Tuesday, 20 November, 2007

I'm in luv...

Ok!so u guys wanted know about my luv life?????hmm......OK!!!!

This is it-

Yep!the coolest gizmo in town!(which is not available here).
(WHAT were you thinking?????)

Presenting apple's ipod nano........

sleek,slim,memory of 4GB,and an even cooler price-239 singapore $(which is equivalent to somewhere around6,500 rupees)cool,eh?
And for more details,go to-

For the benefit of those who are alien to the computer lingo,this means ample storage of songs, videos,photos n even movies!As for the battery,it has a great back-up!24 hrs of non-stop audio (tried n tested) or 5 hrs of non stop viedo(have to take their word for it).It takes around 3 hrs to get completely charged, the only hitch being that it requires high speed (2.0 or higher) USB port(usually available on laptops but may not be on all computers).But yeah,there is a provision of a travelling charger using which anyone can charge it on normal DC supply.So everybody is happy!!!!!
Especially me!

Sunday, 4 November, 2007

Impacts of Emergecy

So how's the rest of the world taking it?According to what the TOI and rediff have to report,the US is ready to downplay the whole thing.

Here's the complete article from TOI:

The article clearly indicates that the US for the time being,is still supportive of Musharraf and his policies.

While India has not issued an official take on the matter(as of now),yet it's wary of the developments taking place in Pak and is keeping an eye on them.India has a lot more to worry about when it comes to security of its own border,because with the implementation of the emergency,militants or 'jihadis' are bound to try and infiltrate the Indian territory.

This decision to impose the emergency has come at a time when the SC was due to announce its verdict on whether Musharraf could hold his post as the Pak Army Chief or not,besides being the President.

The most immediate effect of emergency seems to be complete disruption in the life of an ordinary countryman,the confusion and chaotic situation in the country and the next elections seem to be put on a hold!

Pakistan sure seems to be heading in for ,not a downfall,but a pitfall,with Musharraf leading the way.

P.S.The Indo-Pak cricket series is to continue against all odds!

WATZ going on???

One day everything seems fine and the next day,we find that Musharraf suddenly declares an emergency in Pakistan!Although if the reactions of the US are to be taken into account,then it was already aware of the crisis that was to shortly befall the country.

The TOI reports

Washington though clearly had the inside scoop on Musharraf's impending moves. Besides sending Fallon and Jordan's King Abdulla to persuade Musharraf not to go down the Emergency route, the US also baled out its current prima donna Benazir Bhutto, who fled to Dubai hours before the military action, ostensibly to meet her family.

But the scuttlebutt in Islamabad and Washington is that Benazir -- and the US -- knew the crackdown was coming, and she was advised to leave. How Washington will handle this public defiance by Musharraf of the line it laid down -- besides defying popular opinion in Pakistan -- will unravel over the next week.

This came as an extreme surprise to India.Although the sudden move of Bhutto to Dubai to "meet her family" should've rung an alarming bell,yet not much attention was paid towards it.

But,the question that remains is,Why,was the emergency declared?According to Musharraf,the deteriorating security and the "interference beyond endurance" of the judiciary in the political matters of the country forced him to impose an emergency.At this point,we may as well remember the case of Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhary,who had been removed for a brief period earlier and had fought it out in the court and won back his position.But this time,when a panel of 8 judges headed by Iftikhar Choudhary condemned the move and rejected it, using the emergency as an excuse,Gen has removed him from his post and instead appointed someone else,no doubt one who would do his bidding and carrying!

This is what rediff has to report:

In a statement, Musharraf said: 'There has been increasing interference by some members of the judiciary in government policy, adversely affecting economic growth in particular. Constant interference in executive functions, not limited to the control of terrorist activity, economic policy, price controls, downsizing of corporations and urban planning, has weakened the writ of the government, the police force has been completely demoralized and is fast losing its efficacy to fight terrorism and intelligence agencies have been thwarted in their activities and prevented from pursuing terrorists.'

'Some hardcore militants, extremists, terrorists and suicide bombers who were arrested and being investigated were ordered to be released. The persons so released have subsequently been involved in heinous terrorist activities, resulting in loss of human life and property. Militants across the country have thus been encouraged while law enforcement agencies subdued.'
'The humiliating treatment meted to government officials by some members of the judiciary on a routine basis during court proceeding has demoralized the civil bureaucracy and senior government functionaries, to avoid being harassed, prefer inaction.'

'The law and order situation in the country as well as the economy have been adversely affected and trichotomy of powers eroded; Whereas a situation has thus arisen where the government of the country cannot be carried on in accordance with the constitution and as the constitution provides no solution for this situation, there is no way out except through emergent and extraordinary measures.'

In short,Musharraf's not happy with the way the law and order situation was being handled by the court,leaving no place for his dicatorship!

After the declaration of the emergency,Pakistan has been cut off from the rest of the world with the phone lines being cut off,the mobile services being disrupted and the private channels being taken off air i.e. they don't want the rest of the world to know what's going on and they don't
want anybody to be able to do so.

Next:A lot more on the other aspects of the issue!

Thursday, 1 November, 2007

N-Deal--Still No place to save your face!

To continue with my previous post on the Nuclear Deal(with all the updates),
It seems that the Left is not satisfied with lollipops this time,or have there been less lollipops than it would like to have?What with the politicians busy with trying to punish Mr.Ronen Sen for what was apparently correct(Unfortunately,the Left differs;but then it differs on almost everything),and some others busy with the general protest,the deal doesn't look likely to get finalised some time soon!

The UPA has finally decided that it is more interested in retaining the power at the centre,which makes it look like mid term polls are out of the question for the time being!Wonder how long is the US going to wait till it decides to pull the plug!The deal had faced enough opposition from the US Congress as well,and with the US set to go in for polls,if the deal is to get finalised,then the maximum time that can be granted is the year end.After that,the deal surely falls through!

And Indian scientists have agreed that if the deal is not signed,India will fall short of the fuel required to keep the nuclear energy going.

All said and done,it took me just a few sentences from an imminent personality,Mr.Suresh Chandre,to set me thinking!And now I think there's been something really fishy going on over there..I mean, why is the PM refusing to divulge the terms of the deal,as demanded by the opposers of the nuclear deal????And even the people have a right to know what exactly is India heading into!But the PM has been constantly refusing,all the while claiming that it is in the interest of the country.If it is,then why the refusal?

There really is something cooking over there,and if it is headless chickens,then I think India is soon going to be in a sorry state of affairs!

Njoying to the hilt!

So,it's college life for me and I've been enjoying myself,with friends!Just a little wave of guilt when I see the name of my college,cause this was not where I wanted to be,but anyway, determined to make the most of it!

We've been visiting some cool hangout places,some of the most popular ones in town,those that stay packed 24/7.Yes,I'm talking about CCD(VCA ground) and REDS(previously Hot Breads,right next to CCD).Although I'm sure every teen in the city has been hitting these places fairly regularly,yet,for the benefit of those who haven't,I'd say,grab the very next chance,although you might want to stay back and watch out for the other branches of CCD,cause this one doesn't keep half the things they've put up their menu.Maybe the one at PC(Poonam Chambers) would be better!REDS has its share of accolades,but it's a little crowded and being situated right next to CCD makes it less spicy than it could've been at some other location.But overall the food is good, and the service being slow at CCD,we gave the guys there something to think about by filling in the feedback form quite ungraciously!!!!!He's going to watch out for us the next time ;)

Besides,the new development in town is the coming up of 1....2......3......radio channels at one go!And radios have suddenly become hotter!With the incoming of Radio Mirchi,My FM and Radio City,don't be surprised to see every second person with ear phones stuffed into his(where else?)ears.And this is at a time,when I'm getting my new ipod!!!!!

Anyway,I could still be enjoying both!

No,it hasn't been all fun and no study,cause we've already had one exam,but yeah,it feels better to finally study just for the sessionals and your own college score,after slogging for 2 years,,where one had to keep the BIGGER picture in mind;I'm talking about the competitive exams!

So,this was all in the update of all that's been happening on this front since my post in August!So long!

BACK!!!With a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!

OK,If people have been wondering about the absence of posts on the blog,fear not,cause I haven't gone anywhere,I'm right here,just been a little busy(still am,for that matter)but anyway, I hope to find enough time to blog regularly!