Monday, 20 August, 2007

N-Deal--Save your face!

I always knew that all politicians are mad,but I never knew that to fulfil their own whims and fancies,they would take India to a level where there would be no place for the country to even hide its face!

The Left parties are balantly opposing the N-deal without waiting to figure out the pros and cons of the nuclear deal,all the while claiming that the deal would lead to slavery of the US.And we know it extremely well that China is waiting with bated breath for the consequence of the deal and is keeping its fingers crossed for the deal to fall through!Besides,India stands to lose its image,its rate of growth and development and of course,support from US and allies.India is at the moment,recognised as a future super-power and all development may take a back seat if support does not come in from all quarters.There are other smaller countries which are looking up to India to end the US reign.Of course,US would never let it be a smooth sail for India and India may have to be always wary of US and on its toes even after the deal is signed but it would be atleast better than not signing the deal.Besides,India can very well place the condition that the agreement is being signed only in the present condition of the deal and no changes which are not in the interest of our country,would be entertained thereafter!And when,India has always portrayed itself as a nation which opposes violence,then there is no reason whatsoever for the Left or NDA to oppose on those grounds,atleast,and India is getting a better deal than most of the other countries.We are getting the cake and a chance to eat it too!India keeps its weapons,the research and development for nuclear energy can go on unhindered and besides,India will need alternate forms of energy with its ever growing population.

This being the state of the country and its image and portrayal worldwide,an even greater crisis awaits India from within.

I am of course,talking about the internal politics of the nation.The Left parties are opposing the deal and seeing that,NDA has taken to opposing the government on each and every issue,it is no surprise to see the opposition from that side.The Left has threatened to withdraw support from the Congress-led government,which would invariably lead to a poll election.But is India ready for another mid term poll?

I don't think so!India is extremely vulnerable at the moment and the fact that there is no party which can alone,on its own, hold power at the centre doesn't help either!The politicians and the political parties are I think,acting,in an extremely selfish manner and the nation is about to suffer at their hands.There are I think,demands by the common man to call for expert opinions on this matter,namely that of the scientists and other IAEA experts directly involved in the matterAnd it is extremely good to see that people want the matter to be turned to somebody like APJ Abdul Kalam,who is in a state to offer expert opinion on the matter.I can't, as of now,hear any expert being vocal about non support to the deal as was the case earlier,when the terms of the deal had not being revised!

Pleae note,at this point though,that I am not a Congress or a UPA supporter as some might make the mistake of concluding.I am highly critical of the way the government functions,but in this matter,I believe that the best way out would be signing the deal,of course,after ensuring,that there are no loopholes!

The sooner India resolves the issue,the better it is going to be!Although seeing the stand the Left is taking,the going does seem to be tough!But as we all know,yeh Left parties ki bahut purani aadat hai,pehle oppose karte hain,phir baatchit karte hain aur phir candy dikhane par maan jaate hain!Hopefully.this is going to end the same way!