Thursday, 1 November, 2007

N-Deal--Still No place to save your face!

To continue with my previous post on the Nuclear Deal(with all the updates),
It seems that the Left is not satisfied with lollipops this time,or have there been less lollipops than it would like to have?What with the politicians busy with trying to punish Mr.Ronen Sen for what was apparently correct(Unfortunately,the Left differs;but then it differs on almost everything),and some others busy with the general protest,the deal doesn't look likely to get finalised some time soon!

The UPA has finally decided that it is more interested in retaining the power at the centre,which makes it look like mid term polls are out of the question for the time being!Wonder how long is the US going to wait till it decides to pull the plug!The deal had faced enough opposition from the US Congress as well,and with the US set to go in for polls,if the deal is to get finalised,then the maximum time that can be granted is the year end.After that,the deal surely falls through!

And Indian scientists have agreed that if the deal is not signed,India will fall short of the fuel required to keep the nuclear energy going.

All said and done,it took me just a few sentences from an imminent personality,Mr.Suresh Chandre,to set me thinking!And now I think there's been something really fishy going on over there..I mean, why is the PM refusing to divulge the terms of the deal,as demanded by the opposers of the nuclear deal????And even the people have a right to know what exactly is India heading into!But the PM has been constantly refusing,all the while claiming that it is in the interest of the country.If it is,then why the refusal?

There really is something cooking over there,and if it is headless chickens,then I think India is soon going to be in a sorry state of affairs!

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