Thursday, 1 November, 2007

Njoying to the hilt!

So,it's college life for me and I've been enjoying myself,with friends!Just a little wave of guilt when I see the name of my college,cause this was not where I wanted to be,but anyway, determined to make the most of it!

We've been visiting some cool hangout places,some of the most popular ones in town,those that stay packed 24/7.Yes,I'm talking about CCD(VCA ground) and REDS(previously Hot Breads,right next to CCD).Although I'm sure every teen in the city has been hitting these places fairly regularly,yet,for the benefit of those who haven't,I'd say,grab the very next chance,although you might want to stay back and watch out for the other branches of CCD,cause this one doesn't keep half the things they've put up their menu.Maybe the one at PC(Poonam Chambers) would be better!REDS has its share of accolades,but it's a little crowded and being situated right next to CCD makes it less spicy than it could've been at some other location.But overall the food is good, and the service being slow at CCD,we gave the guys there something to think about by filling in the feedback form quite ungraciously!!!!!He's going to watch out for us the next time ;)

Besides,the new development in town is the coming up of channels at one go!And radios have suddenly become hotter!With the incoming of Radio Mirchi,My FM and Radio City,don't be surprised to see every second person with ear phones stuffed into his(where else?)ears.And this is at a time,when I'm getting my new ipod!!!!!

Anyway,I could still be enjoying both!

No,it hasn't been all fun and no study,cause we've already had one exam,but yeah,it feels better to finally study just for the sessionals and your own college score,after slogging for 2 years,,where one had to keep the BIGGER picture in mind;I'm talking about the competitive exams!

So,this was all in the update of all that's been happening on this front since my post in August!So long!

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