Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

Life ho toh aisi!

This is the importance of Life Insurance.And to explain this, the advertisers could just not have chosen a better advertisement.The latest ad featuring veteran retired "children" playing cricket relived a well chosen and an extremely common scenario in this cricket crazy world.

I did try to sift through the net to find out if the video was available online but to no avail.But anyway, anybody who watches even a little bit of TV must have seen this ad.

It shows retired old gentlemen enjoying life and playing cricket, while two young kids do what most elders do.It starts with the cricket ball falling in somebody's house where two kids are "busy" playing video games.The "children" apologize in that cho shweet childirly manner holding their ears and saying "sorry" but the "elders" are very angry and refuse to hand the ball over to them.Just then another "kid" who'd been watching the match comes forward and remarks "Buddhha bahut khaduus hai,mere paas dusra ball hai" meaning "this old uncle is very sour but it doesn't matter cause I have another ball", after which the "kids" start teasing the "elders" because they have found another ball.The ad's closing scenes include a "kid" bowling with another batting and the rest of them fielding, when the wicket keeper shifts the wickets so that the ball promptly goes and hits the stumps and then the players start arguing about whether it is "out" or not.

What touches one's heart is the common placed scenario with a role reversal.Young kids acting like the way elders do and the "oldies" enjoying life after retirement.Besides this,the acting of each and every person present there on the screen enlivens the whole concept.The young kids are so flawless with their acting,they go straight down one's heart forcing grins and smiles out of the most grim looking faces.

But there's one fact that's hidden away in it most subtly.The young kids were cooped up inside their houses playing video games,when kids are usually the ones on the fields.Well, this is not just role reversal taking place, it also clearly indicates the position the young kids are in today.They have become slaves to electronic gadgets and no longer care about those outdoor games.Well, this had better change soon! *sigh!*

What I have described here about the ad can't get even close to the visual effect.So try to see the ad for yourselves and put some smiles on your faces.I'll try to record it myself and put it on you tube for everyone to share and if anybody's listening,please try to do it.

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