Thursday, 14 February, 2008


We're all pretty aware of the present communication styles of the youth,yet it never fails in sending some of the older generation into a tizzy!!

People today speak not Hindi,not English,but 'Hinglish',a pure mixture of Hindi and English, spiced with a lot of 'Bombaiya' slang and garnished with a matching accent.One thing that I often ponder upon is the origination of this language.They say 'Necessity is the mother of all inventions!'.So how does the necessity arise??

In many cases,it is style,in some, a lack of fluency in either language and another reason so often encountered is public stigma.A person who is willing to talk in perfect English is often ridiculed at and asked to talk 'sense'.

In a recent workshop that I had attended,there had been speakers who were talking in perfect English,there were some who preferred pure Hindi and there had been others who'd been involved in interactive sessions and chose 'Hinglish' as their language of communication. And there was a marked difference in the response from the audience.With the first one, the audience comprising of college youth was merely attentive and kind of dull,with the second, there was a large part which went tangential, but the audience was most responsive to the speakers who were being interactive.Since the workshop was based on entrepreneurship, interaction was of prime importance.

But the point is not that,the point is that the youth felt the most connected to people who used their own mode of communication.So does this mean that Hinglish can be called the new language of the era and that the fluency in English is of no importance?

I think the work industry is giving an emphatic answer in negative to the question.

I had attended another talk by an eminent personality who also preferred this language while communicating with the youth.Though he himself was using the youth language, he also emphasized on perfect knowledge of spoken English.He had been a placement officer and he felt that the youth lacked the required knowledge and confidence to communicate comfortably in English.

Talking about the importance of English,I think we all have to agree that it has taken the form of a global language.With the English and the Americans using it as the prime tool of communication,and India promoting it,the rest of the countries have realised its potential and countries like Japan and China,which have always advocated their own culture have accepted the fact and are acting to make amends.China,always known as a conservative state,has recently sent people to India(India,because of the cost factor) to be trained in this language.Although its need arises from the fact that it is hosting the Olympics,yet it is indicative of the acceptance of the inevitable.

I think English has proved itself to be the language of all people and the world is gravitating around it,but even English has been open to introduction of new words,since it is, in the first place, an assortment of various languages.

As far as the younger generation is concerned,being exposed to two different languages at the same time,(which comprises mostly of Hindi and English),it results in a mixed bag and the end result is a fusion of India with the West.But since the world is out to accept the Indianness of the people,I say,let the show go on!!!!So carry on...Chalne do bhai!!!!.....

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