Sunday, 8 July, 2007

It's WILLIAMS Show Time Again!

Venus Williams put up a grand show to defeat French woman Marion Bartoli in the Wimbledon Finals yesterday.Venus has come a long way from a time when people thought that the reign of Williams sisters is over forever after the two sisters struggled against injuries.Although Marion lost 6-4,6-1, yet anyone who saw the match knows that she did never gave up without a fight.Bartoli had come up excellently against other competitors

Yet,there seems to be a lot of difference in the Venus of yesterday and the Venus of today i.e. the pre illness period and the post illness period.Both the Williams sisters are heavily built and although Venus has always been the sturdier one,yet while watching the match,she did come across as slightly ill to me.I mean, her cheeks looked punched and she looked a lot leaner.

I must say,that I've never really liked the Williams sisters too much.But it could be because of the tendency of supporting the under-dogs.There was a time when they were like the 'Roger Federer' of today.The result was well-predicted even before the tournament started.But with Roger Federer we do have Rafael Nadal who could put an end to his winning streak as we once saw Justin Henin Hardene do it, who incidently is my favourite Women Tennis player.

So,we have another day of action left at Wimbledon with the Men's Finals and I'll be looking forward to catching all the action live from Wimbledon.

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