Saturday, 23 February, 2008

Update on The Da Vinci Code

Hey guys,I've found some really fantastic stuff online.Yes,it's about The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.I'm sure people won't forget the book in a hurry,especially after the furore it created after it was converted into a movie.For those who would like to take a look at my previous article about Dan Brown and his books,this is the link:

But now,it seems that there had been more people than imagined, who were interested in finding out the story behind the Da Vinci Code.Dan Brown has always put forward his books as something like a matter of fact,but there have been experts who've actually been performing 'post mortem' of the book.

You might be remembering what the book had to say about John actually being Mary and sitting beside Christ for the Last Supper.It claimed that one of the disciples holds the baby in his hand and this can be observed by taking a mirror image of the actual painting,and this was tried since Leonardo da Vinci was a man who loved writing using the concept of mirror imagery.His love for Mathematics and for concealing things in his paintings has also been taken into account.The following article tells you what's wrong with the whole concept of John being Mary and being his wife and formation of a 'V' between the two and so on.Let's take a look:

Wow,isn't that extremely fascinating??But the story doesn't end here.Brown has also used some facts about the museum which are also under the scanner because the situation isn't exactly what has been drawn by him.People have been there to inspect that as well.Also there are other mistakes which have been pointed out.So take a look at this one:

And then there's also some technological stuff that has been used by Brown but I guess that can pass as a writer's liberty because every writer is bound to come up with some kind of gadget/gizmo/technology which is not really possible in the practical world and since we see it all the time in Hollywood movies(of course,Bollywood copies) and in other detective books and serials so that's perfectly acceptable.But in case, you're interested,this is about the GPS system.Remember that small dot which can monitor Langdon's position?Well, it turns out there's no such technology available,because all we have is the GPS which has some very serious limitations.If you're interested in the technological part of the explaination,I suggest you try this:

In the end,all I can say is that I have to agree with the author of the article when he says that it was practically impossible for da Vinci to have any kind of knowledge about Jesus Christ and even if he did,why would he hide it in a manner he knew nobody would be able to make out,atleast with what was available during that period of time.And now nobody should say he was a seer too,pleeease!!

So one would have to take the book for what it is:just a book!!

A parting shot:Sit back,relax,read and enjoy!!But don't believe!!!!!

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