friend,her love and her family on the way.Andreah represents a typical girl trying to pave her way to success,and compromising an year of her life on her way,or so she thinks.
The book is well written,keeps the interest of the reader alive right upto the end,though the ending is somewhat predictable.The story is typically American,but it's worth a read.

Give up!

The very fact that I have chosen to break my resolution not to update my blog till my exams are over should be an indication of the fact that something serious is up!And it is!

I think we should give up the hope of ever finding India a caste free society.I have already voiced my opinion on the matter,while opposing the quota system for the so-called unpriviliged, so I'm not wasting my breath trying to curse the politicians,old and new, along with every person who supports it on some or the other belief, at the same time.

The only thing that I'm going to highlight is that each and every supporter or quota system,when quizzed about the fact as to why he/she does not want it to be based on economic grounds,rather than caste and creed,all he does is fumble and mumble some un-understandable gibberish about the lower castes being financially backward,about there being a difference in the definition of economic standards in the cities and villages,and over all dismissing it because it would take a 'lot' of work!

Politicians are doing it for selfish interests,people like Paswan(many others) for admissions of their own sons and daughters into educational institutions,and of course,vote bank politics....nothing new there!But why does the Supreme Court support it????Isn't the judiciary supposed to be aiming at bringing about equality rather than creating more differences?And why the hell are the IITs and IIMs going all out for the whole quota system?IITs have actually agreed to lower their standards,their cut-off marks.And IIMs,inspite of the fact that 3 out of 5 judges expressed the opinion that a grad was no more a backward,HRD asks IIMs to go ahead with it and IIM-L is ready to implement it!Others may follow suit,or are already following it,maybe!Does or does not the judiciary have a position supreme to the Parliament in this democracy?

I'm not sure I want to stay in this country any longer.Why not get out of this place,and go somewhere where you are atleast not going to be chastled for not being born in a 'lower' caste.I'm sure the youth wants to forget the whole caste system,atleast I do.When my parents enquire about the caste or religion of my friends,I simply shrug and reply that I don't know and I don't care!Isn't it about time we changed our mindset about the need to protect 'lower' castes, and do something for the actually poverty-stricken people!

Once a year,my whole city(the Orange City:where you no longer get any decent oranges) is hogged by people flocking from every imagined or unimagined part of the country,with the objective to pay homage to Dr.Ambedkar,the man who was responsible for their upliftment.[I would recommend a dose of Arun Shourie's 'Worshipping False Gods' to anone who is interested in busting the myth that he was an ardent freedom fighter.]Anyway,the whole place is stricken and resembles a sewage drain by the time the 'visitors' leave.And why do I mention it right now?Because I never bothered about it till now,and now I see heads turning in disgust towards every 'visitor'!

So Mr.CJ/SC(Supreme Court, not scheduled caste!)/Judges comprising the bench, whoever is interested in taking the salutation,please remember that our country has already got enough to deal with-communism,regional differences,infiltation,terrorismcorruption.Please don't make us suffer any more!