Sunday, 4 November, 2007

Impacts of Emergecy

So how's the rest of the world taking it?According to what the TOI and rediff have to report,the US is ready to downplay the whole thing.

Here's the complete article from TOI:

The article clearly indicates that the US for the time being,is still supportive of Musharraf and his policies.

While India has not issued an official take on the matter(as of now),yet it's wary of the developments taking place in Pak and is keeping an eye on them.India has a lot more to worry about when it comes to security of its own border,because with the implementation of the emergency,militants or 'jihadis' are bound to try and infiltrate the Indian territory.

This decision to impose the emergency has come at a time when the SC was due to announce its verdict on whether Musharraf could hold his post as the Pak Army Chief or not,besides being the President.

The most immediate effect of emergency seems to be complete disruption in the life of an ordinary countryman,the confusion and chaotic situation in the country and the next elections seem to be put on a hold!

Pakistan sure seems to be heading in for ,not a downfall,but a pitfall,with Musharraf leading the way.

P.S.The Indo-Pak cricket series is to continue against all odds!

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