Sunday, 16 December, 2007

Lord of the Rings....

Yes, I'm finally done with the very famous book series which competes with Harry Potter series in terms of popularity and fame.

It took a total of three days,(with full day college) and late nights to finish off the six books(clean sweep,eh?).Well,JRR Tolkein certainly knows how to captivate the attention of the reader, is all that I can say....


Well,it's a book full of new strange creatures,just like HP,but a little more in number!It's all about a ring!!The book has many similarities with HP,but I didn't feel the kind of high I do while reading the Harry Potter series.I guess being the same age as the protagonists also contributes to the level of understanding of the emotions.....and waiting for every book for an year also contributes....

The story is well known to all,thanks to the super hit Hollywood adaptions of the movie,(I'm yet to see all! and that too,despite of having them with me.......time,why art thou so less??????) .

I think,I'll put a post after seeing the movies.....As for "when",I have no idea!!!!

New coaches......

OK, I know this has been long in coming.........

And no,I'm not talking about cricket coaches(waste of time!!),I'm talking about the new railway coaches which have been introduced.

While travelling back from Indore to Nagpur,the train,much to the amusement of many, and annoyment of others,had new coaches......but the catch is that these coaches also have new designs.Where earlier only 2 people could occupy the side berths,now three people can travel, which means that in one compartment nine people will travel and in one bogie 72 instead of the previous 64.......and the person who occupies the middle side berth(I'm assuming that is what it is going to be referred as now!) will be seated with the passengers on the other side to avoid clutter on the side berth.

The extra berth during the day time,can be neatly packed right below the upper berth so as to avoid any inconvenience and so that the window remains a source of light and air(non A/C coaches obviously!)

The pictures above are of the 3-tier A/C coach.

One good feature about these coaches is that reading lights have been provided with every berth and it is a boon for voracious readers like me who like to read late into the night.Upto this point, there's been a serious dearth of facilities like these,and every time I've travelled through the night in a train,I've had to face glares from fellow passengers asking me to switch off the lights!!!But India being India,(sigh!)on the very first trip that this new train took(I was in it) two of these lights weren't working!!!

Even the lavish dark brown colour is loads better than the ancient dull grey colour,which had got once got firmly attached with Indian Railways.

But well,some passengers didn't seem to be taking the change too well.I overheard a big fat lady fuming "Saala Buddha sathiya gaya hai!!!"(Apparently,she was one of the first ones to be receiving the honour of gracing the newly installed side berth) and without bothering to look at her face,I fled chuckling away!!!(For the sake of the dim-witted,Buddha=Laloo)

What does it mean for the Railway ministry?Simply this that instead of increasing the number of coaches,number of seats in each coach have been increased so that the ministry is going to earn more......As it is,the ministry faces losses in passenger trains,only to cover 'em up in goods trains!!

I think this was one of the first trains with which this change was experimented,and soon the others will follow,if it meets with success..

My take on it-Not bad!!!Finely designed having plush interiors.But suitable for aam Indian junta?????

*shrugging shoulders*
I have no idea!!!Let's wait and watch!