Tuesday, 20 November, 2007

I'm in luv...

Ok!so u guys wanted know about my luv life?????hmm......OK!!!!

This is it-

Yep!the coolest gizmo in town!(which is not available here).
(WHAT were you thinking?????)

Presenting apple's ipod nano........

sleek,slim,memory of 4GB,and an even cooler price-239 singapore $(which is equivalent to somewhere around6,500 rupees)cool,eh?
And for more details,go to-

For the benefit of those who are alien to the computer lingo,this means ample storage of songs, videos,photos n even movies!As for the battery,it has a great back-up!24 hrs of non-stop audio (tried n tested) or 5 hrs of non stop viedo(have to take their word for it).It takes around 3 hrs to get completely charged, the only hitch being that it requires high speed (2.0 or higher) USB port(usually available on laptops but may not be on all computers).But yeah,there is a provision of a travelling charger using which anyone can charge it on normal DC supply.So everybody is happy!!!!!
Especially me!


Anonymous said...

couldn't u find something better 2 LOVE.....

Assman said...

Hey I would recommend the san disk sansa player, which is also 4gb, does not require to be configured with itunes, and can hence be used on any computer. Besides sansa also plays vids... check it out, details must be available online.
I would of course concede that the looks are not as smooth.

Akansha Agrawal said...

yeah,it does look pretty cool and a little more economical,(around
5000/-)but with shipping I guess it'll increase!But anyway,this time I did not have too much of a choice,my ipod was bought from abroad and I didn't buy it!

Btw,videos can be played on this particular ipod as well.

But I have learnt my lesson when it comes to electronic goods,better brand name and higher prices does not always mean best quality,or rather,not the only one with best quality!

Assman said...

Actually the extra feature is the fm radio, which Ipod does not have.. Am i right?

Akansha Agrawal said...

Yeah,ipod doesn't have radio!And radio being a new rage in Nagpur, I missed it sorely,but now that the radio has settled as 'a part of travel mostly',I'm happy with what I have!