Monday, 16 July, 2007


What??????????????Come again!

These are your reactions,Right?

OK,I'll solve the mystery.It actually stands for "How Opal Will Get Reviewed By Me", undoubtedly a result of reading about HOWGIH and HOWGAL.This is about "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed,Got Wild and Got a Life", one of the most controversial books of last year.I guess I'm late by an year in reading and reviewing the book, but that hardly matters!

For those interested in knowing the controversy surrounding the book first(I preferred reading about it at the end),here it is:

So, what is the story all about?

It revolves around a 19 year old gal(Before reading the book,I really thought Opal was a guy) whose life's aim is to get into Harvard,undoubtedly the dream of her parents!Opal is a geek, a nerd who has no business getting into fun or anything for entertainment.For 17 yrs all she and her parents have cared about is getting her into Harvard.Every moment she eats, sleeps, drinks, walks, talks,it is all about Harvard.

And then,the hard hitting reality is like a pail of cold water when the Dean Admissions at Harvard tells her in her early application that despite all her academic abilities,she needs to get a life!(Is Harvard really that kinda place?)

And then starts her family plan to make her wear skimpy outfits,oodles of make-ups,get a boyfriend,become chic and blah blah blah.......

But one thing about the book I noticed was that it was way tooooooooo over the top.I mean, how many parents are you going to find who are going to be willing to let it all happen to their kids. How many parents are going to ask their kids to have to have gfs/bfs and (*gasp!*)kiss them too and (*double gasp!!*)an Indian family at that??????Even if it is a family of NRIs,fine, progressive too but to this extent?I doubt it!

The book has been written by Kaavya Vishwanathan,a to-be Harvard graduate herself,born to an Indian doctor father and a doctor mother.As an NRI,she has experienced her Indian side and used it well in the story but she's blown it over the top!

While everything else may just be believable,the parents' point of view is nowhere near realistic,even if it is just fiction!Just how many parents sit and discuss their child's future as if they're signing some kinda big money wiggling contract,complete with conferences and meetings and websites???

Well, but the book does state one true fact, the pressure the kids feel due to the parents and the society is too high,so much so that a child may be required to sacrifice the whole life in trying to achieve which in the first place,he or she is not interested in pursuing!!

Overall it makes a good fictional read and I expect the gals are gonna enjoy it more than the guys i.e. if they really are what they project themselves to be,not interested in girly stuff like fashion and nails and manicure and pedicure and blah blah blah..................Well,so long!

P.S. For those who are interested in knowing more:

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